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Beaufort (PF 59) CREW PHOTOS
These photos are from the collection of Joseph M. Lobo, ex-CM2/c, USCG and Jordynne Olivia Lobo, ex-AG3, USNR.

(If you know the identity of any of these crew members, please send an email with their names)

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1. CM2/c Joseph M. Lobo at a 3"/50 gun mount.

2. CM2/c Joseph M. Lobo sitting on a depth charge. Note depth charge launching brackets stowed beneath depth charge mounted on projector. Bracket on projector-mounted depth charge illustrates how bracket stem fit into projector's spigot. Dark center circle on depth charge is dial mechanism for setting, with a special T-handled key-wrench, the depth at which the charge's hydrostatic pistol will detonate the charge's main explosive. Below CM2/c Lobo's feet is the dome-shaped compressed air reservoir that propels the stem of the depth charge bracket from the projector spigot.

3. Lt Bonner (Ships Surgeon)

4. Manning a 3"/50 gun mount.

5. Portside looking forward. Crewman Mike Oreshek squeezes and mugs from portside hatch on weather deck. Crewmen in background preparing to weld ladder (seen laid out on deck) damaged in heavy seas.

6. Lt (jg) McAllory (Gunnery Officer)

7. Crewmen "take five" aft of the weather shack fitted in place of the after 3"/50 gun.

8. Ship's officers. Center top row: Lt. Cmdr. Bertrand Russell Henry, USCG (Captain); Lower left: Lt. (jg) McAllory (Gunnery Officer); remainder: (unknown). (NOTE: Verdigiris coating Captain Henry's cap badge and chinstrap; compare with gleaming cap badges/chinstraps on junior officers' caps.

9. Port twin-40mm Bofors mounting in gun tub.

10. Thomas Anderson, RM2/c on the 20-mm mount.

Courtesy of Thomas Anderson

11. Thomas Anderson, RM2/c sitting in one of the life rafts.

Courtesy of Thomas Anderson


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