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J.C. Carter's submarine, Horror.
Constructed on Ware Island and Watched Over by Men With Guns and Savage Appearing Dogs.
STAMFORD. Conn., August 10 Under cover of darkness, with the tide at its height, a curious appearing dark green craft glided from a mysterious building on Ware Island and into the water of Stamford harbor at half past 10 o'clock tonight. It was a submarine torpedo boat, concerning which the utmost has been observed during the months of its construction. J. C. Carter, who says he comes from New York, has had practical charge of the building of the boat, and is believed to represent a syndicate.
Extraordinary efforts have been made to keep the facts regarding the craft from leaking out, and there has been an air of mystery surrounding the Island. A building was constructed in which the boat was built, which prevented anyone in a passing boat from catching a glimpse of what was going on. The workmen were pledged to secrecy. Armed men with savage appearing dogs have patrolled the shores of the island and have successfully intimidated all who showed any intention to land. It was not until last week when one end of the building was torn down, that those who ventured near the island were able to distinguish what appeared to be a torpedo boat. Some facts regarding the boat were obtained from one of the men employed on the island, who lives in Stamford. In general appearance the craft is like the Holland submarine torpedo boat. It is 50 feet long and about 8 feet beam. Its propelling power is similar to Dr. Jackson's method, the water being forced out of the stern. It is equipped with tanks capable of holding eight barrels of kerosene oil. There are two powerful pumps, worked by electricity. There is an arrangement by which, as soon as the oil is consumed, the tanks will be filled with water, so as to keep the ballast the same. The submerging of the boat is controlled by rudders on each side. She has side keels, two bilge keels and three rudders. There are two torpedo tubes projecting from a conning tower just above the deck. The boat is built of yellow pine and is sheathed with galvanized iron.
It had been arranged to launch the boat last night, but the approach of several men in a boat evidently alarmed those on the island, who fired several shots from shore and ran to and fro excitedly. Several dogs also appeared and barked savagely, frightening away the would-be investigators.
Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; & University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI.
Newspaper text courtesy of The Honolulu Republican. (Honolulu, T.H.) 1900-1902, 23 August 1900, Image 3.
Photo from The San Francisco Call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, 22 August 1900, Image 6 via
J.C. Carter NR Under The Sea - Submarine Boat Lost
J.C. Carter's submarine, Horror.
Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH.
Photo from Akron Daily Democrat. (Akron, Ohio) 1892-1902, 14 October 1901, Image 7, via
J.C. Carter NR Carter's Submarine Boat Has Strangely Disappeared
J. C. Carter's submarine boat, which caused such a sensation last year by a reported failure to come to the surface after a submersion has mysteriously disappeared from City Island, where it was quartered during the winter months.
Rumor is current that Mr. Carter and his assistant are in New York with the boat, arranging for her to go to Germany.
Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH.
Photo from Akron Daily Democrat. (Akron, Ohio) 1892-1902, 18 August 1902, Image 6, via

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New-York Tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, 15 December 1901, Image 7
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