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Mine Planters

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Mine Planters
Numbered Mineplanters (MP-1 to MP-16)
USAMP Gen Henry Knox (MP-1)
USAMP Col. Henry J. Hunt (MP-2)
USAMP Col. George Armistead (MP-3)
USAMP Gen. Samuel M. Mills (MP-4)
USAMP 1st Lt. William G. Sylvester (MP 5)
USAMP Brig. Gen. Henry L. Abbott (MP-6)
USAMP Maj. Gen. Wallace F. Randolph (MP 7)
USAMP Col.. John Storey (MP-8)
USAMP Maj. Gen/ Arthur Murray (MP-9)
USAMP Maj Gen. Erasmus Weaver (MP 10)
USAMP Maj. Samuel Ringgold (MP 11)
USAMP Brig. Gen. Royal T. Frank (MP 12)
USAMP Col. Alfred A. Maybach (MP 13)
USAMP Col. Horace F. Spurgin (MP 14)
USAMP Col. Charles W. Bundy (MP 15)
USAMP Col. George Ricker (MP 16)
Unumbered Mineplanters
USAMP Alexander
USAMP Brig. Gen. Edmund Kirby
USAMP Brig. Gen. John J. Hayden ex USAMP General J. Franklin Bell
USAMP Col. Albert Todd
USAMP Col. Garland N. Whistler
USAMP Col. George Armistead
USAMP Col. George F. E. Harrison
USAMP Col. Henry J. Hunt
USAMP Col. John V. White
USAMP Cyrus W. Field
USAMP Gen. Absalom Baird
USAMP Gen. E. O. C. Ord
USAMP General Henry Knox
USAMP Gen. J. Franklin Bell renamed USAMP Brig. General John J. Hayden
USAMP Gen. John M. Schofield
USAMP Gen. John P. Story
USAMP Gen. Royal T. Frank
USAMP Gen. Samuel M. Mills
USAMP Gen. Wallace F. Randolph
USAMP Gen. Wlliam M. Graham
USAMP Jessup
USAMP Joseph Henry
USAMP Maj. Samuel Ringgold
USAMP Lt. Col. Ellery W. Niles

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