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USACE Dredge Murden

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge:
  • Built in 2012 as the Dredge Murden for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Conrad Shipyard, Morgan City, LA.
  • Launched 2012
  • Delivered and commissioned, 29 May 2013
  • Murden is assigned to the US Army Corps of Engineers Wilmington, N.C. District
  • Murden is a seagoing shallow-draft special purpose dredge, designed to work in the shallow-draft ocean bar channels along the Atlantic coast.
  • Murden is also capable of transporting dredged material to the downbeach and deposit it in the surf zone to nourish sand-starved beaches.
  • Current Disposition, active
    Displacement 551 t.
    Length 156'
    Beam 35'
    Speed 10 kts, (light)
    Draft 8'6" (loaded)
    Complement 6 (minimum)
    Bunker Capacity 14,500 gal. diesel
    Potable Water Capacity 1,000 gal.
    Hopper Capacity 512 cubic yards
    Dredging Equipment
    Prime Movers - 2 ea. TECO electric motors, 1,000HP, variable frequency drive
    Dredge Pumps - 2 ea. Triathalon Pumps, 10 in.
    Drags - Brunswick County type
    Drag Hoisting Winches - Coast Marine
    Main Engines - two Cummins QS19M diesel engines, 760 HP@2100 RPM
    Outboard Propelling Units - two ZF/HPR Z drives, model 4100
    Bow Thrusters - two WESMAR, 100HP
    Generators 2 ea. Cummins QSM11-DM 250kW 480V
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    294k Visitors tour the newest vessel of the Wilmington District's dredge fleet, the shallow draft, split-hull dredge USACE Dredge Murden, 11 June 2013, Murden was commissioned during a May 29th ceremony at the Engineer Repair Yard in Wilmington.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 130611-A-IM544-001, by Hank Heusinkveld
    Tommy Trampp
    297k Wilmington District's shallow draft, special purpose vessel USACE Dredge Murden removes material from heavily-shoaled areas in Rollinson Channel in Hatteras Inlet near Hatteras, North Carolina, 26 July 2013. The channel acts as an underground highway for NCDOT ferries as well as commercial, recreational and U.S. Coast Guard vessels.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo #'s' 140415-A-EO314-109 and 140415-A-EO314-110. and 40415-A-EO314-111, by Hank Heusinkveld
    Tommy Trampp
    362k USACE Dredge Murden clears shoaling from Barnegat Inlet, N.J. in April of 2014. The vessel was designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Marine Design Center in Philadelphia and is based out of Wilmington, N.C. Barnegat Inlet requires dredging to provide reliable maritime navigation for the U.S. Coast Guard and a large fishing fleet consisting of full-time commercial, charter and recreational vessels.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 140415-A-EO314-111, by Tim Boyle
    Tommy Trampp
    61k Overhead view of US Army Corps of Engineers Special-purpose Dredge USACE Murden dredging a channel, date and location unknown.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Wilmington District photo.
    John Spivey
    51k USACE Dredge Murden dredging, date and location unknown.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Wilmington District photo.
    Tommy Trampp
    155k Starboard quarter view of USACE Dredge Murden discharging spoil, date and location unknown.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Wilmington District photo.
    Tommy Trampp
    497k USACE Dredge Murden at the Engineer Repair Yard, Wilmington for minor repairs and maintenance, 8 September 2015. Murden's Captain George Lovelace (top) stands by to give instructions to 2nd Mate George Tootle (below, foreground) and Mate Barry Stull before shoving off to head down the coast. The vessel's hectic schedule includes work at Lockwood Folley Inlet, Carolina Beach Inlet, Bulkhead Channel near Morehead City, then on to Oregon Inlet near Manteo
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 150908-A-IM544-001, by Hank Heusinkveld
    Tommy Trampp
    354k The shallow draft, split hull vessel USACE Dredge Murden dredges the federal channel at Carolina Beach Inlet, 13 February 2017.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 170213-A-IM544-009
    Tommy Trampp
    300k USACE Dredge Murden drydocked at the North Carolina Department of Transportation Shipyard at Mann's Harbor for general maintenance and repairs, 1 August 2017. The District's Engineer Repair Yard crew and crew members of the MURDEN are performing the work.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 170801-A-IM544-001 by Bill Harris
    Tommy Trampp
    169k USACE Dredge Murden underway in Long Island Sound from Saco, Maine to Manasquan, New Jersey, with a wind chill factor below zero, 2 January 2018.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 180102-A-IM544-002 by
    Tommy Trampp
    232k USACE Dredge Murden conducting dredging operations on the Salem River in February 2022. The sediment was placed in the nearshore environment off Oakwood Beach in Salem County, N.J. to support the federal and state beachfill project.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo # 22022-A-EO314-589 by Ed Voigt
    Tommy Trampp
    91k USACE Dredge Murden maintenance dredging of Bennett’s Creek near Suffolk, VA., date unknown.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Photo
    John Spivey

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