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NavSource Online: Service Ship Photo Archive

Large Covered Lighter (Non Self-propelled)

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YFNB-1 ex BCL 3098
YFNB-2 ex YFN-614
YFNB-3 ex YFN-615
YFNB-4 ex YFN-617
YFNB-5 ex YFN-621
YFNB-6 ex YFN-622
YFNB-7 ex YFN-624
YFNB-8 ex YFN-718
YFNB-9 ex YFN-720 Reclassified YR-9
YFNB-10 ex YFN-721
YFNB-11 ex YFN-722
YFNB-12 ex YFN-723 Reclassified YDT-11
YFNB-13 ex YFN-727
YFNB-14 ex YFN-732
YFNB-15 ex YFN-733
YFNB-16 ex YFN-734
YFNB-17 ex YFN-736 Reclassified YDT-12
YFNB-18 ex YFN-737
YFNB-19 ex YFN-740 Reclassified YRBM-19
YFNB-20 ex YFN-741
YFNB-21 ex YFN-743 Reclassified YRBM-16
YFNB-22 ex YFN-744
YFNB-23 ex YFN-746
YFNB-24 ex YFN-748 Reclassifed YRBM-17
YFNB-25 ex YFN-749
YFNB-26 ex YFN-751 Reclassifed YRBM-20
YFNB-27 ex YFN-752
YFNB-28 ex YFN-753
YFNB-29 ex YFN-755
YFNB-30 ex YFN-899 Reclassifed YR-93
YFNB-31 ex YFN-900
YFNB-32 ex YFN-1054
YFNB-33 ex YFN-1055
YFNB-34 ex YFN-1056
YFNB-35 ex YFN-1062 Reclassified YPD-46
YFNB-36 ex YFN-1063
YFNB-37 ex YFN-1064 Reclassified YRB-30
YFNB-38 ex YFN-1065
YFNB-39 ex YFN-1066
YFNB-40 ex YFN-1067
YFNB-41 ex YFN-1069
YFNB-42 ex YFN-1070 Reclassified YRBM-47
YFNB-43 ex YFN-1071 Reclassified YDT-16
YFNB-44 ex YFN-1072
YFNB-45 ex YFN-1074
YFNB-46 ex BCL 1325
YFNB-47 ex YRR-9
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