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Grand Island (PF 14)

Call sign:
Nan - Dog - Roger - Charlie


Grand Island served the Navies of the United States and Cuba.

Tacoma Class Patrol Frigate:

  • (MC Type T. S2-S2-AQ1) Originally designated a Patrol Gunboat, PG-122
  • Reclassified as a Patrol Frigate, PF-14, 15 April 1943
  • Laid down 27 November 1943 under a Maritime Commission Contract, (MC hull 1432), by Kaiser Cargo, Inc., Yard No. 4, Richmond, CA
  • Launched, 19 February 1944
  • Commissioned USS Grand Island (PF-14), 27 May 1944
  • Decommissioned, 21 May 1946 at Charleston, SC
  • Custody transferred in June 1947 to U.S. State Department, Foreign Liquidation Commission for disposal
  • Transferred to Cuba, 16 June 1947 as Maximo Gomez (F 303)
  • Struck in 1964
  • A 1970s report indicated she was a "harbor hulk," meaning an old, dismantled ship at Mariel Bay, Cuba
  • Fate unknown.


  • Displacement 1,430 t.
  • Length 303' 11"(oa)
  • Beam 37' 6"
  • Draft 13' 8"
  • Speed 20.3 kts.
  • Complement 194
  • Armament: Three 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounts (aft 3"/50 was removed and replaced with a weather balloon hanger), two twin 40mm gun mounts , nine 20mm guns, one Hedgehog depth charge
    projector, eight Y-guns and two depth charge tracks
  • Propulsion: Two 3-drum expansion boilers, two 5,500iHP J. Hendy Iron Works vertical triple expansion engines, two shafts.
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    Size Image Description Source
    Grand Island
    Grand Island 127k Mrs. William Shackleton, the former Evelyn Chrietensen, christens the Grand Island with a bottle of champagne
    Courtesy of the Stuhr Museum
    Darryl L. Baker
    Grand Island 106k Night shift workers at the Kaiser Shipyard in Richmond, California, watch the christening of the Grand Island.
    Courtesy of the Stuhr Museum
    USS Grand Island (PF 14)
    Grand Island 280k Forward plan view of Grand Island at Mare Island on 5 July 1944
    U.S. Navy Photo 4297-44
    Darryl L. Baker
    Grand Island 353k Amidships looking aft plan view of Grand Island at Mare Island on 5 July 1944
    U.S. Navy photo 4298-44
    Grand Island 143k Bow on view of Grand Island in the Mare Island channel on 6 July 1944
    U.S. Navy photo 4292-44
    Grand Island 227k 6 July 1944
    Off Mare Island, CA
    Naval Shipyard Mare Island photo 4294-44 from David Pitlyk
    Tim Rizzuto
    Grand Island 85k Shown off Mare Island Navy Yard on 7 July 1944. She has completed outfitting/repairs at the shipyard from 29 May to 22 July 1944. She was in dry dock No.2 from 15 to 20 June 1944.
    U.S. Navy Photo 4293-44
    Darryl L. Baker
    Grand Island 78k Broadside view off Mare Island Navy Yard on 7 July 1944.
    U.S. Navy Photo 4294-44
    Grand Island 103k 12 May 1945
    Refueling at sea from USS Boston (CA-69)
    Courtesy of Donald M. McPherson, 1974
    Naval History and Heritage Command photo NH 78995
    Robert Hurst
    Grand Island 544k 20 May 1945
    Highlining with Boston (CA 69) off the coast of California
    U.S. Navy photo taken from a ZP-31 airship by Ensign Goetze
    Darryl L. Baker
    Maximo Gomez (F 303)
    Grand Island 37k Robert Hurst
    Grand Island 35k c. 1951
    Grand Island 251k 17 July 1951
    Visiting the Spanish harbor of San Sebastian, Guipúzcoa. The Cuban ship was on hand as part of the festivities surrounding the Havana - San Sebastian regatta, organized by the Royal Yacht Club of San Sebastian (Real Club Nautico de San Sebastian)
    Photo by Paco Marí 1914-1972) from the Marín Collection and was provided to GureGipuzkoa by Hauxe. Kutxa Fototeka (Kutxa Photograph Library)
    Photos added 17 August 2019
    Grand Island 243k
    Grand Island 216k
    Grand Island 243k
    Grand Island 34k c. 1954
    Cuban Navy photo
    Grand Island 40k c. 1956
    Cuban Navy photo

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