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District Net Tender, Tug Index

Originally designated net tenders (YN), these vessels were reclassified YNT on 08 April 1942, to take effect from 01 May 1942. Most were reclassifed as district harbor tugs (YTB/YTM) on 02 August 1945 to reflect their late-war duties.

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YNT Photo Index
YNT-1 Hopocan ex YN-33 Reclassified YTM-728
YNT-2 Menewa ex YN-34
YNT-3 Oneka ex YN-35 Reclassified YTM-729
YNT-4 Mahaska ex YN-36 Reclassified YTB-730
YNT-5 Keshena ex YN-37 Reclassified YTM-731
YNT-6 Canasatego ex YN-38 Reclassified YTM-732
YNT-7 Donacona ex YN-39 Reclassified YTM-733
YNT-8 Mankato ex YN-40 Reclassified YTB-734 and finally YTM-734
YNT-9 Metea ex YN-41
YNT-10 Okisko ex YN-42 Reclassified YTL-735
YNT-11 Tahchee ex YN-43 Reclassified YTM-736
YNT-12 Tamaha ex YN-44
YNT-13 Wapasha ex YN-45 Reclassified YTB-737
YNT-14 Namontack ex YN-46 Reclassified YTB-738
YNT-15 Cockenoe ex YN-47
YNT-16 Katlian ex YN-48
YNT-17 Neswage ex YN-49
YNT-18 Annawan ex YN-50 Reclassified YTM-739
YNT-19 Metacom ex YN-51 Reclassified YTB-740
YNT-20 Tamaque ex YN-52 Reclassified YTB-741
YNT-21 Marin ex-YN-53 Reclassified Sparrow AMc-31
YNT-22 Noka ex YN-54
YNT-23 Nawat ex YN-55
YNT-24 Wapello ex YN-56
YNT-25 Adario Reclassified YTM-743
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