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Junior Mine Planters

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Junior Mine Planters
USAJMP-63 ex-FP-63
USAJMP-64 ex-FP-64
USAJMP Octopus redesignated USAV Octopus (FS-535)
USAJMP Capt. A. M. Wetherill
USAJMP Capt. Charles W. Rowell
USAJMP Capt. Edward P. Nones
USAJMP Capt. Edwin C. Long
USAJMP Capt. Fred L. Perry
USAJMP Capt. Gregory Barrett to US Navy as Skenandoa (YT-336)
USAJMP Capt. John W. McKie
USAJMP Capt. James Fornance
USAJMP Capt. Samuel C. Cardwell
USAJMP Capt. T. W. Morrison
USAJMP Col. Clayton
USAJMP Col. Card redesignated USAT Brig. General William E. Horton
USAJMP Col. Pond redesignated USAT Brig. General Arthur W. Yates
USAJMP Col. Robert C. Gildart
USAJMP FS-63 ex FS-63
USAJMP FS-64 ex FS-64
USAJMP FS-70 ex FS-70
USAJMP Gen. A. M. Randol ex US Army Tug
USAJMP Gen. G. W. Getty
USAJMP Gen. Harvey Brown
USAJMP Gen. J. M. Brannan ex US Army Tug
USAJMP Gen. Romeyn B. Ayres ex US Army Tug transferred to US Lighthouse Service, renamed USLHS Pyxie
USAJMP Gen. R. H. Jackson
USAJMP Gen. Richard Arnold ex US Army Tug
USAJMP General Robert Anderson ex US Army Tug
USAJMP Gen. Robert Swartwout
USAJMP Gen. Rochester
USAJMP Lt. George M. Harris
USAJMP Lt. Col. Herman C. Schumm
USAJMP Lt. Col. M. N. Greeley
USAJMP Lt. Harold B. Douglas
USAJMP Maj. Albert G. Forse
USAJMP Maj. Albert G. Jenkins
USAJMP Maj. Carl A. Lohr
USAJMP Maj. Clarence M. Condon
USAJMP Maj. Evan Thomas
USAJMP Maj. Lester M. Moreton
USAJMP Maj. William P. Pence
USAJMP Neptune
USAJMP Octopus redesignated USAV Octopus (FS-535)

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