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Labuan (PF 80)
ex-HMS Labuan (K 584)
ex-Gold Coast

Tacoma Class Patrol Frigate/British Colony Class Frigate:

  • (MC Type T. S2-S2-AQ1) Originally authorized as Patrol Gunboat, PG-188
  • Reclassified as Patrol Frigate, PF-80, 15 April 1943
  • Laid down under a Maritime Commission contract at Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc., Providence, RI
  • Assigned to the Royal Navy under the Lend-Lease Program and named Harvey
  • Launched 21 September 1943 and renamed Gold Coast
  • Transferred to Great Britain 5 February 1944 and commissioned HMS Labuan (K 584)
  • Returned to U.S. custody 2 May 1946
  • Returned to the United States 13 May 1948 and retained the name Labuan
  • Sold for scrap 9 July 1957 to Heggie Iron and Metal Co. of Dorchester, Massachusetts.


  • Displacement 1,246 t.
  • Length 304'
  • Beam 37' 6"
  • Draft 14'
  • Speed 20 kts.
  • Complement 190
  • Armament: Three 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounts, two twin 40mm gun mounts, nine 20mm guns, one Hedgehog depth charge projector; eight Y-gun depth charge projectors and two depth charge tracks
  • Propulsion: Three boilers, two 5,500 iHP turbines, two shafts.
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    PF-80 125k

    Labuan, officially the Federal Territory of Labuan, is a Federal Territory of Malaysia. It is made up of the eponymous Labuan Island and six smaller islands, and is located off the coast of the state of Sabah in East Malaysia

    Tommy Trampp

    Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships History:


    Harvey (PF-80), originally designated PG--188, was built under Maritime Commission contract by Walsh-Kaiser Co., Inc., Providence, R.I. Intended for use by the United Kingdom, she was reclassified
    PF-80, 15 April 1943, renamed Gold Coast, and launched 21 September 1943, after being renamed Labuan (q.v.). She was completed and transferred to the United Kingdom under Lend-Lease 5 February 1944, as part of the 21-ship "Colony" class. She served as a patrol and escort vessel in the English Channel until being returned to the United States 13 May 1946. The frigate was subsequent1y sold to Heggie Iron & Metal Co., Dorchester, Mass., 9 July 1957 and scrapped.



    A British name retained; an island off the northwestern coast of Borneo.

    Harvey (PF-80) (q.v.) was renamed HMS Gold Coast upon transfer to the United Kingdom under lend-lease 5 February 1944. As one of the 21 “Colony” class British frigates, she served the Royal Navy as HMS Labuan. Returned to the custody of the U.S. Navy 2 May 1946, she was sold for scrapping 9 July 1947.

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