Thank you for your very informative email of Aug.17 and please excuse the long delay in answering. I was on vacation,and in the meantime the club was getting ready to issue a new bulletin/book. So we fell behind in correspondence. You are correct that under ordinary circumstances we would contact the photographer to see his permission to use his picture. However, unfortunately, Mr. Middleton is deceased and we do not know if there are any relatives. Mr. Middle himself was such a good and faithful historian, I am sure he would have gladly given permission. So mistakes happen and we appreciate your letting us know. I think we can easily forget about it under the circumstances, especially since you gave the proper credit. Your history of the Trinidad under her earlier names was fascinating. I remember her on the Chicago River although I cannot recall if I ever took a trip on the river or out into the lake. I had no idea about the earlier history, especially the part about the 1929 sinking of the Canadian rum running sloop during prohibition. What stories. Thank you for sharing them. Sincerely, Ray DeGroote CERA Circulation Dept.