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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NCV

Displacement 742 Tons, Dimensions, 293' 10" (oa) x 26' 11" x 9' 5" (Max)
Armament 5 x 3"/50, 3 x 18" tt..
Machinery, 12,000 SHP; Direct Drive Turbines, 3 screws
Speed, 29.5 Knots, Crew 86.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by New York Shipbuilding, Camden on June 19 1909.
Launched June 23 1910 and commissioned February 21 1911.
Decommissioned December 12 1919.
Loaned to the Coast Guard as CG-10 April 28 1924. Returned May 2 1931.
Stricken July 5 1934.
Fate Sold and broken up for scrap in 1934.

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Burrows 95kWarranted a midshipman on 10 November 1799, William Burrows served in the West Indies in Portsmouth during the Quasi War with France and remained in that man of war when she sailed to Europe in 1800 to bring back the envoys of the United States who had negotiated the treaty ending that conflict. He was in charge of the frigate United States in 1801 and 1802 while that warship was laid up in the Washington Navy Yard. During American wars with the Barbary pirates, he saw Mediterranean service in Constitution, Vixen, Siren, and Essex between 1801 and 1807 and received his commission as a lieutenant on 19 March of the latter year. At sea in command of Enterprise when war with England was declared in 1812, Burrows cruised along the east coast of the United States in that brig during the first year of the conflict. On 5 September 1813, Enterprise's lookouts sighted the Royal Navy brig Boxer, and the American warship gave chase. When she had drawn within range of her opponent, Enterprise opened fire, starting a fierce engagement in which both Burrows and the captain of the British warship were killed before Boxer surrendered.Bill Gonyo/Robert M. Cieri
Burrows 41kPhoto #: NH 56651, USS Burrows (Destroyer # 29) fitting out at the New York Shipbuilding Company shipyard, Camden, New Jersey, 1910. USS McCall (Destroyer # 28) is also present. Both ships had been launched in June 1910. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Burrows 78kAs series of 5 photographs of the Sea Trials of the Burrows taken January 7 1911.Richard Watson, Jr
Burrows 80kAs above.Richard Watson, Jr
Burrows 88kAs above.Richard Watson, Jr
Burrows 86kAs above.Richard Watson, Jr
Burrows 66kAs above.Richard Watson, Jr
Burrows 76kDestroyers USS Little (DD-79), USS Jarvis (DD-38) and USS Burrows (DD-29) lying in the inner harbor at Brest, Finistere, ready for convoy duty, on October 27, 1918. Source: Imperial War Museum, American First World War Official Exchange Collection, Photo No. IWM (Q 68328).Mike Green
Burrows 141kStern view of Burrows, loaed with at least 32 depth charges, in drydock at Liverpool, 1918.Dave Wright
Burrows 477kNewspaper clipping from the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger of January 4 1919.Michael Mohl
Burrows 129kPhoto #: NH 103739, USS Burrows (Destroyer # 29) and USS Jenkins (Destroyer # 42) in port, dressed with flags, circa 1919. Courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps Museum. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Burrows 495kNewspaper clipping from the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger of July 19 1919 showing the USS Patterson (DD-36), USS Burrows (DD-29), USS Ammen (DD-35) and USS Beale (DD-40).Michael Mohl
Burrows 42kCirca 1924, location unknown.Robert Hurst
Burrows 185kUndated, USS Burrows (DD-29/CG-10) and USS Wainwright (DD-62/CG-24) moored at Boston, on U.S. Coast Guard service. Source: Leslie Jones Collection, Boston Public Library.Mike Green
Burrows 28kOn Coast Guard service during the Prohibition Era, from the Official Coast Guard Website.Mike Green
Burrows 229kOn Coast Guard Service April 7 1929 at Boston, USS Wainwright (CG-24) and USS Burrows (CG-10). Leslie Jones Collection, Boston Public Library.Ed Zajkowski
Burrows 100kApril 27 1930 at Boston on Coast Guard service. Leslie Jones Collection, Boston Public Library.Ed Zajkowski

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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

LT Julius Frederick Hellweg    Feb 21 1911 - Aug 14 1913 (Later RADM)

LT Joseph Francis Daniels    Aug 14 1913 - Aug 7 1914

LCDR John Parker Jackson    Aug 7 1914 - Dec 22 1914 

LT Joseph Francis Daniels    Dec 22 1914 - Mar 28 1916

LT Fred Milton Perkins    Mar 28 1916 - Nov 18 1916 

LT Arie Alverdo Corwin    Nov 18 1916 - Jan 12 1917

LT Harold Vincent McKittrick    Jan 12 1917 - Feb 25 1918 

LCDR Abner Moyer Steckel    Feb 25 1918 - Feb 2 1919

LCDR Edward William Hanson    Feb 2 1919 - Jul 24 1919

LCDR Henry Mylin Kieffer    Jul 14 1919 - Dec 12 1919

Under Coast Guard command

LCDR Louis L. Bennett (USCG)    Jun 30 1925 - Jun 22 1926 (Later COMO)
LT Charles W. Dean (USCG)    Jun 22 1926 - Sep 27 1927

LCDR R. Donohue (USCG)    Sep 27 1927 - Aug 22 1930

ENS Hans F. Slade (USCG    Aug 22 1930 - Feb 14 1931	   

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