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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NTMF

Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign (circa 1968) - RANCHER

Displacement 3460 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 390' 6"(oa) x 40' 10" x 14' 4" (Max)
Armament 6 x 5"/38AA (3x2), 12 x 40mm AA, 11 x 20mm AA, 10 x 21" tt.(2x5).
Machinery, 60,000 SHP; General Electric Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 36.8 Knots, Range 4500 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 336.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Todd Shipyards, Seattle. September 15 1944.
Launched March 31 1945 and commissioned June 9 1945.
Completed FRAM upgrade November 1964.
Decommissioned (?).
Stricken October 1 1981.
Fate To Turkey November 2 1982 and cannibalized for spare parts.

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Size Image Description Contributed
McKean 38kWilliam Wister McKean (19 September 1800 - 22 April 1865) was an admiral in the United States Navy during the American Civil War. He was noted for his service in the Union blockade that effectively closed Confederate seaports in the Gulf of Mexico. Born in Pennsylvania, McKean was the grandson of Thomas McKean, the governor of that state. McKean was appointed midshipman 30 November 1814. He served in the Navy from the War of 1812 to the Civil War, when he rose to the rank of flag officer in command of the Gulf Blockading Squadron and later the East Gulf Blockading Squadron. McKean was relieved from active duty 4 June 1862.Bill Gonyo
McKean 51kUndated postcard.Mike Smolinski
McKean 56kUndated postcard Copyright © Marine Photos, San Diego, CA.Mike Smolinski
McKean 94kUndated, location unknown.Robert Hurst
McKean 96kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
McKean 165kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
McKean 96kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
McKean 83kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
McKean 18kInvitation to the commissioning ceremony in Seattle, WA.Lee Hilde
McKean 115kTwo scenes from the commissioning on June 9 1945 at Seattle where Lee's Aunt Christine was the sponsor.Lee Hilde
McKean 80kAs above.Lee Hilde
McKean 131kJune 1945 in Seattle.Ed Zajkowski
McKean 150kUSS McKean (DD 784) returning to Mare Island on April 22 1954 after her sea trials at the end of her overhaul at Mare Island. Vallejo Naval &Historical Museum photo.Darryl Baker
McKean 74kBroadside view of USS McKean (DD 784) in the Mare Island channel on 4 May 1954. She was in overhaul at the yard from 29 January to 30 April 1954.Darryl Baker
McKean 210kOctober 8 1956, location unknown.Ed Zajkowski
McKean 226kUSS MCKEAN (DD 784) as she crossed the equator on 24 Nov 1956. The photo was taken from USS FRANK E. EVANS (DD 754) by ENS Donald R. Bernard.ENS Donald R. Bernard
McKean 260kCirca 1960s, location is probably Long Beach Navy Yard and the date may be in 1968.Ed Zajkowski/Jim Farrell
McKean 119kAt Singapore in the 1960s.Bryan Dewitt
McKean 64kUSS McKean (DDR-784) refueling from the guided missile light cruiser USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) in 1961. Photo taken by Nelson Archey PH1, USN. U.S. Navy photo.Robert Hurst
McKean 126kUSS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) refueling USS McKean (DDR-784), at right, and USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD-748) on 18 September 1962. Note that the carrier has ten A-3 "Skywarrior" heavy attack aircraft parked on her flight deck, amidships and aft. Planes parked forward include A-1, A-4, F-4 and F-8 types. Official U.S. Navy Photograph.Fred Weiss
McKean 166kThe USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63) is simultaneously refueling the USS McKean (DD-784) and USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD-748) on September 18, 1962. US Navy and Marine Corps Museum/Naval Aviation Museum, Photo No. 1996.488.104.095.Mike Green
McKean 165kUSS Mc Kean (DD-784), September 6 1963, location unknown. USN Photo 1094880.David Buell
McKean 132kASW support aircraft carrier USS Bennington (CVS-20), the fleet oiler USS Tappahannock (AO-43) and the destroyer USS McKean (DD-784) underway in 1968, location unknown. United States Navy, Official.Robert Hurst
McKean 166kWellington, New Zealand March 17 1972.Chris Howell
McKean 218kAs above.Chris Howell
McKean 197kCirca 1975 off Oahu. Signed by CDR Ray Sterling Hardy Jr.J. B. Connaughton
McKean 28kEsquimalt, British Columbia April 22 1977.Marc Piché
McKean 90kSailing up the Columbia River to Portland, Oregon for the Portland Rose Festival. She did this several times in the late 70's and this photo was available in the ship's store in 1977.Robert Harrod
USS McKean CIC Officer
McKean 31kUSS Hector (AR-7), USS McKean (DD-784) and USS Higbee (DD-806). The USS Hector had sailed up from San Diego to provide repair support for the McKean and the Higbee. On a Fall Sunday morning in the late 70's, the Hector started having problems with her engineering plant, and oil from a sump on her portside amidships started pouring into the water. Bob Harrod, the McKean CDO, called away the duty section with fire hoses to contain it between the ships while the crew sopped it up with orange waste collection sponges. Both the Higbee and the McKean were being supplied with power from the Hector which made for an interesting situation when the Hector dropped the load and all three without power. No power means no fire main pressure. The duty engineer, MM1 Moose Miller, went below and started our emergency diesel generator which meant the McKean was the only ship with electrical power. Then there was a fire on the Higbee. Mckean manned two hose teams and stood by to assist if needed. It turned out to be a cigarette butt thrown in a trash can which was extinguished with CO2. Before McKean could get their gear stored, they had a report of a fire up forward which turned out to be an arc-welder which had shorted out and was spitting six inch electrical arcs. Eventually Hector got her engineering plant back up and running, the sailors of the McKean finished cleaning up the Hector's oil spill. This picture probably was taken that morning before things got interesting.Tom Lawson
McKean 12kShip's Store photo available in the late 1970's, off the coast of San DiegoWayne Smith
McKean 40kSeattle October 1980.Marc Piché
McKean 64kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
McKean 38kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
McKean 127kShip's ash tray.Tommy Trampp

USS McKEAN DD-784 History
View This Vessels DANFS History Entry
(Located On The hazegray Web Site, This Is The Main Archive For The DANFS Online Project.)

Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR William Daniel Kelly    Jun 9 1945 - Dec 11 1946
CDR Francis Othmar Iffig    Dec 11 1946 - Sep 30 1948
CDR Charles Mortimer Holcombe    Sep 30 1948 - Aug 1950
CDR Harry Lee Reiter Jr.    Aug 1950 - Nov 1950 (Later RADM)
CDR John Craig Weatherwax    Nov 1950 - Jun 1952
CDR John Abercrombie Mullen    Jun 1952 - Jun 1953
CDR Samuel Thomas Orme    Jun 1953 - Aug 1955
CDR Guy Edward Hearn Jr.    Aug 1955 - Jun 1957
CDR Stanley Restaum Craw    Jun 1957 - May 1959
CDR Lawrence Herman Baker Jr.    May 1959 - Dec 1960
CDR Alfred Charles Filiatrault Jr.    Dec 1960 - Nov 1961
CDR William John Clark    Nov 1961 - Dec 1963
CDR Douglas Delisle Swift    Dec 1963 - May 1964
LCDR John Joseph Connelly    May 1964 - Sep 1964
CDR John Edward Mitchell    Sep 1964 - Jul 1966
CDR William Howard Hawkins    Jul 1966 - Dec 1967
CDR Wilfred John Loggan    Dec 1967 - Oct 1969
CDR William Daniel Hart    Oct 1969 - Feb 1971
CDR Andrew George Merget    Feb 1971 - Aug 1972
CDR James Lawrence (Larry) May    Aug 1972 - Jun 23 1974
CDR Ray Sterling Hardy Jr.    Jun 23 1974 - Jun 1976
CDR Larry Leroy Smith    Jun 1976 - Jul 1978
CDR Robert James Doll    Jul 1978 - Jul 19 1980
CDR Richard Carl Hansen    Jul 19 1980 - Oct 1 1981

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: E D Henrickson
Address: 2283 Apache St., Mendota Hgts, MN 55120
Phone: 651-454-7517
Next Reunion: Minneapolis, MN Sept. 22-24, 2017

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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