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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NKL

CLASS - (Repeat) PAULDING As Built.
Displacement 742 Tons, Dimensions, 293' 10" (oa) x 26' 11" x 9' 5" (Max)
Armament 5 x 3"/50, 3 x 18" tt..
Machinery, 12,000 SHP; Direct Drive Turbines, 3 screws
Speed, 29.5 Knots, Crew 86.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Newport News Shipbuilding on June 1 1910.
Launched February 18 1911 and commissioned June 21 1911.
Monaghan was decommissioned at Philadelphia November 4 1919
and berthed with the reserve fleet until loaned to the Coast Guard as
CG-15 June 7 1924. Returned May 8 1931. Monaghan lost her name to
new construction on July 1 1933.
Stricken July 5 1934.
Fate Sold to Michael Flynn, Brooklyn, NY and broken up for scrap in 1934.

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Monaghan 73kJohn Robert Monaghan was born on 26 March 1873 in Chawelah, Wash. He was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy from the state of Washington on 7 September 1891. Classmates wrote "I've got a drop of the Irish blood in me mesilf," as a nod to his ancestry, and he played baseball at the Academy, on both the class teams (1892, 1893 and 1894), and on the Academy (1892 and 1894), playing right field during the 1894 season. He graduated from the Naval Academy in June 1895. After service in monitor Monadnock and Alert he was assigned to the cruiser Philadelphia, flagship of the Pacific Station. During a combined American and British reconnaissance near Apia, Samoa, on 1 April 1899, the American detachment, from Philadelphia, under the command of Lt. Philip V. Lansdale, came under fire from hostile Samoans "which it was impossible to withstand."During the ensuing retreat, Lansdale fell, wounded, as he attempted to cover the retreat with a machine gun. Monaghan seized a rifle "from a disabled man [to make] a brave defense." The Samoans rushed them. Ensign Monaghan, one observer later wrote, "stood steadfast by his wounded superior and friend; one rifle against many -- one brave man against a score of savages. He knew he was doomed. He could not yield. He died in heroic performance of duty..." Photo #: NH 47734. Ensign John R. Monaghan, USN contemporary photograph of an 1897 vintage artwork portrait. Ensign Monaghan was killed in action at Samoa on 1 April 1899. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart/Robert M. Cieri
Monaghan 51kPhoto #: NH 95195, USS Monaghan (Destroyer # 32) photographed prior to World War I by Waterman. Courtesy of Jack L. Howland, 1983.Tony Cowart
Monaghan 47kUndated, location unknown. From Hurst
Monaghan 179kNewspaper clipping from the February 19 1911 issue of The Times-Dispatch of Richmond, VA displaying the ship's sponsor at the Christening.Mike Mohl
Monaghan 58kNewspaper clipping from the February 22 1911 issue of The Tacoma Times displaying the ship's sponsor at the Christening.Mike Mohl
Monaghan 58kPhoto #: NH 50126, USS Monaghan (Destroyer # 32) at anchor, circa 1912. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Paul Rebold
Monaghan 45kPhoto #: NH 99855, Destroyers at Dry Tortugas coaling station, Florida, 15 March 1914. Members of the Second Division, U.S. Atlantic Fleet Torpedo Flotilla, these ships are (from left to right): USS Monaghan (Destroyer # 32); USS Sterett (Destroyer # 27); and (perhaps) USS Terry (Destroyer # 25). This photo is one of a series from the collection of a USS Walke (Destroyer # 34) crewmember, which was another member of the division. Courtesy of Jim Kazalis, 1981.U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Monaghan 94kUSS Monaghan (DD-32) in the right backgorund c1916. In the foreground U.S sailors in waders can be seen tending a Martin Model S tractor seaplane.Robert Hurst
Monaghan 73kUSS Scoter (SP-20) passing USS L-1 (Submarine # 40) while underway, probably in 1916. USS L-4 (Submarine # 42) and USS Monaghan (Destroyer # 32) are in the background. U.S. Naval Historical Centre photo # NH 65071.Robert Hurst
Monaghan 116kUSCG Monaghan (CG-15, ex-USS DD-32), USCG Roe (CG-18, ex-DD-24), USCG McDougal (CG-6, ex-DD-54) and USCG Ammen (ex-DD-35) at New York Navy Yard, 20 October 1926.Robert Hurst
Monaghan 48kOn Coast Guard service during the Prohibition Era, from the Official Coast Guard Website.Mike Green

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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

LCDR William Pigott Cronan    Jun 21 1911 - Dec 8 1911
LT Franck Taylor Evans    Dec 8 1911 - Apr 28 1914
LTJG John Franklin Cox    Apr 28 1914 - Mar 2 1917
LCDR Edmund Weyman Strother    Mar 2 1917 - Jan 15 1919
LCDR Calvin Hayes Cobb    Jan 15 1919 - Jul 10 1919 (Later VADM)
LT Hans Ertz    Jul 10 1919 - Nov 4 1919
Under Coast Guard command
LCDR Frederick August Zeusler (USCG)    Oct 1925 - Nov 1926 (Later RADM)
LCDR Lyndon Spencer (USCG)    Nov 1926 - Oct 1928 (Later VADM)
LCDR Louis Bernhardt Olson (USCG)    1929 - 1930 (Later RADM)
LCDR Merlin O'Neill (USCG)    Oct 1931 - 1932 (Later VADM)

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