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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NTMV

Displacement 2924 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 376' 5"(oa) x 39' 7" x 13' 9" (Max)
Armament 5 x 5"/38AA, 10 x 40mm, 7 x 20mm AA, 10 x 21" tt.(2x5).
Machinery, 60,000 SHP; Westinghouse Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 38 Knots, Range 6500 NM@ 15 Knots, Crew 273.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Seattle Tacoma Shipbuilding, Seattle June 7 1943.
Launched February 14 1944 and commissioned June 3 1944.
Decommissioned June 29 1946, recommissioned February 8 1951.
Decommissioned October 24 1960.
Stricken October 1 1972.
To Spain November 3 1960, renamed Alcalá Galiano (hull# 44, reclassified as D 24).
Fate Stricken December 15 1988 and broken up for scrap.

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Size Image Description Contributed
Jarvis 114kJames C. Jarvis, born in 1787, was appointed midshipman from the state of New York in 1799. Midshipman Jarvis was killed at the age of 13 during the historic engagement between the famed frigate Constellation and the French frigate La Vengeance 2 February 1800. Sent aloft in command of the topmen to secure Constellation's unsupported mainmast, he refused to come down when warned that the mast might topple: "My post is here. I can't leave it until ordered." As the mast crashed, Jarvis was swept over the side with the falling rigging. Honoring Jarvis for his bravery and devotion to duty, the Sixth Congress by Joint Resolution 29 March 1800 deemed his conduct "deserving of the highest praise" and his loss "a subject of national regret." The image displayed is a painting of the Battle between the USS Constellation and French frigate La Vengeance.Bill Gonyo
Jarvis 77kArtist's conception of the Jarvis by the renowned graphic illustrator John Barrett with the text written by naval author and historian Robert F. Sumrall. Their company Navy Yard Associates offers prints of most destroyers, destroyer escorts, submarines and aircraft carriers in various configurations during the ship's lifetime. The prints can be customized with ship's patches, your photograph, your bio, etc. If you decide to purchase artwork from them please indicate that you heard about their work from NavSource.Navy Yard Associates
Jarvis 179kUndated, off Pt. Loma.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Jarvis 132kUndated, in San Francisco Bay.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Jarvis 92kCirca 1954, location unknown.Marc Piché
Jarvis 186kCirca 1958-1959, location unknown. Backstamped photo lab of USS Piedmont (AD-17). Photo from the file of the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Jarvis 61kUSS Manatee (AO-58) refueling USS Midway (CV-41) and USS Jarvis (DD-799) off Okinawa, 1960.Bob Herrick
Jarvis 105kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
On Spanish Service
Jarvis 169kDionisio Alcalá Galiano. Born in Cabra, Córdoba, Spain, 8 October 1760. Killed at Cape Trafalgar, 21 October 1805. He was an outstanding Spanish scientist and sailor, Flag Officer [now Rear Admiral] of the Spanish Royal Navy, famous for his heroic actions and death in the Battle of Trafalgar, where he commanded the ship-of-the-line Bahama.Francisco Javier Santos Vazquez
Jarvis 164kUndated, Alcalá Galiano (D-24), ex-USS Jarvis (DD-799), and Jorge Juan (D-25), ex-USS McGowan (DD-678) at Palma de Mallorca, Spain.Camil Busquets
Jarvis 136kJorge Juan (D-25), ex-USS McGowan (DD-678); Almirante Ferrándiz (D-22), ex-USS David W. Taylor (DD-551); Alcalá Galiano (D-24), ex-USS Jarvis (DD-799); and Almirante Valdés (D-23), ex-USS Converse (DD-509). Cartagena, Spain, circa 1961. Note Ferrándiz and Valdés still have pole masts and WWII-era radars; Galiano and Jorge Juan have tripod masts and more modern radars.Camil Busquets
Jarvis 105k Alcala Galiano, D 44 (ex-USS Jarvis, DD-799), at anchor, location unknown. Photo courtesy Senor A. Aguilera from the 1961-62 Edition of Jane's Fighting Ships.Robert Hurst
Jarvis 77kAlcala Galiano, D 24, (ex-USS Jarvis, DD-799) underway, circa 1962, location unknown. Photo courtesy Senor A. Aguilera. Photo from the 1964-65 Edition of Jane's Fighting Ships.Robert Hurst
Jarvis 144kThe Jarvis in Rota, Spain 1975, she is third from the left. The ship outboard of Jarvis/Alcalá Galiano is the Spanish-designed and built destroyer Oquendo (D 41); that inboard is ex-US destroyer USS Leary (DD 879)/Lángara (D 64), just one twin 5"/38 forward and SPS-29 radar. The largest ship, to the left, is NOT a US-Knox class frigate, but a Spanish Baleares-class guided missile frigate.© Richard Leonhardt
Jarvis 66kAs the Spanish Alcalá Galiano D24, in Rota, Spain. 1987.Edward H. Cleary

USS JARVIS DD-799 History
View This Vessels DANFS History Entry
(Located On The hazegray Web Site, This Is The Main Archive For The DANFS Online Project.)

Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Ernest Bradford Ellsworth Jr.    Jun 3 1944 - Jan 3 1946 (Later RADM)
CDR Gilven Max Slonim    Jan 3 1946 - Jun 29 1946
(Decommissioned Jun 29 1946 - Feb 8 1951)
CDR Edward Falka Rye    Feb 8 1951 - 1952
CDR Charles Dewitt McCall    1952 - 1953
CDR Francis Walford (Waffles) Ingling    1953 - ?
CDR George Edgar Brandt Jr.    1955 - 1956
CDR James Blickman    1956 - Feb 1958
CDR Charles Edward Dunston    Feb 1958 - Jul 1959
CDR Frank Henry Sonntag    Jul 1959 - Oct 24 1960

Commanding Officers under Spanish Command
Thanks to Fabio Peña and Ministerio de Defensa de España, Gabinete del AJEMA

CdF Jacinto Ayuso Serrano    Nov 3 1960 - Nov 3 1962 (later VADM)
CdF Angel Liberal Lucini    Nov 3 1962 - Mar 1 1963 (later ADM)
CdF Antonio Fontenla Rojl    Mar 1 1963 - Mar 5 1965
CdF Alvaro Fontanals Baron    Mar 5 1965 - Apr 12 1967
CdF Fernando Suances de Vinas    Apr 12 1967 - Apr 7 1969 (Later RADM)
CdF Augusto de La Ganrada Feliner    Apr 7 1969 - Oct 4 1970
CdF Julio Recio Campos    Oct 4 1970 - May 8 1971
CdF Julio Serra Fortun    May 8 1971 - Jun 5 1974
CdF Julio Valdelomar Y de La Vega    Jun 5 1974 - Dec 5 1975
CdF Antonio Duelo Topete    Dec 5 1975 - Jun 10 1977 (Later VADM)
CdF Mauel Fuster Prat    Jun 10 1977 - Dec 11 1978
CdF Carlos Pastor de Alfaro    Dec 11 1978 - Dec 11 1979
CdF Jose Diaz Del Rio Recacho    Dec 11 1979 - Jun 11 1981
CdF Carlos Mate Moreno de Monroy    Jun 11 1981 - Dec 13 1982
CdF Jose Sierra Campos    Dec 13 1982 - Jan 13 1984 (Later RADM)
CdF Amancio Rodriguez Castanos    Jan 13 1984 - Jul 15 1985 (Later VADM)
CdF Pedro Lapique Quinones    Jul 15 1985 - Jan 8 1987 (Later RADM)
CdF Ignacio Balanzat Perez    Jan 8 1987 - Dec 15 1988

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Robert Leek
Address: 6311 Wyoming, St. Louis, MO 63139-2323
Phone: (314)644-3102
E-mail: None

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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