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Ok the most common theme to arise from the display errors are Zone Alarm Personal Firewall
Nearly all the folks reporting the image display problem have Zone Alarm installed,
Try setting Zone Alarm to allow EVERYTHING from the NavSource site. Add NavSource to your trusted sites list as well


There have been a few reports of visitors not being able to view images since the move,
I am looking into this but have not been able to duplicate the problem so far.

If you are having this issue please report it to me with as much detailed information as possible,
ISP, browser you are using are you following a link from off site, Firewall, anything you can add that might help me track this down.

I apoligize for the problem and will try to correct as quick as possible.

Please E-Mail Your Display Error Details


As you all know by now, our old internet server has joined her predecessors in the server scrap yard. After serving up data to around 3 million visitors to NavSource, and another 2.7 million visitors a year to Hazegray, for a little better than 4 years; age, wear, tear and obsolescence caught up to her.

NavSource 5 (Yep, this is my 5th server since 1993) is up and running better than I expected. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, but for the most part things are going very well, and to be honest better than I thought they would. (I must be getting good at this server move business)

There is going to be a slight re-organization of some of the archives. We are running into problems with space in a few of them. You shouldn't even notice the change, but as we grow, we need to re-organize the layout of our massive number of files. This will help the pages load faster and be an ongoing project that will be completed over time.

I am also looking at replacing our much needed site search engine. The old one was not meant for use on a site as large as ours has grown to, so bear with me until I figure out just what I am going to do here.

As I look at the NavSource main index page I feel the look has gotten very stale, so I'd like to announce a contest for you artistic folks out there. All you Adobe gurus. None of us at NavSource has an artistic bone in our body, so I am looking for a new banner to replace the top panel in the NavSource header.

The rules are...
1.) Banner needs to be 750 pixels wide
2.) Must contain the "NavSource Naval History" name
3.) And "Photographic History Of The U.S. Navy"

The rest is up to you.

The NavSource team will review all entries and select the winner. Unfortunately, there is no prize except bragging rights that your art will adorn the NavSource main page. Email your entry to the following... Banner Contest

I have rarely asked for DONATIONS in the past and have paid for NavSource out of my own pocket since 1993. However, the server replacement was costly and happened at not the best time for me financially. If you are a regular visitor and can spare even just a couple of dollars to help defer the cost, I would be very grateful. I have received a few donations already and I appreciate this more than I can say. I will make a list of those that helped us out and post a public thanks to all.

If you wish to make a donation, please contact me by E-mail at Donations and I'll provide information on how you can get them to me.

With our new modern up-to-date server, we can expand our capabilities. I have a few ideas for enhancements to the project, and will be testing them in the background. If they prove to be feasible then I will add them as a regular part of NavSource.

Paul R Yarnall
System Admin And Founder, NavSource Naval History Project