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USS SC-437

Call sign:
Nan - Charlie - Fox - Roger

ex-USS PC-437

Call sign (1924):
Nan - Item - Sail - Dog

ex-USCGC Boyce

Call sign (1920):
George - Vice - King - Fox


Call sign (1919):
George - Have - Quack - Sail

SC-437 served both the U. S. Navy and Coast Guard

SC-1 Class Submarine Chaser:

  • Built by the Rocky River Dry Dock Co., Rocky River, OH
  • Commissioned PC-437, 01 March 1919
  • Transferred to the Coast Guard, renamed USCGC Boyce, 29 October 1919
  • Returned to the U.S. Navy, 31 August 1921
  • Recommissioned PC-437, 01 September 1921
  • Sueed for Naval reserve training on Great Lakes, 1921 - 1945
  • Reclassified SC-437, April 1943
  • Transferred to the Maritime Commission, 21 March 1947
  • Sold to Justin H. Marcero, Miami, FL as freighter, renamed Charlmar (ON 253831), 1947
  • Sold to Dean M. Wilson, Detroit, MI, 1948
  • Final disposition, scrapped June 1964


  • Displacement 77 tons
  • Length 110'
  • Beam 13' 6"
  • Draft 6' 3"
  • Speed 18 kts.
  • Complement 17
  • Armament: One 3"/23 gun mount, two .30 cal. machine guns, and one depth charge projector "Y Gun"
  • Propulsion: Three 220shp Standard gasoline engines, three shafts
    World War II - Three Hall-Scott gasoline engines.

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    Size Image Description Source
    93k Hauled out for repairs, date and location unknown. Historical Collections of the Great Lakes
    73k Moored with USS Wolverine at Public Steamboat Landing, Erie, PA, 1920.
    Robert J. McDonald Collection, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Detroit, MI
    Tim McLaughlin
    Flagship Niagara League
    65k Moored at Public Steamboat Landing, Erie, PA, 20 July 1933. Tim McLaughlin
    Flagship Niagara League
    142k Moored at Public Steamboat Landing, Erie, PA, 1933. Tim McLaughlin
    Flagship Niagara League
    68k Another view moored at Public Steamboat Landing, Erie, PA, circa 1933. Possibly a 75' YP moored ahead of SC-437. Tim McLaughlin
    Flagship Niagara League

    There is no DANFS history available for SC-437
    Excerpts from the original log of the Old Chicago Coast Guard Station regarding SC-431, 433, 437 and SC-438

    October 13th, 1919

    At 10:30 A.M. received telephone message from Capt. Conner USCG request that five enlisted men be subsisted at this station while getting the Sub Chaser No. 438 in readiness to sail for Duluth, Minn.

    October 16th, 1919

    Sub Chaser No. 438 was towed to station at 3:00 P.M. and moored, crew insisting in getting same in readiness, fitting out and overhauling equipment.

    October 24th, 1919

    District Superintendent and Keeper commenced taking inventory of equipment on Sub Chaser which are to be turned over to Coast Guard.

    October 25th ,1919

    Superintendent and keeper taking inventory of equipment on Sub Chaser No. 437-431, and 433.

    October 26th, 1919

    Surfman Elmer C. Anderson from Coast Guard Station #289, arrived at this station at 10:00 A.M. having been temporarily transferred to this station as SHIPKEEPER on Sub Chaserís laid up at Chicago, H.L.-10/20/19 (73-531).

    October 28th, 1919

    District Superintendent, Keeper, and surfman Anderson, taking inventory on Sub Chasers No. 431, 433, and 437, making preparation for laying up the ships for winter.

    January 29th, 1920

    Surfman Anderson who is ship keeper on Sub Chasers , Chicago River was directed to hospital which will probably require a few days.

    December 27th, 1920

    Boatswain (L) left station and proceeded to Sub Chaser at North Ave. Bridge, looked over all the engines and found that the Auxiliary engine which is used for generating light system, and charging storage batteries, had not been drained on the night of the 25th, by Surfman Shipley, and caused the cylinder heads and compressor to freeze and crack. Report of the above has been forwarded to District Superintendent. Returned to station at 4:00p.m.

    January 20, 1921

    District Superintendent 12 District, Green Bay Wisc., arrived at the station 10:45 A.M., mustered crew and looked at all property on the station. Departed station at 1:30 P.M. accompanied by Boatswain (L) J.O Anderson, to Sub Chasers 431, 433, 437, and launch open boat search arriving on board at 2:30 P.M. Made a thorough examination of the heater and engine which has been cracked on December 25, 1920 by neglect by Surfman Shipley and S. Martin whom were left as charge as caretakers. District Superintendent left Sub Chasers at 4:00 P.M.

    March 30th, 1921

    Note: Coast Guard General Court Closed after 4 days of hearing of accused Surfman Martin and Surfman Shipley. Officer Molloy, Super B. G. Mothberg and R. C. Hiemer (JG) were conveyed on shore
    by surfboat.

    June 26th, 1921

    At 8:00 a.m. Boatswain (L), and two Surfman left the station for North Ave. Bridge and River. removed Sub Chaser No.431-433-437, from North Branch, Chicago River to North end of Lincoln Park Lagoon and moored safe. Permission for mooring Sub Chaser was granted to the Coast Guard by Park Commissioners, Lincoln Park. Reasons for mooring Sub Chasers is that the North Branch Chicago River being very dirty and unfit for the men to live on board.

    August 26th, 1921

    Letter received from District Superintendent pertaining to the Sub Chasers No. 431-433-437 to be transferred from the Coast Guard to the Navy Department. Arrangements for return of these vessels are being made with Commandant, 9th Naval Dist.

    August 31st, 1921

    Boatswain(L) J.O Anderson left station at 1000 am proceeded to Lincoln Park and completed the inventory of public property on board the three Sub Chaser 431-433-437. Transferred to the Navy Department August 31, 1921.

    Contributed by Herbert J. Harmon, CWO3
    Commanding Officer
    U. S. Coast Guard Station
    Calumet Harbor
    4001 E. 98th St Chicago ILL, 60617

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