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Dock Landing Ship (LSD)

This hybrid sea going vessel was initially conceived in November, 1941. As the design progressed and developed, the Tank Landing Craft (TLC) was re-designated an Artillery Transport, Mechanized (APM) - 8 vessels (APM 1-8), were authorized for the U. S. Navy and 7 vessels - (BAPM 1-7) were ordered for the Royal Navy under the Lend Lease Act. Before actual construction of these 15 vessels began, the designator was again changed, this time, to Landing Ship, Dock (LSD). The Navy twice expanded orders of the design during WWII - first to total 19 vessels, then to total 27 LSDs.

Landing Ship, Docks (LSDs) were designed to transport loaded landing craft, amphibious vehicles and troops into an amphibious landing area; ballast down to flood their well decks; lower the stern gate to the sea, and disembark their craft and vehicles for the assault on a hostile beach. Once a beachhead was established, they acted as offshore repair docks for damaged ships, craft and vehicles up to Landing Ship Medium (LSM) and Landing Ship Infantry (LSI) sizes. In at least one reported case, the bow of a Destroyer Escort (DE) was docked for emergency repairs. Equipped with their long dry docks; shipfitter's shop; machine shop; and a carpentry shop; these vessels were able to handle extensive repairs at the scene of the assault. The first 27 of the LSD design were considered prototypes. As soon as one LSD was launched, commissioned and tested in actual combat conditions, successive launchings of the LSDs reflected the latest improvements in armament and transport capacity with their "super" or "portable" prefabricated decks. The end result, is that no two LSDs of the World War II design are exactly alike!
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LSD Photo Index
Ashland Class
LSD-1 Ashland ex APM-1
LSD-2 Belle Grove ex APM-2
LSD-3 Carter Hall ex APM-3
LSD-4 Epping Forest ex APM-4
Reclassified MCS-7
LSD-5 Gunston Hall ex APM-5
LSD-6 Lindenwald ex APM-6
LSD-7 Oak Hill ex APM-7
LSD-8 White Marsh ex APM-8
Casa Grande Class
(British Lend-Lease)

LSD-9 HMS Eastway (F-130)
ex BAPM-1 ex Battle Axe
LSD-10 HMS Highway (F-140)
ex BAPM-2
ex Claymore
LSD-11 HMS Northway (F-142)
ex BAPM-3
ex Cutlass
LSD-12 HMS Oceanway (F-143)
ex BAPM-4
ex Dagger
Casa Grande Class
LSD-13 Casa Grande ex BAPM-5
LSD-14 Rushmore ex BAPM-6
LSD-15 Shadwell ex BAPM-7
LSD-16 Cabildo
LSD-17 Catamount
LSD-18 Colonial
LSD-19 Comstock
LSD-20 Donner
LSD-21 Fort Mandan
LSD-22 Fort Marion
LSD-23 Fort Snelling
Completed as Taurus T-AK-273
LSD-24 Point Defiance Canceled
LSD-25 San Marcos
LSD-26 Tortuga
LSD-27 Whetstone
Thomaston Class
LSD-28 Thomaston
LSD-29 Plymouth Rock
LSD-30 Fort Snelling
LSD-31 Point Defiance
LSD-32 Spiegel Grove
LSD-33 Alamo
LSD-34 Hermitage
LSD-35 Monticello
Anchorage Class
LSD-36 Anchorage
LSD-37 Portland
LSD-38 Pensacola
LSD-39 Mount Vernon
LSD-40 Fort Fisher
Whidbey Island Class
LSD-41 Whidbey Island
LSD-42 Germantown
LSD-43 Fort McHenry
LSD-44 Gunston Hall
LSD-45 Comstock
LSD-46 Tortuga
LSD-47 Rushmore
LSD-48 Ashland
Harpers Ferry Class
LSD-49 Harpers Ferry
LSD-50 Carter Hall
LSD-51 Oak Hill
LSD-52 Pearl Harbor

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