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These photos are from the collection of Howard Wagner, Gunner's Mate 1/c, USN; and were contributed by his son, Phil Wagner

(If you know the identity of any of these crew members, please send an email with their names)

(All images are from left to right unless otherwise indicated)

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1. The ship, USS PC-489

2. Pete Mann F1/c and Howard Wagner GM1/c

3. Front row - Earl R. Rich GM3/c, Howard Wagner GM1/c and John Clancy GM2/c
Back row - William J. Fenamore GM3/c

4. Howard Wagner GM1/c

5. Front - George Souris EM1/c, Harold M. Sinnet SF2/c, unknown
Center - "Ski" MoMM2/c, unknown, Ensign Holweisner, Ensign Williams, Donlin SM1/c, "Boats" BMC
Back - Louis E. Mathews MoMM1/c, unknown, Andrew Welti QM2/c, Lester Newell MoMM2/c, C. V. “Wally” Wallenberg S1/c, and unknown

6. LCDR Havermier, Commanding Officer

7. LT P. Buck

8. LTJG Williams

9. LTJG Holweisner, Engineer Officer

10. LTJG Holweisner and LTJG Williams

11. LTJG Williams and LTJG Holweisner

12. LTJG Holweisner, LT P. Buck, Captain Havermier, and
LTJG Williams

13. Captain Havermier and unidentified LT

14. Captain Havermier

15. LT Williams

16. LT Buck

17. Howard Wagner GM1/c (back to camera), Captain Havermier, LTJG Williams, and LTJG Holweisner

18. Captain Havermier

19. Captain Havermier and LTJG Holweisner

20. LTJG Holweisner and LT Buck

21. Captain Havemeir

22. Captain Havemeir, LT Buck and LTJG Williams

23. Earnest Couch S1/c, John Przywara QM2/c, and "Boats" BM1/c

24. Andrew Welti QM2/c, Keller QM3/c, Dennis Thorpe S1/c, John Pyzwara QM2/c, and Earnest Couch S1/c

25. George Renfroe S1/c


27. "Skee" Y2/c, unknown, and "Stores"

28. Pharmacist Mate and Warner, MoMMC



31. Ship's Steward and "Boats" BMC

32. Front: unknown
Center: John Przywara QM2/c
Back: unknown

33. Unknown, Dennis Thorpe S1/c, "Boats" BMC, and unknown

34. George Renfroe S1/c, unknown, unknown, Harold M. Sinnett SF2/c, Martin EM1/c, Keller QM3/c, Skiwalski Y1/c
Foreground - Leonard A. Heim MoMM1/c

35. Front - Leonard A. Heim MoMM1/c
Center - Lester Newell MoMM1/c, Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c, Howard Wagner GM1/c, George Brady F1/c, Dennis Thorpe F1/c, and unknown Y1/c

36. Earl R. Rich GM3/c in top bunk reading


38. George Brady S1/c (3rd from left)

39. Howard Wagner (last man on left).

40. Front - Robert Miller MoMM1/c, Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c, Donlin QM1/c, Edward Counsell F1/c, George Bradt F1/c, and "Boats" BMC
Back - Adie, Coxswain; unknown; Dennis Thorpe S1/c; Warner MoMMC; unknown; unknown; and unknown Steward

41. Third from left, Earl R. Rich GM3/c

42. Front - Lewis E. Mathews, Earl R. Rich GM3/c, Keller, Harold M. Sinnett SF2/c, and John Clancy GM2/c
Center - Lester Newell, Edward Counsell F1/c, unknown, unknown, and unknown
Back - Leonard A. Heim MoMM2/c, Robert Miller MoMM1/c, and unknown



45. Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c (in helmet and lifejacket), Howard Wagner GM1/c (looking over Cook's arm), all others unknown

46. Front - Leonard A. Heim MoMM2/c
Rear - Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c

47. Robert Miller MoMM2/c

48. Warner MoMMC and Red Thomas MoMM1/c

49. Red Miller MoMM2/c and Red Thomas MoMM1/c

50. John Przywara QM2/c and Earnest Couch S1/c

51. Earnest Couch S1/c, John Przywara QM2/c, and unknown


53. Harold M. Sinnett SF2/c

54. Official Photographer


56. LTJG Williams and LTJG Holweisner

57. Official Photographer and Harold M. Sinnett SF2/c

58. Harold M. Sinnett SF2/c



61. Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c, Robert Miller MoMM2/c, and Pete Mann
MoMM2/c (left).

62. William E. McCalley EM3/c, Martin EM1/c, and George Souris EM2/c

63. Martin EM1/c

64. Front - Ship's Cook; Dennis Thorpe S1/c; and Officer's
Mess Attendant
Back - unknown; Bonner, Officer's Steward; and Edward Counsell F1/c

65. Front - Donavon QM1/c
Back - George Giguere S1/c

66. George Souris EM2/c, Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c, Leonard Heim MoMM2/c, and Lester Newell MoMM2/c


68. Dale R. Cook MoMM1/c; Adie, Coxswain; and Taylor S1/c


70. Earnest Couch S1/c

71. Isabel MoMM2/c


73. Earl Rich standing behind the rifleman

74. Harold M. Sinnett SF2/c is on the right

75. Pete Mann F1/c and unknown


77. John Przywara QM2/c, George Souris EM2/c, George Renfroe S1/c, unknown, William J. Fenamore GM3/c, and The Waitress

78... and the one's they left behind to fight a war.

These photos are from the collection of Earl R. Rich, Gunner's Mate 3/c, USN; and were contributed by his daughter, Lynn Rich Palmer

1. Earl R. Rich GM3/c, second from left

2. Liberty card

3. Chow pass on reverse of liberty card

These photos are from the collection of Clarence V. “Wally” Wallenberg and were contributed by his son,
Scott Wallenberg
Photo 1 thru 6 added 27 June 2020

1. S1c Wally Wallenberg
c. 1943


3. RMS3c Wallenberg

4. RMS3c Wallenberg


6. RM2c Wallenberg

7. c. 1944

8. Shellback Certificate
26 April 1944

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