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Indiana (SSN-789)

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Virginia Class Attack Submarine: Named PCU Indiana (SSN-789) & Launched on 29 April 2017.
SSN-784 through approximately SSN-791 are planned to make up the Third Block or "Flight" Block III subs will feature a revised bow, including some technology from Ohio class SSGNs. SSN-789 will be built at Huntington Ingalls Industries-Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Va. Her keel was laid on 16 May 2015.

Specifications:Power Plant: One S9G pressurized water reactor, 29.84MW (40,000hp), one shaft with pumpjet propulsor, Improved Performance Machinery Program Phase III one secondary propulsion submerged motor. Displacement, 7,800 tons submerged. Length: 377 feet. Draft: 32 feet. Beam: 34 feet. Speed: 25+ knots submerged. Depth: Greater than 800 feet. 12 VLS & four torpedo tubes, capable of launching Mark 48 torpedoes, UGM-109 Tactical Tomahawks, Harpoon (missile)s and the new advanced mobile mine when it becomes available: Unmanned Undersea Vehicles, Special Warfare: Dry Deck Shelter. Advanced SEAL Delivery System. Sonars: Spherical active/passive arrays. Light Weight Wide Aperture Arrays. TB-16, TB-29, and future towed arrays. High-frequency chin and sail arrays. Countermeasures: 1 internal launcher (reloadable 2-barrel) 14 external launchers. Crew: 134 officers and men.

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Virginia-class1.09kNewport News Shipbuilding is teamed with General Dynamics Electric Boat to build Virginia-class submarines. Newport News Shipbuilding builds the stern, habitability & machinery spaces, torpedo room, sail and bow. Electric Boat builds the pressure hull, engine room and control room. Newport News Shipbuilding and Electric Boat each perform work on the reactor plant as well as alternate on the final assembly, test, outfit and delivery. The team has been recognized as the best shipbuilding program in the Navy.
Virginia-class Infographic PDF.
Text & photo courtesy of
Indiana4.90k An artist rendering of the Virginia-class submarine Indiana (SSN-789), 21 June 2012. USN photo # N-ZZ999-003, illustration by Stan Bailey courtesy of via Ron Reeves (of blessed memory).
Indiana1.18kThe 4,000 Newport News shipbuilders working on Indiana (SSN-789) include engineers, riggers, welders, coatings specialists, electricians, and many other trades and professions.Text & photo courtesy of
Indiana1.16kA shipbuilder on a lift works on the stern unit of Indiana (SSN-789) at Newport News Shipbuilding in 2013.Photo # DCS13-669-4 by Ricky Thompson., courtesy of
Indiana584kNewport News Shipbuilding inspector Larry Kellum checks dimensions on the submarine Indiana (SSN-789), at Newport News Shipbuilding in 2014.Photo # DCS14-254-111 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Indiana889kShipbuilders work on the fan room for the Indiana (SSN-789) at Newport News Shipbuilding in 2014. Photo by Chris Oxley / HI, Photo # DCS14-170-91 courtesy of
Indiana352kMike Bishop, left, and Daniel Evans fit a plate to the fixed group on a dive plane for Indiana (SSN-789) at Newport News Shipbuilding in 2014. Photo by Chris Oxley / HI, Photo # DCS15-370-103 courtesy of
Indiana359kRicky Campbell clamps the fan room charcoal filter in place for welding on the submarine Indiana (SSN-789), June 2014. Photo # 03-DCS14-170-96 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Indiana740kA shipbuilder works on the stern unit of Indiana (SSN-789) at Newport News Shipbuilding. Photo by Ricky Thompson, courtesy of
Indiana316kHeather Johnson, a 37-year-old mother of four, has the honor of being the first female welder at Newport News Shipbuilding to weld the sponsor's initials on a Virginia-class submarine. Text & photo courtesy of
Photo # DCS15-298-22 by John Whalen / HII.
Indiana316kA welder carves the initials of ship's sponsor Diane Donald on a metal plate during the keel laying ceremony for the future submarine Indiana (SSN-789) on 16 May 2015. Text & photo courtesy of
Photo # 150516-N-ZZ999-310 via
Indiana578kShip's Sponsor Diane Donald and Newport News Shipbuilding President Matt Mulherin (center) pose for a group photo with the official party inside one of the submarine Indiana's (SSN-789) units. Text & photo courtesy of
Photo by Chris Oxley
Indiana134kMaster Shipubilder Mickey Gilliam watches Jennifer Nunezmarte connect a cable in the weapons module for the Indiana (SSN-789), October 2015.Photo # 01_DCS15-445-263 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Indiana578kShip's Sponsor Diane Donald addresses the ceremony guests: "How fitting to have the construction of this ship, SSN 789, completed in Newport News Shipbuilding, where the last Indiana (BB-58), was built to withstand the test of war at sea during World War II." Text & photo courtesy of
Photo 15_DCS15-309-716 by Chris Oxley.
Indiana578kShip's Sponsor Diane Donald chalks her initials onto the steel plate. Text & photo courtesy of
Photo 17_DCS15-308-300 by John Whalen.
Indiana578kNNS President Matt Mulherin presents Diane Donald with a gift commemorating the keel laying. The plaque features a replica of the steel plate welded during the ceremony and a photo of her and husband ADM Kirkland Donald in front of the submarine unit. Text & photo courtesy of
Photo 24_DCS15-308-469 by John Whalen.
Indiana291kLois Hill touches up paint inside a unit for the submarine Indiana (SSN-789), May 2015.Photo # 07-DCS15-193-14 by Ricky Thompson, courtesy of
Indiana321kA unit of the submarine Indiana (SSN-789), weaves through the shipyard after being unloaded from the Sea Shuttle, October 2015. Photo # 07_DCS15-282-107 by John Whalen, courtesy of
Indiana344kJeffery Eicher and Brian Belvin tie cables together after unloading a unit of the submarine Indiana (SSN-789), October 2015. Photo # DCS15-282-21 by John Whalen, courtesy of
Indiana143kUnit 2B for the submarine Indiana (SSN-789) arrives on the Sea Shuttle, May 2016.Photo # 14-DCS16-134-5 by Ricky Thompson, courtesy of
Indiana377kShipbuilder Edward Wagner is hard at work inside Indiana's (SSN-789), March 2017. Photo # 15-DCS17-68-196 by Ashley Major, courtesy of
Indiana267kIndiana (SSN-789) has reached pressure hull complete, signifying that all of its hull sections are joined to form a single, watertight unit. Text & photo courtesy of Photo by Chris Oxley via Ron Reeves (of blessed memory).
Indiana409kSail Loft Shipbuilders Christine Mitchell and Arlene Quinn complete final stitches on Indiana's (SSN-789) bow flag, which will be displayed on the ship during the christening ceremony 29 April. Photo # 11-DCS17-163-106 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Indiana724kThe sea calls for Indiana (SSN-789) as the boat begins to emerge from the building shed on 29 April 2017.Photo # 1-DCS17-239-37-3 by Ashley Major, courtesy of
Indiana549kPre-christening photo of the Indiana (SSN-789), 29 April 2017. Photo courtesy of Dale Hargrave.
Indiana552kVice President Pence delivering the keynote speech. Photo courtesy of Dale Hargrave.
Indiana134kBottle of bubbly awaits the christening of the Indiana (SSN-789), 29 April 2017.Photo # 8-DCS17-242-37 by Ricky Thompson, courtesy of
Indiana1.23kA view of the events during the christening of the Indiana (SSN-789), 29 April 2017. Photo courtesy of
Indiana889kIndiana (SSN-789) Sponsor Mrs. Diane Donald does the honors on 29 April 2017. Photo courtesy of
Indiana2.29kIndiana (SSN-789) has been launched into the James River and moved to Newport News Shipbuilding's submarine pier for final outfitting, testing and crew certification, 9 June 2017. Photo by Ashley Major/HII via Ron Reeves (of blessed memory) &
Indiana524k Indiana (SSN-789) Departs for Sea Trials, May 2018. Carriers in the background are George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)(right) and Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), fully dressed for the Carrier Strike Group 12 change of command ceremony, 22 May 2018.Text via Fabio Pena.
Photo # DCS18-376-505 courtesy of
Indiana802k Indiana (SSN-789) in the Chesapeake Bay, 25 May 2018.Text & photo # DCS18-377-281 courtesy of
Indiana465kIndiana (SSN-789) departs for sea trials. The initial round of sea trials, known as alpha trials, provide the submarine an opportunity to test all systems and components.Photo # 15-DCS18-377-157 by Matt Hildreth, courtesy of
3.33kThe Indiana (SSN-789) arrives at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn. 25 September 2020. Indiana returned to homeport from its maiden six-month deployment in support of the Navy's maritime strategy - supporting national security interests and maritime security operations - in the 6th Fleet area of operations.U.S. Navy photo 200925-N-AY957-050 by Petty Officer 3rd Class Christian Bianchi

There is no DANFS History currently available for Indiana (SSN-789) at the Haze Gray & Underway Web Site, the main archive for the DANFS Online Project.
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