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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NBKY

Displacement 2924 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 376' 5"(oa) x 39' 7" x 13' 9" (Max)
Armament 5 x 5"/38AA, 10 x 40 mm, 7 x 20mm AA, 10 x 21" tt.(2x5).
Machinery, 60,000 SHP; Allis Chalmers Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 38 Knots, Range 6500 NM@ 15 Knots, Crew 273.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Charleston Navy Yard. June 20 1943.
Launched April 7 1943 and commissioned October 25 1943.
Decommissioned September 24 1945.
Stricken May 1 1968.
Fate Sold April 2 1970 to National Metal & Steel, Terminal Island, CA and broken up for scrap.

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Hamilton 22kPaul Hamilton was born in St. Paul’s Parish, S.C. on 16 October 1762. He fought under Generals Gates, Marion, and Harden in the American Revolution. He participated in the capture of Fort Balfour with the latter. He served South Carolina in many public offices including comptroller (1800–1804) and governor (1804–1806). President Monroe appointed him Secretary of the Navy in 1809. Hamilton was a proponent of military preparedness, especially sea fortifications. Although he wanted to strengthen the Navy, he found the Congress hostile and the President indifferent to his ideas. However he was responsible for the Naval Hospitals Act of 1811. He resigned in 1813 and died in Beaufort, South Carolina on 30 June 1819.Steven A. Cardali/Robert M. Cieri
Hamilton 82kArtist's conception of the Hamilton as she appeared after original construction by the renowned graphic illustrator John Barrett with the text written by naval author and historian Robert F. Sumrall. Their company Navy Yard Associates offers prints of most destroyers, destroyer escorts, submarines and aircraft carriers in various configurations during the ship's lifetime. The prints can be customized with ship's patches, your photograph, your bio, etc. If you decide to purchase artwork from them please indicate that you heard about their work from NavSource.Navy Yard Associates
Hamilton 152kUS Navy Yard, SC. April 7, 1943. Colonel Paul A. Capron, USMC, commanding officer, Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, SC, speaking on the life of Major Leir Twiggs at launching of USS Twiggs and USS Paul Hamilton.Mike Mohl
Hamilton 205kUS Navy Yard, SC. January 20, 1943. USS Paul Hamilton (DD590) and USS Twiggs (DD591). The keel was officially laid by striking three arcs simutaneously on the keel of each vessel by the wives of Junior Officers assisted by thier husbands. View showing the combined group of both vessesls.Mike Mohl
Hamilton 222kUS Navy Yard, SC, January 20, 1943. USS Paul Hamilton (DD 590) & USS Twiggs (DD 591) Keel Laying Ceremonies. The keel was officially laid by striking three arcs simutaneously on the keel of each vessel by the wives of Junior Officers assited by thier husbands. DD591 striking the arc and officially laying the keel. Left to right: front row: Mrs.R. G. Odiorne, Mrs. A. A. Rimmer,Mrs. J. W. Clayton, Mrs. T. H. Dwyer.Mike Mohl
Hamilton 131kPhoto #: 80-G-K-13833: USS Paul Hamilton (DD-590) and USS Twiggs (DD-591) ready for launching at the Charleston Navy Yard, South Carolina, 7 April 1943. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.Scott Dyben
Hamilton 86kThe christening ceremony on April 7 1943.Robert Hall
Hamilton 90kPhoto #: NH 42812: USS Paul Hamilton (DD-590) comes alongside USS Makin Island (CVE-93) during the Iwo Jima campaign, 11 March 1945. She is wearing camouflage Measure 32, Design 3d. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Scott Dyben/Christopher Karwowski
Hamilton 116kBow view of USS Paul Hamilton (DD 590) at Reserve Fleet at Mare Island in October 1969.Darryl Baker
Hamilton 235kStern view of USS Paul Hamilton (DD 590) at Reserve Fleet at Mare Island in October 1969. USS Desplaines River (LFR 412) is outboard of Hamilton and the bow of USS John L. Williamson (DE 370) is visible aft of Hamilton's after stack.Darryl Baker
Hamilton 102kBumper sticker.Tommy Trampp

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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Leo George May    Oct 25 1943 - Nov 17 1944
CDR Daniel Carlson    Nov 17 1944 - Sep 1 1945 (Later RADM)
CDR George Francis Dalton    Sep 1 1945 - Feb 1946

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