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The Escort Carrier Archive currently contains 283 pages with 4,251 still images and 1 video clip
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May 2, 2021

CVE-8 Block Island /
HMS Hunter
Added two photos (0300828, 0300829).
CVE-60 Guadalcanal Added 13 photos (0306030–0306030b, 0306029e–0306029n).
CVE-66 White Plains Added one photo (0308403).
CVE-68 Kalinin Bay Added two photos (0306812, 0306805b2).
CVE-72 Tulagi Added one photo (0307220b).
CVE-77 Marcus Island Added one photo (0307707e).
CVE-78 Savo Island Added four photos (0307814–0307814c).
CVE-84 Shamrock Bay Enlarged one photo and updated caption (0308403).
CVE-87 Steamer Bay Added four photos (0308720c–0308720f).
CVE-88 Cape Esperance Added one photo (1428111601).
CVE-90 Thetis Bay Added six photos (0309010–0309010e).
CVE-92 Windham Bay Added one photo (0309222e).
CVE-95 Bismarck Sea Added three images (0309511–0309511b).

April 6, 2021

BAVG-2   /
HMS Avenger
Removed two images (030100211, 030100212).
BAVG-3   /
HMS Biter
FS Dixmude
Removed three photos (030100315, 030100331, 030100332). Corrected caption (030100311).
BAVG-5   /
HMS Dasher
Removed one image (030100506). Added two photos (030100508–030100508a).
BACV-6   /
HMS Tracker
Added one photo (030100633t).
CVE-11 Card Added one photo (0301163).
CVE-13 Core Enlarged one photo (0301301). Added one photo (0301322).
CVE-15 Hamlin  /
HMS Stalker
Added one photo (0301511c).
CVE-17 St. George  /
HMS Pursuer
Added two photos (0303421a–0303421b).
CVE-18 Altamaha Added one photo (0301824).
CVE-19 Prince William  /
HMS Striker
Added two photos (0303421a–0303421b).
CVE-21 Block Island Added one photo (0302105a).
CVE-25 Croatan Added one photo (0302526).
CVE-26 Sangamon Added one written document (0302642) and one photo (0302640a). Replaced one photo (0302625).
CVE-27 Suwannee Added two photos (0302743–0302743a).
CVE-28 Chenango Added one photo (0302814d1).
CVE-29 Santee Added one photo (0302960).
CVE-30 Charger Added one photo (0303037).
CVE-34 Pybus  /
HMS Emperor
Added one photo (0303421b).
CVE-57 Coral Sea /
Added seven items (0305776–0305776a, 0305701b, 0305775, 0305773, 0305772, 0305774).
CVE-58 Corregidor Added one item of memorabilia (1).
CVE-60 Guadalcanal Added seven photos (0306029–0306029d). Updated caption (0306002).
CVE-61 Manila Bay Added one photo (0306127).
CVE-112 Siboney Added one photo (0311228).
CVE-113 Puget Sound Added 10 photos (0311318a–0311318j).
CVE-116 Badoeng Strait Enlarged one photo (0311617a). Added two photos (0311650, 0311651).

February 15, 2021

 Added one cover to the US Aircraft Carriers Postal Covers page (1).
CVE-1 Long Island Added one photo (0300163).
CVE-8 Block Island /
HMS Hunter
Added one photo (0300827).
CVE-9 Bogue Added one photo (1).
CVE-58 Corregidor Replaced photo 1016072704 with photo 0305813, and updated caption.
CVE-88 Cape Esperance Added three photos (0308820a–0308820c).
CVE-92 Windham Bay Added five photos (0309222–0309222d).
CVE-106 Block Island Added five photos (0310626–0310626d).
CVE-107 Gilbert Islands Added one photo (0310729).
CVE-109 Cape Gloucester Added two sample pages from the ship's War Diaries.
CVE-112 Siboney Added one image (0311227).
CVE-113 Puget Sound Added one photo (0311318).
CVE-116 Badoeng Strait Enlarged one photo (0311644). Enlarged one photo and updated caption (0311639).
CVE-118 Sicily Added five photos (0311833–0311833d).
CVE-119 Point Cruz Added Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign.
CVE-121 Rabaul Added Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign.
CVE-122 Palau Added Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign.
CVE-123 Tinian Added Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign.

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