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Displacement 2924 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 376' 5"(oa) x 39' 7" x 13' 9" (Max)
Armament 5 x 5"/38AA, 6 x 40mm, 10/11 x 20mm AA, 10 x 21" tt.(2x5).
Machinery, 60,000 SHP; General Electric Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 38 Knots, Range 6500 NM@ 15 Knots, Crew 273.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Bethlehem Steel, San Pedro. April 2 1942.
Launched October 29 1942 and commissioned May 8 1943.
Decommissioned Janruary 15 1947 and recommissioned November 24 1950.
Decommissioned October 1 1969.
Stricken October 1 1969.
To Turkey October 1 1969. Renamed Iskenderun.
Fate Stricken in 1981 and scrapped.

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Size Image Description Contributed
Boyd 85kJoseph Boyd enlisted in the Navy 4 April 1803 as a steward. On 16 February 1804 he took part in the expedition which burned Philadelphia following her capture by the Tripolitanians. Boyd later became a clerk. Photo #: KN-10849, "Burning of the Frigate Philadelphia in the Harbor of Tripoli, February 16, 1804," oil on canvas, 60" by 42", by Edward Moran (1829-1901), signed and dated by the artist, 1897. It depicts USS Philadelphia, previously captured by the Tripolitans, ablaze after she was boarded and set afire by a party from the ketch Intrepid led by Lieutenant Stephen Decatur. Painting in the U.S. Naval Academy Museum Collection. Gift of Paul E. Sutro, 1940. Official U.S. Navy Photograph.Bill Gonyo
Boyd 82kArtist's conception of the Boyd as she appeared after original construction by the renowned graphic illustrator John Barrett with the text written by naval author and historian Robert F. Sumrall. Their company Navy Yard Associates offers prints of most destroyers, destroyer escorts, submarines and aircraft carriers in various configurations during the ship's lifetime. The prints can be customized with ship's patches, your photograph, your bio, etc. If you decide to purchase artwork from them please indicate that you heard about their work from NavSource.Navy Yard Associates
Boyd 24kUndated, location unknown.John Seggerman
Boyd 35kUndated, World War II configuration.Jim Clouse
Boyd 231kUndated, location unknown.Ed Zajkowski
Boyd 83kUndated, location unknown.Robert Hurst
Boyd 111kThe USS Boyd while building on 11 January 1943. This BurShips progress photo shows that at this stage in her construction she was to have been configured with two twin 40mm gun mounts.Rick E. Davis
Boyd 73kInclining experiment Roosevelt Base, San Pedro, CA, May 4 1943.Pieter Bakels
Boyd 80kInclining experiment Roosevelt Base, San Pedro, CA, May 9 1943.Pieter Bakels
Boyd 74kInclining experiment Roosevelt Base, San Pedro, CA, May 9 1943.Pieter Bakels
Boyd 74kInclining experiment at Roosevelt Base, San Pedro, CA, May 9 1943.Pieter Bakels
Boyd 101kUSS Boyd (DD-544) on 9 May 1943, the day after her commissioning while being inclined. The Boyd was completed to the three twin 40mm gun mount configuration. NARA Photo 19-LCM-DD 544 file.Rick E. Davis/Pieter Bakels
Boyd 77kUSS Boyd (DD-544) on 22 May 1943 off San Pedro CA. NARA Photo 19-LCM-DD 544 file.Rick E. Davis
Boyd 137kUnder fire by Japanese 6" guns on December 8, 1943.Darryl Baker
Boyd 97kNavy Photo 508-44, amidships looking forward plan view of the USS Williamson (DD 244) at Mare Island on 21 January 1944. She was in overhaul at the shipyard from 7 Jan until 23 Jan 44. USS Boyd (DD 544) is berthed to the right.Darryl Baker
Boyd 99kNavy Photo 510-44, stern looking forward plan view of the USS Williamson (DD 244) at Mare Island on 21 January 1944. She was in overhaul at the shipyard from 7 Jan until 23 Jan 44. USS Boyd (DD 544) is berthed to the right.Darryl Baker
Boyd 118kNavy Photo 1758-44, amidships looking aft plan view of USS Boyd (DD 544) at Mare Island on 15 March 1944. Boyd was in overhaul at the yard from 2 Jan until 18 Mar 1944.Darryl Baker
Boyd 111kNavy Photo 1760-44, forward plan view of USS Boyd (DD 544) at Mare Island on 15 March 1944. Boyd was in overhaul at the yard from 2 Jan until 18 Mar 1944. The ship is painted in camouflage Measure 31, Design 10d.Darryl Baker
Boyd 63kMare Island, March 15 1944.Pieter Bakels
Boyd 146kUSS Boyd (DD 544) off Mare Island on March 18 1944. Photo from the collection of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Boyd 91kMarch 19 1944 off Mare Island.Pieter Bakels
Boyd 246kAn overhead view of BOYD (DD-544) taken shortly after her recommissioning on November 24 1950 at San Diego. She is still in her WWII configuration except for removal of her searchlights and platform and the upgrade of her Mk 37 director radar to the Mk 25 radar. Official USN photo from NHHC collection.Rick E. Davis
Boyd 42kUSS McDermut (DD-677), USS Yarnall (DD-541), USS Tingey (DD-539) and USS Boyd (DD-544) alongside the USS Piedmont (AD-17) in Sasebo 1952.Lloyd W. Haase
Boyd 77kUSS Boyd (DD-544) and USS McDermut (DD-677) in San Diego June 1953.Don Garner
Boyd 36kSasebo Harbor, Japan, 1954John Wolf
Boyd 55kUSS Delta (AR-9) with the USS McDermut (DD-677), USS Yarnall (DD-541), USS Tingey (DD-539), USS Boyd (DD-544) and USS Horace T. Bass (APD-124) in Sasebo, Japan, 1955.Ted Bojanowski
Boyd 197kAnother view of the above photo from the collection of SFCM James H Cary.Mike Cary
Boyd 152kAn overhead view of BOYD (DD-544) reported taken on July 8 1955 off San Diego. BOYD was upgraded to the SCB-74A (4-Gun) configuration at Long Beach 4 February to 3 June 1952. Official USN photo from the NHHC collection.Rick E. Davis
Boyd 121kUSS Boyd (DD-544) underway at sea, following her mid-1950s modernization, in which she lost one 5"/38 gun mount and received three 3"/50 twin mounts. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Photo #: NH 91897.Robert Hurst
Boyd 44kCirca 1960, USS Black (DD-666) and USS Boyd (DD-544) alongside the USS Prairie (AD-15).Richard Miller, BMCS, USNR (Ret.)
Boyd 171kUSS Ajax (AR-6) with; USS Cavalier (APA-37), USS Currituck (AV-7) and USS Boyd (DD-544) alongside at Naval Station Sasebo, Japan, circa 1961-62. US Navy photos from the collection of CDR. R.F. Dresel USN, USS Currituck.Suzanne D. Simpson
Boyd 96kUSS Boyd DD-544 refueling from USS Chemung AO-30. Official U.S. Navy Photo, dated 11 April 1962, photo # USN 1060497 by PH1 Bundy.David Buell
Boyd 158kCirca 1965-1968Jerry L. Stutzman
Boyd 183kSan Diego, September 1969, USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-786), USS Bausell (DD-845), USS Boyd (DD-544), USS Taylor (DD-468), USS Walker (DD517) and USS Uhlmann (DD-687) alonside USS Dixie (AD-14). Photo by PH2 Borchers.Ed Zajkowski
Boyd 41kShip's patchMike Smolinski
Boyd 249kShip's patchTom Gamstetter
Boyd 100k-120kUniform Ship's name shoulder patch.Al Grazevich
On Turkish Service
Boyd 32kUndated, location unknown.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Boyd 119kUndated commomerative plate with images of the TCG Gaziantep (D-344) and TCG Iskenderun (D-343).Cüneyt Demir
Boyd 63kIn the Marmara Sea, 1971.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Cogswell 145kTCG Izmit (D-342)/USS Cogswell (DD-651), TCG Iskenderun (D-343)/USS Boyd (DD-544) and TCG Içel (D-344)/USS Preston (DD-795) at Port Poyraz, Gölcük-KOCAELI in 1973.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Boyd 35kAs Turkish ISKENDERUN D-343 departing Cagliari, Sardinia, 1976.Marc Piché

USS BOYD DD-544 History
View This Vessels DANFS History Entry
(Located On The hazegray Web Site, This Is The Main Archive For The DANFS Online Project.)

Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Ulysses Simpson Grant (Olie) Sharp Jr.    May 8 1943 - Nov 10 1944 (Later ADM)

CDR Archibald Edgerton Teale    Nov 10 1944 - Dec 1944

LCDR John Voorhees Cameron    Mar 25 1946 - Jan 1 1947

LT Alexander Golian Jr.    Jan 1 1947 - Jan 15 1947

(Decommissioned Jan 15 1947 - Nov 24 1950)

CDR Andreas Robert Czerwonky    Nov 24 1950 - Jan 29 1952

CDR Frederic B. Clarke    Jan 29 1952 - Dec 1953

CDR Raymond Maxwell Harris    Dec 1953 - Nov 23 1955

CDR Kenneth Grant Simmons    Nov 23 1955 - Oct 14 1957

CDR Albert George Fenley    Oct 14 1957 - Apr 11 1958

CDR Ira Wilbur Bonnett    Apr 11 1958 - Oct 1958

CDR Herbert Chauncey Behner Jr.    Oct 1958 - Oct 1960

CDR Julian Ezra Rawls    Oct 1960 - Aug 1961

CDR Robert Jack Hanks Jr.    Aug 1961 - Feb 1963 (Later RADM)

CDR Charles Hamlin Black    Feb 1963 - Oct 1964

CDR Edward Arthur Short    Oct 1964 - Jun 1966

CDR Gerald Grey Roberts    Jun 1966 - Feb 1968

CDR James McAllen Webster    Feb 1968 - Oct 1 1969

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Jerry L. Stutzman
Address: 21344 Sylvan Ct., Bristol, IN 46507
Phone: (574)-848-7366

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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