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Rantings and Ravings from the Midwatch, Who's Minding the Helm?

The migration to the new server has gone "Nearly Flawlessly", The move was necessary due to economic reasons it was simply too expensive to continue run and maintain our old server. We have leased a server from Rackshack.Net The costs are lower and the bandwidth allocation is 4 times greater than before. This gives us a much greater cushion and allow expansion without fear of going broke trying to provide the NavSource Project as a free resource, which is more important now than ever as I have been unemployed since September of 2001. I have been working some part time "jobs" but not making enough to keep up so the Donations are Now More Important than ever.

There will be several changes made including cleaning up the directories and removing some no longer need or used files, The Pearl Harbor Features will be greatly expanded while some other things will be removed or suspended pending a hard look at their usefulness and value.

One of these is the Crew Contact - Reunion Information, as intended it was meant to list reunions and points of contact for ships and crews. We get many legitimate submissions, however we also get 10 times as many submissions from folks looking for individual crew members or any one serving on board in a certain time frame. We are not set up to deal with these kinds of requests, we simply do not have that kind if information. That is why we list Reunion Groups and Points of contact... They would have that kind of information we DO NOT.

I have also clamped down hard on Hot Linking to Images on this site, It is now strictly forbidden. You can try but the server will no longer deliver images to any site except requests made from this server. I was shocked at how many other web sites were STEALING bandwidth from us by hot linking images. I do not mind sites using our images as long as they give us credit for the image and pay for their own bandwidth I am NOT GOING to pay for providing bandwidth for any other sites.


There have been numerious reports of folks having trouble with the new Java Script, Navigation Buttons. I have provided a text driven Navigation Menu for those having this problem. I will look into a solution to this problem.

Paul R. Yarnall
WebMaster, System Admin And Manager, NavSource Naval History Project