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USS ATLANTA (Protected Cruiser)

Click on image for full size - Drawing courtesy of Robert Jensen

Displacement 3,189 Tons, Dimensions, 288' 6" (oa) x 42' 2" x 19' 10" (Max)
Armament 2 x 8"/30, 6 x 6"/30, 2 x 6pdr, 2 x 3pdr, 2 x 1pdr, 2 .45 gatling guns, 2 Field Pieces, 3 Torpedo Tubes.
Speed, 20.52 Knots, Crew 353.
Operational and Building Data
Keel laid in 8 NOV 1883 at John Roach & Sons, Chester, Pa
Launched 09 OCT 1884
Commissioned 19 JUL 1886
Decommissioned 18 JUL 1893
Commissioned 02 APR 1894
Decommissioned SEP 1895
Commissioned 15 SEP 1900
Decommissioned 23 MAR 1912
Stricken 23 APR 1912
Fate: Sold for scrap to Frank Rijsdyk’s Scheepssloperij 10 JUN 1912
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Navy Expeditionary Medal (2)

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For Full Size Image
Size Image Description Contributed
By And/Or Copyright
Atlanta 155k Undated Photo, Shown here is a good detail image of her masts and rigging, she could carry 10,400 sq ft. of canvas. USN
Albany 38k Undated, Nice port side image showing her mast and rigging and also the placement of her guns. the 8 inchers were fore and aft on the centerline note they are protected by a square 2" shield. Her 6" guns were hull mounted 3 to a side. USN
Atlanta 189k Undated, Excellent image showing details of his ship, Note firing of salute from both port and starboard 3" guns. Crew has manned the spars. USN
488k Undated stereoview of Atlanta's after gun mount. It appears that she is currently in drydock. Tommy Trampp

The protected cruiser USS Atlanta with crewmen manning the yards in honor of Queen Kapiolani of Hawaii in Brooklyn Navy Yard, May 1887. A full rig was considered essential in the early days of the New Navy.

USN photo

Robert Hurst
Boston 169k

The Squadron of Evolution, Commanded by Rear Admiral John G. Walker - At anchor in an East Coast port, 1889. Squadron flagship USS Chicago is in the left foreground. Astern of her are (from left to right): gunboat USS Yorktown (PG 1), cruiser USS Boston and cruiser USS Atlanta. Photographed by E.H. Hart, New York.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph #NH 61550.

Boston 85k

The Squadron of Evolution at sea under sail, circa 1889 - Photographed from the bridge of USS Chicago, the Squadron flagship. USS Boston and USS Atlanta are next astern, with USS Yorktown (PG 1) bringing up the rear. Note the brig rigs carried by Boston and Atlanta. Courtesy of Doctor Henry P. Walker, 1975.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph #NH 84527..

Boston 122k

USS Boston, left and USS Atlanta tied up together, probably at the New York Navy Yard, circa the late 1880s or early 1890s. Note that their yards have been cocked to avoid striking each other.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph #NH 69173.

Atlanta 244k

Port Bow, 1891.

National Archives Image # (19-A-2-44)

National Archives.
Atlanta 96k Port side view at anchor, 1895. Colin P. Varga

On the left, front to back; Protected Cruiser USS Atlanta, Auxiliary Cruiser USS Yosemite, USS Baltimore (Cruiser No.3). Center are tugs Chickasaw, USS Nina and the stern of USS Narkeeta (Harbor Tug No.3). On the right Auxiliary Cruiser USS Prairie and behind Prairie is USS Kentucky (Battleship No.6) at New York Navy Yard, circa 1900.

US National Archives, Detroit Photographic Co. LC-DIG-det-4a14974a item 2016795177.

Michael Mohl

USS Atlanta, in the white and spar color paint scheme common to Navy ships of that time, enters Havana Harbor, 7 February 1903; Morro Castle looms in the background.

U.S. Naval Historical Center. Photo # NH 83701.

Robert Hurst

Commanding Officers
Name/Rank Class Final Rank Dates
Bunce, Francis Marion, CAPT 1857 RADM 07/19/1886 - 12/01/1888
Howell, John Adams, CAPT 1858 RADM 12/01/1888 - 12/22/1890
Philip, John Woodward, CAPT 1861 RDML 12/22/1890 - 12/09/1891
Higginson, Francis John, CAPT 1862 ADM 12/09/1891 - 07/18/1893
Decommissioned     07/18/1893 - 04/021894
Taussig Edward David, LCDR 1867 RADM 04/02/1894 - 07/18/1894
Bartlett, John Russell, CAPT 1863 RADM 07/18/1894 - 12/22/1894
Cromwell, Bartlett Jefferson, CAPT 1861 RADM 12/22/1894 - 09/1895
Decommissioned     09/1895 - 09/15/1900
Pendleton, Edwin Conway, CDR 1867 RADM 09/15/1900 - 08/29/1902
Turner, William Henry, CDR 1869   08/29/1902 - 04/29/1904
Qualtrough, Edward Francis, CDR 1871 RDML 04/29/1904 - 01/12/1905
Halsey, William Frederick, CDR 1872 CAPT 05/08/1905 - 09/11/1905
Gillis, Irvin Van Gorder, LT 1894   09/11/1905 - 06/12/1907
Richardson, Louis Clark, LT 1897   06/12/1907 - 10/16/1909
Hayward, James Waldemar, LT 1904   10/16/1909 - 11/09/1909
Freeman, Frederick Newton, LCDR 1895   11/09/1909 - 05/01/1911
Walker, Hugh McLean, LT 1903 LCDR 05/01/1911 - 06/07/1911
Blakely, Charles Adams, LT 1903 VADM 06/07/1911 - 03/23/1912

(Courtesy of Wolfgang Hechler, Ron Reeves & Dave Wright - Photos courtesy of Bill Gonyo)

View This Vessels DANFS History Entry on the U.S. Navy Historical Center website.

Crew Contact And Reunion Information
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