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High-speed Transport (APD)
Amphibious Transport, Small (LPR) Photo Index

APDs were intended to deliver small units such as UDT teams and Army Ranger units onto hostile shores. They could carry up to a company size unit. They were also capable of standing off shore and providing gunfire support as needed. The earliest High-speed Transports were World War I vintage flush-deck destroyers. These ships had two boilers and their stacks along with all of their torpedo tubes removed during conversion to APDs. These were replaced by four landing craft (LCP(L)s, their handling machinery and troop stowage and quarters. Because of the kamikaze threat being encountered, the fast transports were relatively well armed; 3"/50s replacing her original 5"/50s, single 40mm guns aft along with five 20mm A.A. guns. To offset these additions four depth charge throwers and a single depth charge stern rack were removed.The later APDs were newly constructed DEs. These ships were converted to High-speed Transports by increasing troop berthing and equipment storage amidships, adding four LCVPs and a boom crane aft. All APDs in the Navy inventory on 1 January 1969 were redesignated (LPR).
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APD Photo Index
APD-1 Manley ex AG-28
APD-2 Colhoun ex DD-85
APD-3 Gregory ex DD-82
APD-4 Little ex DD-79
APD-5 McKean ex DD-90
APD-6 Stringham ex DD-83
APD-7 Talbot ex DD-114
APD-8 Waters ex DD-115
APD-9 Dent ex DD-116
APD-10 Brooks ex DD-232
APD-11 Gilmer ex DD-233
APD-12 Humphreys ex DD-236
APD-13 Sands ex DD-243
APD-14 Schley ex DD-103
APD-15 Kilty ex DD-137 / AG-20
APD-16 Ward ex DD-139
APD-17 Crosby ex DD-164
APD-18 Kane ex DD-235
APD-19 Tattnall ex DD-125
APD-20 Roper ex DD-147
APD-21 Dickerson ex DD-157
APD-22 Herbert ex DD-160
APD-23 Overton ex DD-239
APD-24 Noa ex DD-343
APD-25 Rathburne ex DD-113
APD-26 McFarland DD-237 Conversion Canceled
APD-27 Williamson ex DD-244 Conversion Canceled
APD-28 Hulbert ex DD-342 Conversion Canceled
APD-29 Barry ex DD-248
APD-30 Decatur ex DD-341 Conversion Canceled
APD-31 Clemson ex DD-186 / AVP-17 / AVD-4
APD-32 Goldsborough ex DD-188 / AVP-15 / AVD-5
APD-33 George E. Badger ex DD-196 / AVP-16 / AVD-3
APD-34 Belknap ex DD-251 / AVD-8
APD-35 Osmond Ingram ex DD-255 / AVD-9
APD-36 Greene ex DD-266 / AVD-13
APD-37 Charles Lawrence ex DE-53
APD-38 Daniel T. Griffin ex DE-54
APD-39 Barr ex DE-576
APD-40 Bowers ex DE-637
APD-41 England DE-635 Conversion Canceled
APD-42 Gantner ex DE-60
APD-43 George Washington Ingram ex DE-62
APD-44 Ira Jeffery ex DE-63
APD-45 Lee Fox ex DE-65
APD-46 Amesbury ex DE-66
APD-47 Bates ex DE-68
APD-48 Blessman ex DE-69
APD-49 Joseph E. Campbell ex DE-70
APD-50 Sims ex DE-154
APD-51 Hopping ex DE-155
APD-52 Reeves ex DE-156
APD-53 Hubbard ex DE-211
APD-54 Chase ex DE-158
APD/LPR-55 Laning ex DE-159
APD-56 Loy ex DE-160
APD-57 Barber ex DE-161
APD-58 Witter DE-636 Conversion Canceled
APD-59 Newman ex DE-205
APD-60 Liddle ex DE-206
APD-61 Kephart ex DE-207
APD-62 Cofer ex DE-208
APD-63 Lloyd ex DE-209
APD-64 Scott ex DE-214 Conversion Canceled
APD-65 Burke ex DE-215
APD-66 Enright ex DE-216
APD-67 Jenks ex DE-665 Conversion Canceled
APD-68 Durik ex DE-666 Conversion Canceled
APD-69 Yokes ex DE-668
APD-70 Pavlic ex DE-669
APD-71 Odum ex DE-670
APD-72 Jack C. Robinson ex DE-671
APD-73 Bassett ex DE-672
APD-74 John P. Gray ex DE-673
APD-75 Weber ex DE-675
APD-76 Schmitt ex DE-676
APD-77 Frament ex DE-677
APD-78 Bull ex DE-693
APD-79 Bunch ex DE-694
APD-80 Hayter ex DE-212
APD-81 Tatum ex DE-789
APD-82 Borum DE-790 Conversion Canceled
APD-83 Maloy DE-791 Conversion Canceled
APD-84 Haines ex DE-792
APD-85 Runels ex DE-793
APD/LPR-86 Hollis ex DE-796
APD-87 Crosley ex DE-226
APD-88 Cread ex DE-227
APD/LPR-89 Ruchamkin ex DE-228
APD/LPR-90 Kirwin ex DE-229
APD-91 Kinzer ex DE-232
APD-92 Register ex DE-233
APD-93 Brock ex DE-234
APD-94 John Q. Roberts ex DE-235
APD-95 William M. Hobby ex DE-236
APD-96 Ray K. Edwards ex DE-237
APD-97 Arthur L. Bristol ex DE-281
APD-98 Truxtun ex DE-282
APD-99 Upham ex DE-283
APD/LPR-100 Ringness ex DE-590
APD/LPR-101 Knudson ex DE-591
APD-102 Rednour ex DE-592
APD-103 Tollberg ex DE-593
APD-104 William J. Pattison ex DE-594
APD-105 Myers ex DE-595
APD-106 Walter B. Cobb ex DE-596
APD-107 Earle B. Hall ex DE-597
APD-108 Harry L. Corl ex DE-598
APD-109 Belet ex DE-599
APD-110 Julius A. Raven ex DE-600
APD-111 Walsh ex DE-601
APD-112 Hunter Marshall ex DE-602
APD-113 Earheart ex DE-603
APD-114 Walter S. Gorka ex DE-604
APD-115 Rogers Blood ex DE-605
APD-116 Francovich ex DE-606
APD-117 Joseph M. Auman ex DE-674
APD-118 Don O. Woods ex DE-721
APD/LPR-119 Beverly W. Reid ex DE-722
APD-120 Kline ex DE-687
APD-121 Raymon W. Herndon ex DE-688
APD-122 Scribner ex DE-689
APD/LPD-123 Diachenko ex DE-690
APD/LPD-124 Horace A. Bass ex DE-691
APD-125 Wantuck ex DE-692
APD-126 Gosselin ex DE-710
APD/LPR-127 Begor
APD-128 Cavallaro
APD-129 Donald W. Wolf
APD-130 Cook
APD-131 Walter X Young
APD/LPR-132 Balduck
APD-133 Burdo
APD-134 Kleinsmith
APD/LPR-135 Weiss
APD-136 Carpellotti
APD-137 DeLong ex DD-684 Conversion Canceled
APD-138 Coates ex DD-686 Conversion Canceled
APD-139 Bray ex DE-709

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