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Contributed by Al Grazevich

USS Nashville (LPD-13)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Delta - Victor - Whiskey
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Second Row - Navy Unit Commendation - Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (3) - Navy Battle "E" Ribbon (3)
Third Row - Navy Expeditionary Medal (1- Lebanon, 1-Iran/Indian Ocean) - National Defense Service Medal - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (1-Op. Sharpe Edge, Liberia, 1-Haiti, Op. Uphold Democracy)
Fourth Row - Southwest Asia Service Medal - Armed Forces Service Medal - Humanitarian Service Medal (1-Beirut Lebanon, Evacuation)

Austin Class Amphibious Transport Dock:
  • Laid down, 14 March 1966, at Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction, Seattle, WA.
  • Launched, 7 October 1967
  • Commissioned USS Nashville (LPD-13), 14 February 1970, CAPT. Frank R. Fahland in command
  • Nashville is a unit of COMPHIBGRU2, COMNAVSURFLANT, and is home ported at NOB Norfolk, VA.
  • Decommissioned, 30 September 2009, at Naval Station Norfolk,VA,
  • Current Disposition, laid up at NAVSEA Inactive Ships On-site Maintenance Office, Philadelphia, PA
    Displacement 9,734 t.(lt), 17,326 t.(fl)
    Length 570'
    Beam 84'
    Draft 23 ft.
    Speed 21 kts.
    24 Officers
    396 Enlisted
    Troop Accommodations 900
    Flag Staff Accommodations 90
    Boats Assault Craft
    well deck capacity, 1 LCU, or 2 LCM-8 or 4 LCM-6
    ships boats, 2 LCPL, 1 motor whaleboat
    two 25mm MK38 chain guns
    two Phalanx CIWS
    eight 50 cal. machine guns.
    Aircraft up to six CH-46/CH-53 or four UH-1/AH-1, or two AV-8B Harriers
    two Foster-Wheeler boilers
    two DeLaval steam turbines
    two propellers, 24,000 Shaft Horsepower

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    Nashville (LPD-13)
    Nashville 432k Launching of Nashville (LPD-13), 7 October 1967, at Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction, Seattle, WA. Dale Hargrave
    Nashville 148k Nashville (LPD-13) underway on builder's trials under the direction of the Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Co., Pacific Ocean, circa 1969.
    Photos courtesy Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction.
    Robert Hurst
    Nashville 136k
    USS Nashville (LPD-13)
    Nashville 19k USS Nashville (LPD-13) underway, date and location unknown. Photo courtesy Peter Wilson
    Nashville 22k USS Nashville (LPD-13) moored pierside, date and location unknown. Photo courtesy Peter Wilson
    Nashville 368k President and Mrs. Ford arrives aboard USS Nashville (LPD-13) while in New York City during the United States Bicentennial Celebration, 4 July 1776. Submitted by Stephen Essex, courtesy Archie Gibson EW3 USN USS Nashville
    Nashville 439k The President's flag flies over USS Nashville (LPD-13) during his visit at New York City during the United States Bicentennial Celebration, 4 July 1776. Submitted by Stephen Essex, courtesy Archie Gibson EW3 USN USS Nashville
    Nashville 185k USS Nashville (LPD-13) underway, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    Photo courtesy Stephen Essex
    Nashville 172k USS Nashville (LPD-13) conducting amphibious operations, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    280k USNS Marias (T-AO-57) conducting an Underway Replenishment (UNREP) at Sea with USS Nashville (LPD-13), date and location unknown.
    Auk Visser's Famous T-Tankers
    Robert Hurst
    234k USS Nashville (LPD-13) underway off Norfolk, VA., date unknown
    ©Nobe Smith
    Nicholas Tiberio
    253k USS Nashville (LPD-13) underway off Norfolk, VA., date unknown
    ©Nobe Smith
    Nicholas Tiberio
    223k USS Nashville (LPD-13) underway off Norfolk, VA., date unknown
    ©Nobe Smith
    Nicholas Tiberio
    Nashville 111k USS Nashville (LPD-13) underway off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon in 1982 Scott F. Hiorns
    Nashville 70k
    Nashville 168k
    Nashville 275k USS Nashville (LPD-13 underway at Genoa, Italy, 15 April 1985. Photo by Carlo Martinelli
    Nashville 132k USS Nashville (LPD-13) alongside USS Concord (AFS-5) during an underway replenishment, date and location unknown.
    US Navy photo
    Spartanburg County 52k Port bow view of USS Spartanburg County (LST-1192), in company with USS Whidbey Island (LSD-41), background left, and USS Nashville (LPD-13), background, right, participating in "leapfrog" maneuvering drills while en route to NATO exercise Northern Wedding `86. North Atlantic Ocean, 1 August 1986, Photo by PHC Jeff Hilton USN.
    Department of Defense photo # DNSC8705004
    Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret
    Nashville 193k USSNashville (LPD-13 as PhibRon 4 (MARG 2-87) flagship with 26th MAU embarked off the coast of Spain, February 1987 Photo by Tom LaLumiere
    ex SGT USMC
    Nashville 140k USS Nashville (LPD-13) as PhibRon 4 (MARG 2-87) flagship 26th MAU embarked off coast of Tunisia, April 1987. Photo by Tom LaLumiere
    ex SGT USMC
    Nashville 69k USS Nashville (LPD-13) off Castellamare, Sardinia, during Exercise Sardinia-87, March 1987 Photo by Ignacio Lopez ex member Armada Espanola
    Nashville 60k USS Nashville (LPD-13) off Castellamare, Sardinia, during Exercise Sardinia-87, March 1987. Photo by Ignacio Lopez ex member Armada Espanola
    Nashville 463k USS Nashville (LPD-13) departs, 4 March 1996, for a six-month deployment to the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, as part of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) Battle Group. Amy Atkins of Norfolk and son Bryce wave goodbye, as her husband, FC2 Stephen Atkins, of San Antonio, Texas is on board..
    US Navy Photo # 961125-N-1055H-004 NORFOLK, VA (4 March 1996) by PH1 Alexander C. Hicks.
    Robert M. Cieri
    186k USS Nashville (LPD-13) is visible in the background as an amphibious assault vehicle (AAV) launched from LCU-1649 advances onto "Green Beach" during a mock invasion in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada. The maritime combined operational training exercise Unified Spirit '98 includes forces from Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and other NATO nations. The exercise provides effective, realistic training to improve the skills they might employ during a NATO led peace keeping support operation, June 1998.
    US Marine Corps photo 980615-M-8902P-009 by Lance Cpl. Timothy A. Pope
    Robert Hurst
    Nashville 106k USS Nashville (LPD-13), moored in port, Rijeka, Croatia. as part of the Nassau (LHA 4) Amphibious Readiness Group, 16 April 2001. Photo by Frank Egger - Lienz/Austria
    Nashville 49k USS Nashville (LPD-13) Mk.33 twin 3"/50 open gun mount. The "dish" antenna serves its target acquisition/tracking radar. Photo by Stephen Essex
    Nashville 396k The US Navy RQ-8A Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV) System Fire Scout, on approach to conduct its first autonomous landing aboard USS Nashville (LPD-13), while the ship is underway in the Atlantic Ocean. With an on-station endurance of over four hours, the Fire Scout system is capable of continuous operations, providing coverage at 110 nautical miles from the launch site.
    US Navy photo # 330-CFD-DN-SD-06-07500 by Kurt M. Lengfield.
    National Museum of the Navy
    Nashville 119k USS Nashville (LPD-13) is seen from the deck of USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7), anchored just off the coastline of Beirut, Lebanon, 21 July 2006. USS Nashville and other ships of the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) are currently assisting in the departure of U.S. citizens from Lebanon.
    US Navy Photo # 060721-N-6214F-011 by MC1 Robert J. Fluegel.
    Lee Wahler
    Nashville 504k USS Nashville (LPD-13) deploys landing craft utility LCU 1657 to perform an ammunition onload with the guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG-71). Nashville is on a scheduled deployment as a part of the Nassau Strike Group in support of maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. Navy's 6th Fleet area of responsibility.
    US Navy Photo # 080314-N-0924R-032 MEDITERRANEAN SEA (March 14, 2008) by MCSN Cory Rose.
    Robert M. Cieri
    Nashville 542k USS Nashville (LPD-13) has her stern gate open to allow Sailors to do some recreational fishing while the ship is in transit in the Mediterranean Sea, 16 March 2008.. Nashville is deployed with the Nassau Expeditionary Strike Group supporting maritime security and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. Navy 6th Fleet area of responsibility.
    US Navy Photo # 080316-N-2735T-128 MEDITERRANEAN SEA (March 16, 2008) by MC3 Coleman Thompson
    Lee Wahler
    Nassau 414k USS Nassau (LHA-4), USS Nashville (LPD-13) and the Military Sealift Command fleet replenishment oiler USNS Patuxent (T-AO-201) steam in formation during a transit through the Mediterranean Sea during Phoenix Express (PE 08). PE-08 is the third annual exercise in a long-term effort to improve regional cooperation and maritime security. The principal aim is to increase interoperability by developing individual and collective maritime proficiencies of participating nations as well as promoting friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation.
    US Navy photo # 080416-N-9855D-158 MEDITERRANEAN SEA (April 16, 2008) by MC1 James C. Davis
    Robert M. Cieri
    Nashville 456k USS Nashville (LPD-13) a member of the Nassau Expeditionary Strike Group, transits the Atlantic Ocean. The strike group is completing their deployment in the US 5th and 6th Fleet areas of responsibility.
    US Navy Photo # 080705-N-2735T-063 ATLANTIC OCEAN (July 5, 2008) by MC3 Coleman Thompson.
    Lee Wahler
    Nashville 328k USS Nashville (LPD-13) Sailors man the rails as they depart for Africa Partnership Station (APS) 2009. APS is an international initiative developed by Naval Forces Europe, which aims to work cooperatively with U.S. and international partners to improve maritime safety and security in western Africa.
    US Navy Photo # 090115-N-3316L-312 NORFOLK (Jan. 15, 2009) by MC1 Charles L. Ludwig.
    Robert M. Cieri
    Nashville 374k USS Nashville (LPD-13) departs on a six-month deployment to the coast of west and central Africa to support Africa Partnership Station (APS). APS is a U.S. Naval Forces Europe-led initiative, executed by a multi-national staff aboard Nashville, designed to contribute to maritime safety and security in the region
    US Navy Photo # 090115-N-1831S-046 NORFOLK (Jan. 15, 2009) by MCSN Ash Severe.
    Robert M. Cieri

    USS Nashville Flight Operations during 1975-76 Med Cruise
    Photos by Stephen Essex

    Nashville Nashville Nashville
    Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville

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  • Commanding Officers
    01CAPT. Fahland, Frank Richard :RADM12 February 1970 - 15 January 1971
    02CAPT. Milligan, Donald F.15 January 1971 - 9 June 1972
    03CAPT. Replogle, Thomas H. :RADM9 June 1972 - 21 February 1973
    04CAPT. Church, George Andrew21 February 1973 - 7 February 1975
    05CAPT. Mueller, George Edward, USN (USNA 1951)7 February 1975 - 4 June 1976
    06CAPT. Dowse Jr., Herbert Barron4 June 1976 - 2 September 1978
    07CAPT. Timm, Dwight Dorwan2 September 1978 - 22 February 1980
    08CAPT. Laurance, James Douglas22 February 1980 - 13 February 1982
    09CAPT. Donovan, Francis Raymond :VADM13 February 1982 - 30 June 1983
    10CAPT. Crabbs, Edward Hamilton30 June 1983 - 21 December 1984
    11CAPT. Van Slyke Jr., James Corbett21 December 1984 - 17 March 1987
    12CAPT. Mooberry, William J.17 March 1987 - 10 October 1988
    13CAPT. Muldoon, Patrick Michael10 October 1988 - 9 November 1990
    14CAPT. Lyle, John M.9 November 1990 - 24 April 1992
    15CAPT. Beach, Don F.24 April 1992 - 15 October 1993
    16CAPT. Otterbein, Thomas Gordon, USN (USNA 1970)15 October 1993 - 3 April 1995
    17CAPT. Bolcar, James Andrew, USN (USNA 1971)3 April 1995 - 15 September 1996
    18CAPT. McKee, William Lee, USN (USNA 1975)15 September 1996 - 5 February 1998
    19LCDR. Pachuta, Anthony Joseph5 February 1998 - 21 March 1998
    20CAPT. Neidlinger, Eric Christian21 March 1998 - 19 November 1999
    21CAPT. Symonds, James A. :RADM19 November 1999 - 31 March 2001
    22CAPT. Stuart Jr., John K.31 March 2001 - 3 October 2002
    23CAPT. Tallant, Shawn Richard3 October 2002 - 1 April 2004
    24CAPT. Watson, Dennis George, USN (USNA 1980)1 April 2004 - 6 October 2005
    25CAPT. Mewbourne, Dee Leon, USN (USNA 1982) :VADM6 October 2005 - 13 December 2006
    26CAPT. Miller III, DeWolfe Hugo (Chip), USN (USNA 1981) :VADM13 December 2006 - 2 April 2008
    27CAPT. Tembe, Tushar Ramdas2 April 2008 - 30 July 2009
    28CDR. Peterson, Brian Matthew30 July 2009 - 30 September 2009
    Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler and Ron Reeves

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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