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NavSource Online: Mine Warfare Vessel Photo Archives
Crew Photos


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From the scrapbook of Richard Scovil via Scott Wardingley









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From the collection of Cecil Gale Chamberlin, EM1/c via Richard Chamberlin


2. Alongside the [USS Johnnie Hutchins] DE-360 at Okinawa. The night before the typhoon

3. Cecil Gale Chamberlin at Honolulu

4. Chamberlin, Radcliffe, and Barling at Leyte

8. Chamberlin and E. L. Fuller aside Cebu [ARG 6] at Leyte

9. Jo Jo the monkey was a pet on the PCS-1455. She loved to sleep on the men's laps but when they got up
she would bite them

10. Movie call on the PCS-1455

11. Skipper, another pet on board the PCS-1455. The dog fell overboard during convoy escort duty. The captain raised the "Man Overboard" flag to stop the convoy while the dog was rescued. Outside the 1455 crew no one knew they were stopping for a dog

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From the collection of Tom Radcliffe

1. Albert Huber, MoMM2c with PCS-1452 in the distance
Leyte 1945

2. Arriving at Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands
May 1945

3. C. G. Chamberlin EM2c. Bow of Cebu (ARG 6) is on the left

4. Comm Team 27

5. Comm Team 27

6. E. L. Fuller, SM2c

7. ENS E. A. Wolf
12 February 1946

8. F. E. Ford, RM2c; E. L. Fuller, SM2c and J. F. Conner, MoMM3c

9. Gail Chamberlin

10. H. C. Eberle, SM3c; William T. Markt, RM2c; Kurt Lenhoff, SM2c and Earnest P. Miller, GM2c

11. J. G. Grubb, SC3c
Leyte, Philippines

12. J. L. (Doggie) Snow, RM3c and L. E. (Swede) Zarling, RM3c

13. J. P. Hare, QM1c and G. H. Wichman, PhM1c

14. Jack Grubb, SC3c; Verg Schuretz, SoM3c and Harry Ferguson, RdM3c

15. Joe August, SM3c; LT Ehrenright and Kurt Lenhoff, SM2c

16. John Strasser, SM3c and Joe August, SM3c
Recreation Party
Samar, Philippines

17. Top: L. E. Zarling, RM2c

18. Standing: L. E. Zarling, RM2c and Stan Piorkowski, RM2c
Sitting: "Tommy" and William T. Markt, RM2c

19. LT D. A. Dashiell
12 February 1946

20. LT Ehrenright - Comm 27

21. Top: LT Ehrenright; J. A. August, SM3c; S. B. Wenger, RM3c; L. E. Zarling, RM2c; R. K. Scovil, RM3c and H. C. Eberle, SM2c
Bottom: G. A. Thomas, RT2c; ENS Werley and William T. Markt, RM2c

22. Lucina, Southern Luzon, Philippines

23. M. C. Hollaway, F1c
Leyte, Philippines

24. Maneuvers
Lucina, Southern Luzon, Philippines

25. Our private Motor Launch
Power courtesy of the Motor Macs

26. R. E. Sheets, RT3c; R. Collins, EM3c; LTJG A. V. Wilson and T. J. Radcliffe, EM2c

27. R. J. Belz, CMoMM; T. J. Radcliffe, EM3c; "Bart" and R. F.
Fromhold, MoMM1c

28. Reggie Collins and Tom Radcliffe

29. "Reggie" Collins, EM3c and "Rusty"
Sheets, RT3c

30. "Reggie" Collins, EM3c and T. J.
Radcliffe, EM2c

31. Robert H. Bremer, SK1c
Leyte, Philippines 1945

32. "Rusty" Sheets, RT3c

33. Soochow, China

34. Soochow, China

35. Soochow, China

36. Soochow, China

37. Soochow, China

38. Soochow, China

39. Welcome pamphlet
Soochow, China

40. Stan Piorkowski, RM2c; Sl. L. Snow, RM3c and L. E. Zarling, RM2c

41. T. J. Radcliffe, EM2c; R. Collins, EM3c and
"Bernie" Clawson

42. Tom Radcliffe

43. PCS-1452 astern at Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands

44. Unknown and G. H. Wichman, PhM1c
Leyte, Philippines 1945

45. Top left, Charles R. Ferrante, S1c


46. W. R. Manual, MoMM3c


47. Wally Manual, MoMM3c; Clovis Turner, CM3c; R. F. Fromhold, MoMM1c and H. A. Hoffland, MoMM2c


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