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Delaware (SSN-791)

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Virginia Class Attack Submarine: Named Delaware (SSN-791).
The contract to build her was awarded to Huntington Ingalls Industries in partnership with the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics in Newport News, Virginia on 22 December 2008.
Keel laid on 30 April 2016.
Christened on 20 October 2018.SSN-784 through approximately SSN-791 are planned to make up the Third Block or "Flight" Block III subs will feature a revised bow, including some technology from Ohio class SSGNs. SSN-791 will be built at Electric Boat in Newport News.

Specifications:Power Plant: One S9G pressurized water reactor, 29.84MW (40,000hp), one shaft with pumpjet propulsor, Improved Performance Machinery Program Phase III one secondary propulsion submerged motor. Displacement, 7,800 tons submerged. Length: 377 feet. Draft: 32 feet. Beam: 34 feet. Speed: 25+ knots submerged. Depth: Greater than 800 feet. 12 VLS & four torpedo tubes, capable of launching Mark 48 torpedoes, UGM-109 Tactical Tomahawks, Harpoon (missile)s and the new advanced mobile mine when it becomes available: Unmanned Undersea Vehicles, Special Warfare: Dry Deck Shelter. Advanced SEAL Delivery System. Sonars: Spherical active/passive arrays. Light Weight Wide Aperture Arrays. TB-16, TB-29, and future towed arrays. High-frequency chin and sail arrays. Countermeasures: 1 internal launcher (reloadable 2-barrel) 14 external launchers. Crew: 134 officers and men.

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Virginia-class1.09kNewport News Shipbuilding is teamed with General Dynamics Electric Boat to build Virginia-class submarines. Newport News Shipbuilding builds the stern, habitability & machinery spaces, torpedo room, sail and bow. Electric Boat builds the pressure hull, engine room and control room. Newport News Shipbuilding and Electric Boat each perform work on the reactor plant as well as alternate on the final assembly, test, outfit and delivery. The team has been recognized as the best shipbuilding program in the Navy.
Virginia-class Infographic PDF.
Text & photo courtesy of
Delaware539kSecretary of the Navy (SECNAV) the Honorable Ray Mabus and ship's sponsor, Dr. Jill Biden, watch as Vice President Joe Biden puts on a Delaware (SSN-791) ball cap at the Pentagon announcing the name the future Virginia-class attack submarine Delaware on 19 November 2012 in Washington. Delaware state officials were on hand in the Pentagon Briefing Room to participate in the announcement. USN photo # 121119-N-AC887-004, by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Sam Shavers via
Delaware718kThe bow unit of Delaware (SSN-791) stands upright in one of Newport News Shipbuilding's submarine facilities.Photo # DCS14-254-76 by Chris Oxley courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware263kMichael Aponti drills holes in a part for the submarine Delaware (SSN-791), October 2014.Photo # 14_DCS14-639-71B by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Colorado824kKeel laying ceremony for the Colorado (SSN-788) at the General Dynamics Electric Boat Quonset Point facility in North Kingstown, R.I. Saturday, 7 March 2015. The ceremony took place next to sections of the Delaware (SSN-791) and the South Dakota (SSN-790), left, and the stage was in front of the tail section of the Colorado. The ship sponsor is Annie Mabus, daughter of Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. Photo EP-150309824 courtesy of Dana Jensen / The Day.
Delaware288kGabe Wolfe works on a piping system on the submarine Delaware (SSN-791), August 2015.Photo # 10DCS15-376-11 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Delaware76kRiggers cover a unit of the submarine Delaware (SSN-791) in the Covered Modular Assembly Facility, December 2015.Photo # 8-DCS15-675-7 by Ricky Thompson, courtesy of
Delaware290kKyle McAllister performing a magnetic particle inspection of a pad eye on Delaware (SSN-791), March 2016.Photo # DCS16-52-137 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Delaware377kBryce Woolston cleaning up welds on Delaware (SSN-791) for magnetic particle inspection, March 2016.Photo # DCS16-49-109C by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Delaware184kTodd Ashley works on a torpedo tube shutter door for Delaware (SSN-791), March 2016.Photo # DCS16-49-41 by Chris Oxley, courtesy of
Delaware276kAntuan Barnes, a Newport News Shipbuilding senior reproduction clerk, sings the national anthem during the keel-laying ceremony for the Delaware (SSN-791). The keel laying signifies the ceremonial start of construction. Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States, serves as the ship's sponsor. Photo # DCS16-273-224 by Ricky Thompson/HII courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware796k4 photo PDF of Dr. Jill Biden as she writes her initials on the keel plate, welding & announcing that the Delaware's (SSN-791) keel has been "truly and fairly laid".Text & photo courtesy of Dale Hargrave.
Delaware341kChristening bottle for the Delaware (SSN-791) on 20 October 2018. Photo # DCS18-717-8 courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware250kNNS President Jennifer Boyken presents Dr. Biden with the christening bottle. Photo courtesy of Dale Hargrave.
Delaware276kChristening ceremony of the Delaware (SSN-791) on 20 October 2018. Dr. Jill Biden, sponsor for the boat and signifigant others pose with the bow flag of the boat behind them. Photo # DCS18-722-369 courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware238kDelaware (SSN-791) christening ceremony program. Photo # DCS18-717-6 courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware390kPart of Delaware's (SSN-791) crew. Photo courtesy of Dale Hargrave.
Delaware1.50kOverall view of the christening ceremony. Photo # DCS18-717-165 courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware689k1st strike on the 1st state. Photo # DCS18-717-321 courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware541kNot something seen on the scene of the last Delaware (BB-28). Photo # DCS18-713-286 courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware699kCulinary Specialist Third Class Jyharri Ahmed (right) helps serve the first meal on board the pre-commissioning unit Delaware (SSN-791). Photos DCS19-391-64 & DCS19-391-51 (insert) by Ashley Cowan courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware1.03kNewport News Shipbuilding's newest submarine, Delaware (SSN-791), makes its way toward the company's floating dry dock on 12 December 2018.Photo # 2-DCS18-817-288 by Ashley Cowan, courtesy of
Delaware183kThe submarine Delaware (SSN-791) returns to the Newport News Shipbuilding division following its first set of sea trials on 31 August 2019, with three HII-built aircraft carriers visible in the distance at Norfolk Naval Station.
The carriers in the background are, left to right, John C. Stennis, (CVN-74), Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) and Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69).
Photo i.d. courtesy of Fabio Pena.
Photo DCS19-515-165 by Ashley Cowan courtesy of Newport News Shipbuilding.
Delaware159k Delaware (SSN-791) vents steam from its sail as it floats pierside, July 2019.Photo # 3-DCS19-401-18by Matt Hildreth, courtesy of
Delaware652kDelaware (SSN-791) makes its way out to sea for its second set of sea trials, October, 2019.Photo # 3-DCS19-516-623 by Ashley Cowan, courtesy of

There is no DANFS History currently available for Delaware (SSN-791) at the Haze Gray & Underway Web Site, the main archive for the DANFS Online Project.
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