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Waving US Flag

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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NDDW

Displacement 7800 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 563' (oa) x 55' x 20' 6" (Max)
Armament 2 x 5"/54 RF (2x1), 1 Sea Sparrow SAM (1x8) ASROC ASW (1x8),
6 x 12.75" Mk 32 ASW TT (2x3). 1 Helicopter.
Machinery, 80,000 SHP; 4 LM 2500 Gas Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 30 Knots, Range 6000 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 296.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Litton Ingalls, Pascagoula Miss. July 23 1973.
Launched August 24 1974 and commissioned September 25 1976.
Decommissioned July 19 2001.
Stricken on June 5 2002.
Fate: Sold December 19 2002 to International Shipbreakers, Brownsville, TX for $3,144,520.
Removed December 22 2002, scrapping completed November 7 2003.

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Size Image Description Contributed
Hewitt 87kPhoto #: NH 49131. Rear Admiral Henry Kent Hewitt, USN (front, center) with his staff on the after deck of USS Philadelphia (CL-41), circa November 1940, at the time he took command of Cruiser Division Eight. Those present are (from left to right): Lieutenant Commander George E. Nold, Aide and Flag Secretary; Lieutenant Commander Cameron Briggs, Aviation Officer and Commanding Officer of Cruiser Scouting Squadron Eight (VCS-8); Rear Admiral Hewitt; Lieutenant Philip G. Stokes, Radio Officer; and Lieutenant Benjamin P. Field, Jr., Aide and Flag Lieutenant. The ship's after 6"/47 guns are in the immediate background. Collection of Admiral Henry Kent Hewitt. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Bill Gonyo
Hewitt 13kUndated view from the November 1977 issue of NAVSEA Journal.Bob Bush/John E. Geralds II
Hewitt 69kUndated, location unknown.Fred Moisson
Hewitt 92kUndated, location unknown.Fred Moisson
Hewitt 166kLitton East Bank Shipyard, Pascagoula, Mississippi. Six Spruance class destroyers fitting out, circa May 1975. Ships are, from left: Paul F. Foster (DD-964); Spruance (DD-963), then running trials; Arthur W. Radford (DD-968); Elliot (DD-967); Hewitt (DD-966) and Kinkaid (DD-965). Official U.S. Navy Photograph.Fred Weiss
Hewitt 76kPanama Canal Septmber 1976.Marc Piché
Hewitt 83kSydney, Australia 1978.Marc Piché
Hewitt 37kFremantle, Australia April 19 1985.Marc Piché
Hewitt 94kFremantle 1985Graeme D Fuller
Hewitt 122kSan Diego 1985.Robert Milloy
Hewitt 70kVancouver, BC March 28 1988.Marc Piché
Hewitt 164kCirca 1990, location unknown.Wolfgang Hechler
Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt
Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt
Welcome Aboard pamphlet - circa 1990
Wolfgang Hechler


1991 Pro Set trading card from The Operation Desert Storm series.Tommy Trampp
Hewitt 73kHewitt and USS Vincennes (CG-49), December 1991 in Hong Kong.William Chiu
Hewitt 75kAs above.William Chiu
Hewitt 75kHong Kong Dec 1991.William Chiu
Hewitt 58kHong Kong Dec 1991.William Chiu
Hewitt 73kHong Kong Dec 1991.William Chiu
Hewitt 135kDN-SC-95-00375. A port quarter view of the destroyer USS HEWITT (DD-966) being assisted back into berth by two large harbor tugs. The aircraft carrier USS INDEPENDENCE (CV-62) is moored to the right at the Piedmont (Yokosuka, Japan) pier under the 450 ton hammerhead crane. Photo by PHAA Jason K. Trahan May 3 1994.Bill Gonyo
Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt
Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt
Welcome Aboard pamphlet - circa 1998
Wolfgang Hechler
Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt
Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt   Hewitt
Welcome Aboard pamphlet - circa 1999
Wolfgang Hechler
Hewitt 92kOperation Southern in the North Arabian Gulf, April 30 1999.Bill Gonyo
Hewitt 89kLongview, Washington June 12 2000.Marc Piché
Hewitt 68kThe Pacific Ocean, March 23 2000, USS Hewitt (DD 966) fires a NATO Sea Sparrow missile during a training exercise off the coast of southern California. U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 2nd Class Ty Swartz. [000323-N-4010S-001]Fred Weiss
Hewitt 93kSydney, Australia November 2000.Marc Piché
Hewitt 89kSydney, Australia November 2000.Marc Piché
Hewitt 96kFremantle, Australia December 12 2000.Marc Piché
Hewitt 88kFremantle, Australia December 12 2000.Marc Piché
Hewitt 87kSydney, Australia December 2000.Marc Piché
Hewitt 77kIn process of being mothballed in San Fancisco July 27 2001.Marc Piché
Hewitt 76kShip's patchMike Smolinski
Hewitt 42kShip's patchMike Smolinski
Hewitt 144kShip's patchTommy Trampp

USS HEWITT DD-966 History
Note: History is unavailable at this time
This ship was built too late to be covered by the DANFS project

Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Edward Eugene Alexander Jr.    Sep 26 1976 - Jun 23 1978

CDR Reginald Frederick Gaylord Jr.    Jun 23 1978 - Jul 23 1980

CDR Conrad Lautenbacher Jr.    Jul 23 1980 - Aug 25 1982 (Later VADM)

CDR Robert Russell Williams III    Aug 25 1982 - Jun 30 1984

CDR Lawrence Ellsworth Eddingfield    Jun 30 1984 - Sep 12 1986

CDR Stephen Robert Loeffler    Sep 12 1986 - Dec 20 1988 (Later RADM)

CDR Jack Brian Mayberry    Dec 20 1988 - Oct 19 1990

CDR Joseph Michael Volpe Jr.    Oct 19 1990 - Aug 11 1992

CDR John Carl Meyer    Aug 11 1992 - May 21 1994

CDR Ralph Earl Janikowsky    May 21 1994 - Feb 2 1996

CDR Michael David Palatas    Feb 2 1996 - Sep 26 1996

CDR Stephen Clark Nimitz    Sep 26 1996 - Oct 1 1996

CDR Carl Andrew Carpenter    Oct 1 1996 - Dec 23 1996

CDR Timothy James Howington    Dec 23 1996 - May 1 1998

CDR Peter Joseph Healey    May 1 1998 - Apr 3 1999

CDR George G. Galyo    Apr 3 1999 - Jul 19 2001

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