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USCGC McCulloch (CG 3)
USRC McCulloch

Call sign (1912):
Rush - Cast - Have

Sunk 13 June 1917

Revenue Cutter:

  • Built by William Cramp and Sons, Philadelphia, PA
  • Commissioned USRC McCulloch 12 December 1897
  • Designated CG-3 in 1915
  • Acquired by the Navy 6 April 1917
  • Sunk 13 June 1917 after colliding with the SS Governor, 3 miles northwest of Point Conception, CA.


  • Displacement 1,432 t.
  • Length 219'
  • Beam 32' 6"
  • Draft 16'
  • Speed 17 kts.
  • Complement 130
  • Armament: Four 3" mounts and one torpedo tube
  • Propulsion: Two 200psi boilers, one triple expansion 21˝", 34˝" and 56˝" diameter x 30" stroke steam engine, one shaft.
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    McCulloch 60k Onward to a new century. . .the elegant lines of a turn of the century cutter made a fitting nautical subject for this painter. Here McCulloch, with her while hull and buff superstructure and stack, makes way under steam and full sail. In the first years of the twentieth century the masts and sails (with a few exceptions), coal-fired boilers, and iron hulls gave way to steel, oil and diesel fuels, and turbine propulsion, closely emulating the maritime technological advancement of the U.S. Navy. Nevertheless, the cutters remained distinctive vessels, easily recognizable from their Navy counterparts due to their "form following function" designs as well as the colors adorning their hulls
    Painting from the Coast Guard Academy Museum Art Collection
    Coast Guard Cutter Website
    McCulloch 75k Photo taken before she was reconditioned and after her main mast was removed
    McCulloch 49k . Tommy Trampp
    McCulloch 119k Library of Congress photo LC-D4-2061 from the Detroit Photographic Co. Mike Green
    McCulloch 122k Photos from the Naval History website Robert Hurst
    McCulloch 120k
    McCulloch 166k c. July 1888
    Starboard broadside view in the Mare Island channel
    U.S. Navy photo 1899-1
    Darryl Baker
    McCulloch 180k c. July 1888
    Amidships view at Mare Island
    U.S. Navy photo 1899-2
    McCulloch 190k c. July 1888
    Port broadside view in the Mare Island channel
    U.S. Navy photo 1899-3
    McCulloch 270k Memorial of McCulloch battle in Manila Bay, 1 May 1898
    U.S. Navy photo
    McCulloch 391k Crew photo of USRC McCulloch. I feel fairly certain this was taken soon after the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898, and the mustachioed officer seated in the center is her captain, Captain Daniel B. Hogsdon, USRCS. Note how small the crew is, and the number of Asian sailors David Wright
    McCulloch 155k c. 1900
    Off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California
    Naval Historical Center photos NH 46473 and NH 46474
    Robert Hurst
    McCulloch 122k
    McCulloch 385k c. 1900
    Off Mare Island Navy Yard
    Darryl Baker
    Photo added 18 March 2022
    McCulloch 131k Photo from The Downfall of Spain, Naval History of the Spanish American War by H. W. Wilson 1900 Tommy Trampp
    McCulloch 778k 7 March 1914
    The submarine F-2 (SS 21) (left) and F-1 (SS 20) (right) and the USRC McCulloch are seen in Mare Island Navy Yard Dry Dock No. 1
    U.S. Navy photo MINSY 1486-3-1914
    Darryl Baker
    McCulloch 91k Photo from the 1914 edition of Jane's Fighting Ships Robert Hurst
    McCulloch 317k “Neptune Claims a Good Ship”; newsprint image, U.S. Coast Guard magazine 13, No. 11 (September, 1940), p. 6
    Photo from the Naval History website

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