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NavSource Online: Auxiliary Ships Photo Archive

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Click on ship type to access the ships contained in the indexes. Locate the ship name to access ships' individual page, Please allow all pages to load completely before trying any of the links provided. Each ships'page contains thumbnails of the images available and will take a few minutes to load. Click on thumbnail to view the full size image. A link is also provided to view each ships history from DANFS, "Dictionary Of American Naval Fighting Ships." Also Reunion and crew contact information if available and links to additional resources.

1. If a ship is not listed we have no image at this time. As images are received they will be added along with a new page for that vessel.

What's new in the Service Craft (Yard and District Craft) Photo Index
Dry Docks
ABSD Advance Base Sectional Dock
AFDB Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFDL Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
AFDM Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock
ARD Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock
ARDM Medium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock
YFD Yard Floating Dry Dock
Harbor Tugs
YT Harbor Tug
YTB Large Harbor Tug
YTL Small Harbor Tug
YTM Medium Harbor Tug
YO (self-propelled) Fuel Oil Barge
YOG (self-propelled) Gasoline Barge
YOGN (non-self-propelled) Gasoline Barge
YON (non-self-propelled) Fuel Oil Barge
YOS Oil Storage Barge
YW (self-propelled) Water Barge
YWN (non-self-propelled) Water Barge

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