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U.S. Army Small Ships Section
U.S. Army Services of Supply (USASOS), Southwest-Pacific Area, WWII Index

Click on ship name to view image(s) and history.

Click on ship name to view image(s) and history.

U.S Army Small Ships Section
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S-0182 A-1 Trawler pic

Admiral Halstead Freighter pic

Ajax Motor yacht pic
S-0034 Alacrity Aux. Ketch
S-0157 Alagna   pic
Alamo Freighter
S-0117 Altair Aux. Ketch
S-0035 Alvic Speedboat
X-0344 Anchor Hitch Freighter
X-0006 Anhui Freighter pic

Anshun Freighter
S-0568 Apache Tugboat
S-0170 Aqua Trawler pic
X-0070 Argentine Reefer Freighter
S-0086 Argo Cabin Cruiser
S-0006 Argosy Lemal Aux. Schooner
S-1010 Armand Considere 365' Concrete Steamer

Atlantic Trader Freighter

Australian Flyer Motor Launch
S-0156 Babinda Not Acquired pic
X-0028 Balikpapan Freighter
S-0484 Bantaik 120' Ocean Lighter

Bantam Transport pic>
S-0208 Barbara C. Steamer pic
S-0061 Barraconda Aux. Ketch

BCL-3061 Concrete lighter

BCL-3065 Concrete Lighter
S-0879 BD-1070 30-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0715 BD-1152 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0713 BD-1153 30-ton Crane Barge

BD-1156 Crane Barge
S-0592 BD-1157 30-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0593 BD-1158 30-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0646 BD-1159 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0647 BD-1160 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0642 BD-1161 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0716 BD-1162 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0881 BD-1260 30-ton Whirley Crane Barge
S-0550 BD-1262 30-ton Whirley Crane Barge
S-0544 BD-1263 30-ton Whirley Crane Barge
S-0882 BD-1271 30-ton Whirley Crane Barge
S-0591 BD-1277 30-ton Whirley Crane Barge
S-0547 BD-144 30-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0239 BD-239 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0240 BD-240 30-ton Crane Barge pic FF2>
S-0590 BD-492 60-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0682 BD-501 30-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0238 BD-541 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0380 BD-542 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0381 BD-543 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0731 BD-544 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0714 BD-545 30-ton Crane Barge
S-0880 BD-587 30-ton Conical Crane Barge
S-0655 BD-712 60-ton Whirley Crane Barge
S-0665 BDS-1 80-ton Steam Crane Barge


S-0193 Bella Gee Motor Launch
S-0120 Bellbird Repair Ship pic
S-0144 Bergalia Not acquired pic

Billy Jo Trawler
Bingarra Dummy barge pic>
S-0009 Black Fin Trawler
S-0043 Bloomfield Motorship

Bobby Trawler
X-0013 Bontekoe Transport pic>
S-0023 Bonwin Trawler
S-0203 Booralee Cabin Cruiser pic
S-0147 Bopple Steamer pic
X-0098 Borgfred Freighter pic
X-0015 Both Freighter pic
X-0343 Bowline Knot Freighter
X-0302 Bowline Reefer Freighter Cape Stanhope / Rodger W. Young
S-0160 Brianbarb Trawler
S-0070 Brit Phos "Dos" Towboat
S-0071 Brit Phos "Tres" Towboat
S-0069 Brit Phos "Uno" Towboat
X-0105 British Columbia Express Freighter pic>

Bronzewing Aux. Sailing
S-0148 Bulimba Steamer pic
S-0101 Bundaberg Trawler pic
S-1055 C-15895 45' Picket Boat
S-1054 C-15905 45' Picket Boat
S-1052 C-35872 45' Picket Boat
S-1053 C-35894 45' Picket Boat
S-1056 C-7793 45' Picket Boat
X-0351 Cable Eye Freighter
X-0318 Cable Splice Freighter
S-0202 Camille Cabin Cruiser
S-0149 Canonbar Steamer pic>

Caribqueen Freighter
S-0059 Cecilia Not acquired
S-0010 Charles Cam Trawler pic

Chippewa Freighter
X-0083 City of Dallas Freighter

City of Fort Worth Freighter

City of Philadelphia Freighter
S-0165 Civic Trawler
X-0307 Clove Hitch Freighter

Coast Farmer Transport pic
S-0137 Cobargo Not acquired pic

Colorado Freighter
S-0138 Comara Motorship pic
X-0096 Contessa Transport
S-0030 Coorabie Motorship pic www,
S-0031 Coringle Aux. Schooner pic
S-0150 Corrimal Steamer pic
S-0096 Coweambah Steamer pic
S-0024 Cranwim Not acquired

Cremer Transport pic
X-0301 Cringle Reefer Freighter Cape Somerset / James W. Reese
S-0008 Crystal Star Trawler
S-0109 Darwin Trawler
S-0209 Davenport Steamer

S-0241 DD No. 1 Floating Dry Dock
S-0242 DD No. 2 Floating Dry Dock
S-0204 Defiance Speedboat
S-0129 Desikoko Motorship pic
S-0084 Destiny Trawler
S-0108 Deutgan Motorship pic>
S-0211 Diana Cabin Cruiser

Director II Schooner maybe
S-0028 Dolphin Steamer

Dona Nati Freighter pic
S-0025 Dover Steamer pic
S-0963 Duluth Repair Ship
S-0173 Duncan Trawler
Enceladus (AK-80) Cargo Ship
S-0198 Eldorado Trawler

Elevala Ketch pic>
S-0168 Ellin Not acauired >
S-0033 Ena Not acquired pic
S-0151 Erina II Motorship pic FF2

Erringhi Ferry pic
S-0386 Esperance 80' Salvage Tug
S-0216 Esther Johnson Steamer
S-0053 Eva Aux. Ketch pic FF2
S-0003 Evaleeta Aux. Ketch pic
S-0128 Excel Motor Launch
S-0225 Excelsior Dummy Barge pic
S-0388 Eyre 95' Salvage Tug
S-0990 F-4 99' Steel Freighter
S-0862 F-7 99' Steel Freighter
S-0751 F-8 99' Steel Freighter
S-0512 F-9 99' Steel Freighter
S-0632 F-10 99' Steel Freighter
S-0752 F-11 99' Steel Freighter
S-0553 F-14 99' Steel Freighter
S-0425 F-15 99' Steel Freighter
S-0991 FP-49 / FS-49 99' Steel Freighter
S-0865 FP-51 / FS-51 99' Steel Freighter
S-0992 FP-52 / FS-52 99' Steel Freighter
S-0514 FP-53 / FS-53 99' Steel Freighter
S-0558 FP-54 / FS-54 99' Steel Freighter
S-0509 FP-55 / FS-55 99' Steel Freighter
S-0515 F-73 99' Steel Freighter
S-0499 F-74 99' Steel Freighter
S-0500 F-75 99' Steel Freighter
F-76 99' Steel Freighter
S-0554 F-77 99' Steel Freighter
S-0510 F-78 99' Steel Freighter
S-0559 F-79 99' Steel Freighter
S-0555 F-91 99' Steel Freighter>
S-0556 F-92 99' Steel Freighter
S-0549 F-93 99' Steel Freighter
S-0560 F-94 99' Steel Freighter
S-0561 F-95 99' Steel Freighter
S-0633 F-96 99' Steel Freighter
S-0501 F-115 99' Steel Freighter
S-0502 F-116 99' Steel Freighter
S-0557 F-117 99' Steel Freighter
S-0562 F-118 99' Steel Freighter
S-0563 F-119 99' Steel Freighter
S-0564 F-120 99' Steel Freighter
S-0565 F-121 99' Steel Freighter
S-0589 F-122 99' Steel Freighter
S-0543 F-126 90' steel freighter
S-0511 F-127 99' Steel Freighter
S-0513 F-128 99' Steel Freighter
S-0566 F-129 99' Steel Freighter
S-0657 F-130 99' Steel Freighter
S-0584 F-131 99' Steel Freighter
S-0066 Fauro Chief Not acquired
X-0398 Fentress Freighter pic AK-180 ?
X-0345 Fisherman's Bend Freighter >
S-0122 Forster Tugboat pic
S-0430 FP-47 114' Communiations Ship
S-0636 FP/FS-141 168' Steel Freighter
S-0585 FP/FS-142 168' Steel Freighter
S-0586 FP/FS-143 168' Steel Freighter >
S-0587 FP/FS-144 168' Steel Freighter
S-0634 FP/FS-145 168' Steel Freighter
S-0602 FP/FS-146 168' Steel Freighter
S-0603 FP/FS-147 168' Steel Freighter
S-0635 FP/FS-148 168' Steel Freighter
S-0604 FP/FS-149 168' Steel Freighter
S-0598 FP/FS-150 168' Steel Freighter
S-0599 FP/FS-151 168' Steel Freighter
S-0605 FP/FS-152 168' Steel Freighter
S-0606 FP/FS-153 168' Steel Freighter
S-0597 FP/FS-154 168' Steel Freighter
S-0673 FP/FS-155 168' Steel Freighter
S-0650 FP/FS-156 168' Steel Freighter
S-0651 FP/FS-157 168' Steel Freighter
S-0656 FP/FS-158 168' Steel Freighter
S-0657 FP/FS-159 168' Steel Freighter
S-0758 FP/FS-16 168' Steel Freighter
S-0658 FP/FS-160 168' Steel Freighter
S-0761 FP/FS-162 180' Steel Freighter
S-0740 FP/FS-163 177' Steel Freighter
FP/FS-164 180' Steel Freighter
S-0771 FP/FS-165 180' Steel Freighter
S-0741 FP/FS-166 177' Steel Freighter
S-0742 FP/FS-167 177' Steel Freighter
S-0772 FP/FS-168 180' Steel Freighter
S-0773 FP/FS-169 180' Steel Freighter
S-0778 FP/FS-170 180' Steel Freighter
S-0774 FP/FS-171 180' Steel Freighter">
S-0775 FP/FS-172 180' Steel Freighter
S-0724 FP/FS-173 180' Steel Freighter
S-0696 FP/FS-174 168' Steel Freighter
S-0757 FP/FS-175 180' Steel Freighter
S-0725 FP/FS-176 180' Steel Freighter
S-0743 FP/FS-178 177' Steel Freighter
S-0744 FP/FS-179 177' Steel Freighter
S-0776 FP/FS-180 180' Steel Freighter">>
S-0745 FP/FS-181 177' Steel Freighter
S-0607 FP/FS-249 168' Steel Freighter
S-0726 FP/FS-253 176' Steel Freighter
S-0727 FP/FS-254 176' Steel Freighter
S-0746 FP/FS-309 177' Steel Freighter
S-0728 FP/FS-310 176' Steel Freighter
S-0729 FP/FS-349 176' Steel Freighter
S-0677 FP/FS-361 168' Steel Freighter
S-0698 FP/FS-362 168' Steel Freighter
S-0747 FP/FS-362 177' Steel Freighter
S-0759 FP/FS-363 176' Steel Freighter
S-0779 FP/FS-364 176' Steel Freighter
S-0730 FP/FS-365 176' Steel Freighter
S-0777 FP/FS-366 176' Steel Freighter
S-0683 FP/FS-387 168' Steel Freighter
S-0699 FP/FS-388 168' Steel Freighter
S-0760 FP/FS-389 176' Steel Freighter
S-1011 Francois Hennibique 365' Concrete Steamer
S-0054 Free Selector Aux. Ketch pic
S-0275 FS-1 [Nabilla] 75' Fast Supply Boat
S-0480 FS-10A [Alkoo] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0470 FS-10B [Wanawing] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0255 FS-10C [Taree] 38' Fast Supply Boat


S-0481 FS-11A [Alkooni] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0471 FS-11B [Wandella] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0256 FS-11C [Tarni] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0482 FS-12A [Allara] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0532 FS-12B [Wangary] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0258 FS-12C [Taronga] 38' Fast Supply Boat


S-0541 FS-13A [Aleena] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0618 FS-13B [Wangin] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0259 FS-13C [Tarpeena] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0624 FS-14A [Allinga] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0619 FS-14B [Wargundy] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0260 FS-14C [Tarqua] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0738 FS-15A [Aloomba] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0620 FS-15B [Warral] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0261 FS-15C [Tarro] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1105 FS-161 180' Steel Freighter
S-0739 FS-16A [Amana] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0621 FS-16B [Warrane] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0262 FS-16C [Tatchera] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0869 FS-177 180' Steel Freighter
FS-17A {Anaroo] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0735 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0263 FS-17C [Tathara] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0983 FS-182 180' Steel Freighter
FS-183 180' Steel Freighter
S-0997 FS-184 180' Steel Freighter
0985 FS-185 180' Steel Freighter
S-0988 FS-186 180' Steel Freighter
S-0989 FS-187 180' Steel Freighter
S-1063 FS-188 180' Steel Freighter
S-1003 FS-189 180' Steel Freighter
S-0708 FS-18A [Anera] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0736 FS-18B [Warrinoo] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0264 FS-18C [Teralba] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0871 FS-190 180' Steel Freighter
S-0872 FS-191 180' Steel Freighter
S-0968 FS-192 180' Steel Freighter
S-0969 FS-193 180' Steel Freighter
S-0970 FS-194 180' Steel Freighter
S-0971 FS-195 180' Steel Freighter
S-1064 FS-196 180' Steel Freighter
S-1004 FS-197 180' Steel Freighter
S-1079 FS-198 180' Steel Freighter
S-0986 FS-199 180' Steel Freighter
S-0709 FS-19A [Apa] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0737 FS-19B [Warrington] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0265 FS-19C [Terang] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0376 FS-1A [Alchilpa] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0237 FS-1B [Wabba] 75' Fast Supply Boat
S-0246 FS-1C [Hector] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0276 FS-2 [Nacooma] 75' Fast Supply Boat
S-0987 FS-200 180' Steel Freighter
S-1005 FS-201 180' Steel Freighter
S-1099 FS-202 180' Steel Freighter
S-1036 FS-203 180' Steel Freighter
S-1070 FS-205 180' Steel Freighter
S-1115 FS-207 180' Steel Freighter
S-1106 FS-209 180' Steel Freighter
S-0710 FS-20A [Apera] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0700 FS-20B [Wehla] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0266 FS-20C [Terebori] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1108 FS-217 180' Steel Freighter
S-0711 FS-21A [Apoona] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0701 FS-21B [Werai] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0267 FS-21C [Terrigal] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0854 FS-22A [Arilpa] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0702 FS-22B [Wigla] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0268 FS-22C [Terrulk] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0855 FS-23A [Arira] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0703 FS-23B [Wilruna] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-2069 FS-23C [Thirrie] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0704 FS-24B [Wingin] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0270 FS-24C [Thonda] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1006 FS-255 176' Steel Freighter
S-0978 FS-256 176' Steel Freighter
S-0979 FS-257 176' Steel Freighter
S-1037 FS-258 176' Steel Freighter
S-0705 FS-25B [Wombara] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0271 FS-25C [Thurloo] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0344 FS-26 [Nepo] 75' Fast Supply Boat
S-1084 FS-260 176' Steel Freighter
S-1065 FS-261 176' Steel Freighter
S-1071 FS-262 176' Steel Freighter
S-1072 FS-263 176' Steel Freighter
S-1109 FS-264 176' Steel Freighter
S-1110> FS-265 176' Steel Freighter
S-1085 FS-266 176' Steel Freighter
S-1111 FS-267 176' Steel Freighter pic
S-1097 FS-268 176' Steel Freighter
S-1116 FS-269 176' Steel Freighter
S-0272 FS-26C [Thuruna] 38' Fast Supply Boat


S-1088 FS-270 176' Steel Freighter
S-1087 FS-271 176' Steel Freighter
S-0873 FS-273 176' Steel Freighter
S-0314 FS-27C [Tinga] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0315 FS-28C [Tingop] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0316 FS-29C [Tingira] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0377 FS-2A [Adina] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0273 FS-2B [Wagnup]
S-0247 FS-2C [Achilles] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0312 FS-3 [Nadelup] 75' Fast Supply Boat
S-0317 FS-30C [Tirranna] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0980 FS-311 176' Steel Freighter
S-1073 FS-312
S-1066 FS-313 176' Steel Freighter
S-1074 FS-314 176' Steel Freighter
S-1112 FS-315 176' Steel Freighter
S-1091 FS-316 176' Steel Freighter
S-1090 FS-317 176' Steel Freighter
S-1092 FS-318 176' Steel Freighter
S-0318 FS-31C [Tocumival] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0319 FS-32C [Togar] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0320 FS-33C [Tomingley] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1075 FS-345 176' Steel Freighter
S-1007 FS-346
S-1038 FS-347 176' Steel Freighter
S-1089 FS-348 176' Steel Freighter
S-0321 FS-34C [Tomki] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1113 FS-350 176' Steel Freighter
S-1114 FS-351 176' Steel Freighter
S-1067 FS-352 176' Steel Freighter
S-1098 FS-353 176' Steel Freighter
S-0322 FS-35C [Tomgarra] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0874 FS-367 176' Steel Freighter
S-0875 FS-368 176' Steel Freighter
S-0876 FS-369 176' Steel Freighter
S-0323 FS-36C [Tonnbarra] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1107 FS-370 176' Steel Freighter
S-1086 FS-371 176' Steel Freighter
S-1008 FS-372 176' Steel Freighter
S-1039 FS-373 176' Steel Freighter
S-1076 FS-374 176' Steel Freighter
S-0389 FS-37C [Toola] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-1040 FS-383 176' Steel Freighter
S-1041 FS-384 176' Steel Freighter
S-0390 FS-38C [Toomung] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0877 FS-390 176' Steel Freighter
S-0868 FS-391 176' Steel Freighter
S-0977 FS-392 176' Steel Freighter
S-0981 FS-393 176' Steel Freighter
S-0391 FS-39C [Toongi] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0886 FS-3A [Sdori] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0274 FS-3B [Wagonga] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0248 FS-3C [Thor] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0343 FS-4 [Nadiac] 75' Fast Supply Boat
S-0392 FS-40C [Tootool] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0393 FS-41C [Towalba] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0394 FS-42C [Towrang] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0432 FS-43C [Trangie] 58' Fast Supply Boat
S-0433 FS-44C [Tubbia] 58' Fast Supply Boat
S-0434 FS-45C [Tubbul] 58' Fast Supply Boat
S-0435 FS-46C [Tumut] 58' Fast Supply Boat
S-0436 FS-47C [Turuna] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0437 FS-48C [Turella] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0438 FS-49C [Turilawa] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0249 FS-4C [Neptune] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0439 FS-50C [Turrawan] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0982 FS-524 176' Steel Freighter
S-1117 FS-525 176' Steel Freighter
S-1042 FS-526 176' Steel Freighter
S-1077 FS-527 176' Steel Freighter


S-0998 FS-546 176' Steel Freighter
S-1078 FS-547 176' Steel Freighter
S-1083 FS-548 176' Steel Freighter
S-0250 FS-5C [Pluto] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0251 FS-6C [Mercury] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0007 FS-7A [Alie] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0467 FS-7B [Wallaroo] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0252 FS-7C [Saturn] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0379 FS-8A [Aldinga] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0468 FS-8B [Wallaroy] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0253 FS-8C [Tarcoola] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0429 FS-9A [Alkira] 112' Fast Supply Boat
S-0469 FS-9B [Wambool] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0254 FS-9C [Tarcutta] 38' Fast Supply Boat
S-0210 Gee Bee/G.B. Tug
X-0030 Gen. Verspijck Freighter pic
S-0044 General MacArthur Motorship
S-0382 Geoanna/TP-249 Aux schooner
S-1009 George A. Posley 365' Concrete steamer Believe should be C. W. Pasley
S-0124 Gertrude Towboat

Greer Tug/tender
X-0101 Grey Lag Freighter pic
X-0327 Gunner's Knot Freighter
S-0190 Gwendolyn Cabin cruiser pic

HA-11 Aircraft retreiving vessel pic

HA-9 (Bower) Aircraft retreiving vessel pic
S-0118 Haere Aux. Ketch
S-0217 Half Rufus Floating workshop pic
X-0008 Hanyang Freighter pic
S-0058 Harold Aux. Ketch pic FF2
X-0308 Hawser Bend Freighter
S-0056 Helen Dawn Trawler
X-0388 Hennepin Freighter pic as AK-187
S-0062 Hilda Norling Aux. Ketch pic
S-0194 Hinemoa Motorlaunch
S-0130 Hokitika Motorship pic
S-0131 Huanui Aux. Ketch pic

ikai Freighter pic
S-0171 Illawarra Trawler pic
S-0097 Iluka Steamer

International Freighter
S-0187 Inverness Trawler
S-0179 Iona Aux. Ketch
S-0161 Irak Trawler
S-0119 Irma Motorlaunch
S-0431 J-1731 [Amador] 55' Cabin Cruiser
S-0488 J-1733 [Felicia] 67' Cabin cruiser
S-0666 J-2087 Fishing boat
S-0667 J-2088 Fishing boat

J-548 Crash boat

J-549 Crash boat
S-1059 J-674 42' Rescue boat
S-1060 J-675 42' Rescue boat
S-1061 J-676 42' Rescue boat
S-1062 J-677 42' Rescue boat
S-0966 J. M. Davis Repair vessel 350' steamer pic
S-0965 J.E. Gorman Repair vessel 350' steamer pic
S-0029 Jack Cam Trawler
S-0126 Jack Pot Cabin cruiser pic
S-0007 Jacqueline Marie Trawler
S-0964 James B. Houston Repair vessel 381' steamer pic

James Oliver Liberty Ship pic
S-0090 James Wallace Tug pic
S-0063 Jane Moorhead Aux. Ketch pic
X-0024 Janssens Transport pic
X-0018 Japara Transport pic
S-0068 Jessie Motorlaunch
S-0184 Joellen Trawler pic

John C. Calhoun Liberty Ship American Liberty Ship

John I. Nolan Liberty Ship American Liberty Ship

John Jacob Astor Liberty Ship American Liberty Ship
S-0095 John Reid Cam Tug
S-0213 Jomaro Cabin cruiser
X-0314 Jumper Hitch Freighter
S-0092 June Trawler
S-0082 Jupogi Towboat pic FF2
S-0106 Kaiulani Motorship pic
S-0186 Kalbar Motorlaunch
S-0114 Kalowa Speedboat


X-0020 Karsik Freighter pic
S-0140 Katoora Motorship Pic
S-0012 Keith Cam Trawler
S-0011 Kelton Trawler
S-0080 Ken Motorlaunch
X-0033 Khoen Hoea Freighter pic
S-0185 Kiaora Trawler pic
S-0013 King John Trawler pic FF2
S-0154 Kintore Steamer pic
S-0112 Koala Speedboat
S-0113 Kookaburra Speedboat
S-0026 Koomeela Motorship pic
S-0181 Koondooloo Vehicular ferry pic
S-0004 Kooraka Motorship pic
S-0105 Kurimarau Motorship pic
S-0166 Lady Betty Not acquired
S-0183 Lady Linda Trawler pic
X-0313 Lanyard Knot Freighter
S-0002 Leeta May Aux. Ketch pic
S-0102 Lena Gladys Powered scow
S-0064 Leprena Aux. Ketch pic FF2
S-0005 Lindisfarne Powered lighter
S-0039 Lodestar Cabin cruiser
S-0001 Lokatoi Motorship
S-0135 Lorinna Motorship pic
S-0197 Louise Cabin cruiser



S-0644 LT-1 111' Steel diesel tug

LT-125 Tug
S-0600 LT-128 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0595 LT-129 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0575 LT-131 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0601 LT-132 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0687 LT-133 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0681 LT-134 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0688 LT-135 123' Steel diesel tug

LT-140 127' Tug
S-0548 LT-20 107' Steel tug
S-0576 LT-21 111' Steel diesel tug
S-0569 LT-217 149' steel steam tug
S-0570 LT-218 149' steel steam tug
S-0571 LT-219 149' steel steam tug
S-0572 LT-220 149' steel steam tug
S-0573 LT-225 149' steel steam tug
S-0588 LT-226 149' steel steam tug
S-0594 LT-227 149' steel steam tug
S-0652 LT-228 149' steel steam tug
S-0661 LT-229 149' steel steam tug
S-0668 LT-230 149' Steel steam tug
S-0671 LT-231 149' steel steam tug
S-0574 LT-348 149' steel steam tug
S-0754 LT-351 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0755 LT-352 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0756 LT-353 123' Steel diesel tug
S-1104 LT-354 123' Steel diesel tug
S-1002 LT-373 126' Steel tug
S-1001 LT-390 126' Steel tug
S-0670 LT-445 143' Steel diesel tug

LT-451 Tug
S-0645 LT-454 143' Steel diesel tug
S-0631 LT-455 143' Steel steam tug
S-0676 LT-528 143' Steel diesel tug
S-0669 LT-529 143' Steel diesel tug
S-0662 LT-530 143' Steel diesel tug
S-0689 LT-531 143' Steel diesel tug
S-0684 LT-535 143' Steel diesel tug
S-0630 LT-57 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0693 LT-58 123' Steel diesel tug
S-1103 LT-59 123' Steel diesel tug
S-0694 LT-633 149' steel steam tug
S-0690 LT-634 149' steel steam tug
S-0672 LT-635 149' steel steam tug
S-0691 LT-636 149' steel steam tug
S-0692 LT-637 149' steel steam tug
S-0685 LT-640 149' steel steam tug

LT-644 123' Tug

LT-645 123' Tug
S-0686 LT-649 149' steel steam tug
S-0999 LT-652 149' steel steam tug

LT-784 149' Steam tug
S-0176 Mac Speedboat
S-0188 Mactan Steamer pic
X-0012 Maetsuycker Transport/Hospital ship pic
S-0104 Maggie Powered scow pic
S-0174 Maiala Trawler pic FF2
S-0224 Maigre Cabin cruiser pic
S-0146 Maiwara Steamer pic
S-0057 Majorie Jean Trawler
S-0158 Mako Not acquired pic
S-0172 Margaret Rose Trawler pic
S-0052 Margaret Twaits Aux. Ketch
S-0178 Marrawah Steamer pic
S-0175 Mary Ellen Trawler pic
S-0085 Masaya Motorship pic USS Dale (DD-290)
X-0326 Masthead Knot Freighter
S-0091 May Motorlighter pic
X-0065 Maya
S-0134 Melanesia Aux. Ketch
S-0100 Melcustoms Tug pic
S-0139 Melinga Motorship pic
S-0042 Merri Chris Cabin cruiser
X-0311 Mesh Knot Freighter Lewis Hall
S-0169 Michale Trawler


S-0115 Miena Aux. Ketch
S-0214 Mina Cabin cruiser
S-0060 Minnamurra Trawler
S-0107 Minnow Tug pic
S-0014 Minston Brae Trawler
S-0015 Mirrabooka Not acquired
S-0215 Miss Lorraine Speedboat
S-0016 Moa Trawler
S-0143 Moa Moa Motorship pic as Moamoa maybe

Mokatam Freighter piv
S-0490 Mokotan Steel Hulk
S-0027 Mongana Motorship pic
S-0088 Moreton Lugger
S-0281 Morewa Aux schooner



S-0492 MTL-1057 47' Wooden towboat
S-0503 MTL-1058 47' Wooden towboat
S-0504 MTL-1059 47' Wooden towboat
S-0493 MTL-1060 47' Wooden towboat
S-0505 MTL-1087 47' Wooden towboat
S-0506 MTL-1088 47' Wooden towboat
S-0494 MTL-1089 47' Wooden towboat
S-0507 MTL-1090 47' Wooden towboat
S-0495 MTL-1102 47' Wooden towboat
S-0496 MTL-1103 47' Wooden towboat
S-0497 MTL-1104 47' Wooden towboat
S-0498 MTL-1105 47' Wooden towboat
S-0946 MTL-575 47' Wooden towboat
S-0947 MTL-576 47' Wooden towboat
S-0948 MTL-577 47' Wooden towboat
S-0949 MTL-578 47' Wooden towboat
S-0950 MTL-580 47' Wooden towboat
S-0951 MTL-581 47' Wooden towboat
S-0952 MTL-582 47' Wooden towboat
S-0953 MTL-583 47' Wooden towboat
S-0954 MTL-630 47' Wooden towboat
S-0955 MTL-631 47' Wooden towboat
S-0956 MTL-632 47' Wooden towboat
S-0957 MTL-633 47' Wooden towboat
S-0958 MTL-634 47' Wooden towboat
S-0959 MTL-642 47' Wooden towboat
S-0960 MTL-664 47' Wooden towboat
S-0961 MTL-744 47' Wooden towboat
S-1043 MTL-861 47' Wooden towboat
S-1044 MTL-862 47' Wooden towboat
S-1045 MTL-867 47' Wooden towboat
S-1046 MTL-870 47' Wooden towboat
S-0141 Mulcra Motorship pic
S-0159 Muliama Not acquired pic
S-0196 Muscoota Coal hulk pic
X-0382 Muskingum Freighter pic as AK-198

Nambucca II Motor coaster pic
Number Name

S-0164 Nanagai Trawler pic


S-0038 Narooma Cabin cruiser
S-0384 Navigator 100' Schooner
S-0032 Nelcebee Not acquired
S-0201 Nemesis Motorlaunch
S-0111 Newcastle Dummy barge
S-0045 Nobby Motorlaunch pic
S-0040 Nomena Cabin cruiser
S-0136 Noora Steamer pic
S-0206 Norab Diesel cruiser

Norena 48' Lugger

Norindes Freighter

Norlago Freighter pic
S-0103 Norwest Powered scow
S-0675 Number cancelled

S-0695 Number cancelled


Octorara Transport pic
S-0222 OL-1 [Baan] 120' Ocean Lighter pic
S-0859 OL-10 [Balemo] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0403 OL-10A [Drury] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0883 OL-11 [Ballingup] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0404 OL-11A [Dunback] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0884 OL-12 [Ballarat] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0405 OL-12A [Dunedin] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0885 OL-13 [Ballee] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0406 OL-13A [Dunsadel] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0407 OL-14A [Dunollie] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0408 OL-15A [D'urville] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0409 OL-16A [ ] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0355 OL-1A [Darfield] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0236 OL-2 [Barilla] 120' Ocean Lighter pic
S-0313 OL-21 [Banda] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0483 OL-22 [Bandai] 120' Ocean Lighter pic
S-0542 OL-23 [Banga] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0346 OL-24 [Bangalow] 120' Ocean Lighter pic
S-0413 OL-25 [Bangaroo] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0414 OL-26 [Bankoo] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0625 OL-28 [Banwin] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0626 OL-29 [Bao] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0356 OL-2A [Devonport] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0280 OL-3 [Babirra] 120' Ocean Lighter Pic
S-0663 OL-30 [Baradine] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0664 OL-31 [Barah] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0860 OL-32 [Barans] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0861 OL-33 [Barauk] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0357 OL-3A [Dallington] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0345 OL-4 [Badal] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0358 OL-4A [Dobson] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0410 OL-5 [Baddul] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0359 OL-5A [Domett] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0411 OL-6 [Bagoo] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0360 OL-6A [Dannevirke] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0412 OL-7 [Bahloo] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0361 OL-7A [Dargaville] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0857 OL-8 [Balal] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0362 OL-8A [Denniston] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0858 OL-9 [Balerang] 120' Ocean Lighter
S-0402 OL-9A [Doyleston] 114' Ocean Lighter
S-0017 Olga Star Trawler

Ozark Freighter pic
S-1057 P-307 42' Rescue boat
S-1058 P-308 42' Rescue boat

P-308 PT boat

P-92 Tug
S-0055 Pacific Trawler
X-0051 Pahud Freighter pic
X-0052 Patras Freighter pic
S-0205 Pax Cabin cruiser
S-0192 Peggy Love Powered lighter
S-0036 Pelorus Cabin cruiser pic
X-0385 Pembina Freighter pic as AK-200
S-1012 Peter M. Anderson 365' Concrete steamer

Point San Pedro Freighter pic
S-0155 Poonbar Not acquired pic
S-0123 Potts Trawler pic

Priscilla Aux. ketch

Protector Lighter
S-0142 Pulganbar Steamer pic
S-0545 Q-126 104' Rescue Boat
S-0546 Q-127 104' Rescue Boat
S-0763 Q-148 Fishing boat
S-0764 Q-149 Fishing boat
S-1080 QS-12 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0608 QS-13 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0609 QS-14 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0902 QS-15 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0903 QS-16 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0732 QS-17 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1094 QS-18 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1118 QS-19 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0898 QS-2 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0649 QS-3 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0720 QS-33 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0904 QS-34 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0721 QS-35 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0762 QS-36 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0722 QS-37 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0723 QS-38 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0717 QS-4 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1081 QS-41 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1093 QS-42 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1082 QS-43 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1119 QS-44 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0899 QS-5 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1096 QS-53 104' High speed rescue boat
S-1068 QS-54 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0900 QS-6 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0905 QS-67 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0901 QS-7 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0718 QS-8 104' High speed rescue boat
S-0719 QS-9 104' High speed rescue boat
X-0102 Ramo Freighter pic

Rapaki Floating crane barge pic

Raymond Dredge US Army dredge
X-0325 Reef Knot Freighter
X-0048 Reijnst Freighter pic
S-0083 Repatri Towboat
S-0110 Rhea Steamer pic
X-0386 Richland Freighter pic as AK-207
X-0319 Ring Knot Freighter
S-0018 Riptide Trawler
S-0257 Roxana Trawler

s' Jacob Freighter pic
X-0323 Sailor's Splice Freighter
S-0019 Saint John Trawler

San Antonio Freighter pic
S-0065 San Christofolo Trawler
S-0163 San Nicholas Trawler

Say When Pilot boat


Sea Arrow Tender
S-0162 Sea Hawk Trawler pic
S-0075 Sea Mist Cabin cruiser
S-0127 Sea Rover Trawler pic
S-0125 Seagull Steamer pic
S-0051 Shangri-La Cabin cruiser pic FF2
X-0127 Shawnee Transport pic
X-0324 Sheepshank Freighter
X-0025 Sibigo Freighter pic
S-0226 Sidney Dummy barge pic
S-0074 Silver Arrow Cabin cruiser

Silver Fin Trawler
S-0046 Silver Quay Motorlaunch

Silverwater Crane barge
S-0076 Simoon Cabin cruiser
X-0317 Snug Hitch Freighter
S-0191 Spitfire Speedboat
X-0316 Square Knot Freighter
S-0347 ST-1 [Coatesville] 75' Steel Tug
S-0396 ST-10 [Christchurch] 75' Steel Tug
S-0397 ST-11 [Clinton] 75' Steel Tug
S-0398 ST-12 [Clive] 75' Steel Tug
S-0399 ST-13 [Collingwood] 75' Steel Tug

ST-131 Small steel tug
S-0400 ST-14 [Cook] 75' Steel Tug

ST-145 Small steel tug
S-0401 ST-15 [Culverden] 75' Steel Tug
S-0220 ST-16 [Carawa] 75' Steel Tug
S-0277 ST-17 [Carbanup] 75' Steel Tug

ST-179 Small steel tug
S-0279 ST-18 [Carbeen] 75' Steel Tug pic FF2
S-0278 ST-19 [Carbethon] 75' Steel Tug
S-0348 ST-2 [Cambridge] 75' Steel Tug
S-0479 ST-20 [Carcoar] 75' Steel Tug
S-0706 ST-21 [Carcoola] 75' Steel Tug
S-0340 ST-22 [Carinya] 75' Steel Tug
S-0847 ST-23 [Carrak] 75' Steel Tug
S-1014 ST-24 [Carrawin] 75' Steel Tug
S-1015 ST-25 [Carranar] 75' Steel Tug

ST-26 Small steel tug

ST-27 Small steel tug
S-1016 ST-28 [Carwoola] 75' Steel Tug
S-1017 ST-29 [Caulyoo] 75' Steel Tug
S-0349 ST-3 [Canterbury] 75' Steel Tug

ST-309 Small steel tug

ST-357 Small steel tug
S-0848 ST-38 [Chullora] 75' Steel Tug
S-0577 ST-381 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0578 ST-383 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0579 ST-384 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0580 ST-385 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0627 ST-386 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0849 ST-39 [Churinga] 75' Steel Tug
S-0350 ST-4 [Cargill] 75' Steel Tug
S-0850 ST-40 [Cobadong] 75' Steel Tug
S-0581 ST-403 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0643 ST-404 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0648 ST-405 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0653 ST-406 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0638 ST-407 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0639 ST-408 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0674 ST-409 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0851 ST-41 [Cobar] 75' Steel Tug
S-0341 ST-42 [Cobarup] 75' Steel Tug
S-0342 ST-43 [Cobbora] 75' Steel Tug
S-0852 ST-44 [Cogelup] 75' Steel Tug
S-0853 ST-45 [Coghill] 75' Steel Tug
S-0582 ST-457 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0697 ST-458 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0640 ST-459 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-1018 ST-46 [Cobacup] 75' Steel Tug
S-0748 ST-460 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0583 ST-468 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0596 ST-469 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-1102 ST-47 75' Steel Tug
S-0628 ST-470 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0629 ST-471 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0641 ST-472 72' Wooden diesel tug
S-0351 ST-5 [Carterton] 75' Steel Tug
S-0906 ST-557 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0907 ST-558 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0908 ST-559 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0909 ST-561 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0910 ST-562 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0911 ST-563 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0912 ST-564 45' Steel diesel tug
S-1047 ST-565 45' Steel diesel tug
S-1048 ST-566 45' Steel diesel tug
S-1049 ST-568 45' Steel diesel tug
S-1050 ST-569 45' Steel diesel tug
S-1051 ST-570 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0913 ST-588 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0914 ST-590 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0915 ST-591 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0916 ST-592 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0917 ST-593 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0918 ST-594 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0919 ST-595 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0920 ST-596 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0921 ST-597 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0922 ST-598 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0923 ST-599 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0352 ST-6 [Castlecliff] 75' Steel Tug
S-0924 ST-600 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0925 ST-607 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0926 ST-608 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0927 ST-609 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0928 ST-610 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0929 ST-611 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0930 ST-612 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0931 ST-613 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0932 ST-614 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0933 ST-615 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0934 ST-618 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0935 ST-619 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0936 ST-620 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0937 ST-621 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0938 ST-622 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0939 ST-623 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0940 ST-624 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0941 ST-625 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0942 ST-626 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0943 ST-627 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0944 ST-628 45' Steel diesel tug
S-0945 ST-629 45' Steel diesel tug
S-1019 ST-66 [Coonatto] 75' Steel Tug
S-1020 ST-67 [Coonerang] 75' Steel Tug
S-1021 ST-68 [Coonong] 75' Steel Tug
S-1022 ST-69 [Cooronga] 75' Steel Tug
S-0353 ST-7 [Catlies] 75' Steel Tug
S-1023 ST-70 [Coorang] 75' Steel Tug
S-1024 ST-71 [Cooreen] 75' Steel Tug
S-1025 ST-72 [Corio] 75' Steel Tug

ST-729 Small steel tug
S-1026 ST-73 [Corowa] 75' Steel Tug
S-1027 ST-74 [Cowal] 75' Steel Tug

ST-75 Small steel tug
S-1028 ST-75 [Cowayah] 75' Steel Tug
S-1029 ST-76 [Cowlong] 75' Steel Tug
S-1030 ST-77 [Cowra] 75' Steel Tug
S-1031 ST-78 [Cowrang] 75' Steel Tug
S-1032 ST-79 [Crana] 75' Steel Tug
S-0354 ST-8 [Caversham] 75' Steel Tug
S-1033 ST-80 [Cringila] 75' Steel Tug
S-0395 ST-9 [Chatham] 75' Steel Tug
X-0026 Stagen Freighter pic
X-0310 Star Knot Freighter
X-0304 Star Reefer Freighter William G. Fournier

Stella Maris Aux. ketch
S-0426 Stuart Thorpe 55' Trawler
S-0089 Sunbeam Motorlaunch pic
s-0067 Sunshine Motorlaunch
S-0199 Swan Cabin cruiser pic
X-0014 Swartenhondt Transport pic
S-0180 Swordfish Motorlaunch pic
S-0610 T. W. Drennen Diesel tanker
X-0016 Tasman Transport/Hospital ship
S-0077 Tassie III Motorship pic
S-0078 Tassie VI Motorship pic
S-0200 Tee Bee Trawler

Terra Linna Aux. ketch

Thedens Freighter pic
S-0050 Tiger Towboat
X-0306 Timber Hitch Freighter
S-0041 Timoshenko Trawler pic FF2
S-0218 TL-1 [Madlo] 66' Trawler
S-0817 TL-10 [Maneela] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0818 TL-11 [Manjira] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0887 TL-12 [Manoora] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0888 TL-13 [Manya] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0889 TL-14 [Maraket] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0819 TL-15 [Marambir] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0820 TL-16 [Marengo] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0821 TL-17 [Maroa] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0472 TL-2 [Magura] 66' Trawler
S-0822 TL-21 [Marooba] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0823 TL-22 [Marrar] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0890 TL-23 [Marrinyup] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0339 TL-25 [Matonga] 66' Trawler
S-0428 TL-26 [Meda] 66' Trawler
S-0474 TL-27 [Medika] 65' Trawler
S-0475 TL-28 [Meemar] 66' Trawler
S-0891 TL-29 [Meengo] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0473 TL-3 [Mah] 66' Trawler
S-0824 TL-30 [Melang] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0534 TL-31 [Malbil] 66' Trawler Pic x2
S-0825 TL-32 [Manangle] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0826 TL-33 [Menel] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0827 TL-35 [Meningie] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0828 TL-36 [Mercadoool] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0829 TL-37 [Merinda] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0830 TL-38 [Merrigal] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0535 TL-39 [Merrigum] 66' Trawler
S-0622 TL-4 [Makko] 66' Trawler
S-0536 TL-40 [Merriwa] 66' Trawler
S-0831 TL-41 [Mia] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0832 TL-42 [Micabil] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0537 TL-45 [Milluna] 66' Trawler
S-0538 TL-46 [Milpera] 66' Trawler
S-0833 TL-47 [Minda] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0834 TL-48 [Mingay] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0835 TL-49 [Mininbah] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0815 TL-5 [Mallawa] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0836 TL-50 [Minka] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0837 TL-51 [Minmi] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0838 TL-52 [Minno] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0839 TL-53 [Minnung] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0840 TL-54 [Minore] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0892 TL-55 [Miowera] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0893 TL-56 [Mirang] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0476 TL-57 [Mirreh] 66' Trawler
S-0539 TL-58 [Mirretta] 66' Trawler
S-0477 TL-59 [Mirrool] 66' Trawler
S-0338 TL-6 [Mallee] 66' Trawler
S-0478 TL-60 [Miya] 66' Trawler
S-0623 TL-61 [Mobilong] 66' Trawler
S-0841 TL-62 [Mocobil] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0894 TL-63 [Moert] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0895 TL-64 [Mogo] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0337 TL-65 [Mogolong] 66' Trawler
S-0540 TL-66 [Mokera] 66' Trawler
S-0842 TL-67 [Molcolta] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0533 TL-7 [Malubimba] 66' Trawler
S-0843 TL-80 [Moorak] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0844 TL-81 [Mooray] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0845 TL-82 [Moorila] 66' Wooden trawler pic FF2
S-0846 TL-83 [Moppin] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0896 TL-88 [Mordinup] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0897 TL-89 [Moree] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0816 TL-9 [Manaro] 66' Wooden trawler
S-0047 Tolema Towboat pic
S-0087 Torres Lugger
S-0749 TP-101 96' Wooden tug
S-0750 TP-102 96' Wooden tug
S-0753 TP-103 96' Wooden tug
S-0866 TP-104 96' Wooden tug
S-0878 TP-105 96' Wooden tug
S-0976 TP-106 96' Wooden tug
S-0678 TP-108 96' Wooden tug
S-0679 TP-109 96' Wooden tug
S-0680 TP-110 96' Wooden tug
S-0765 TP-112 96' Wooden tug
S-0659 TP-113 96' Wooden tug
S-0712 TP-114 96' Wooden tug
S-0766 TP-115 96' Wooden tug
S-0767 TP-116 96' Wooden tug
S-0864 TP-117 96' Wooden tug
S-0867 TP-118 96' Wooden tug
S-0996 TP-119 96' Wooden tug
S-0660 TP-12 96' Wooden tug
S-0974 TP-120 96' Wooden tug
S-0975 TP-121 96' Wooden tug
S-0768 TP-124 96' Wooden tug
S-1095 TP-125 96' Wooden tug
S-0769 TP-128 96' Wooden tug
S-0863 TP-129 96' Wooden tug
S-0870 TP-130 96' Wooden tug
S-0995 TP-131 96' Wooden tug


S-1069 TP-230 96' Wooden tug
S-0994 TP-232 96' Wooden tug
S-0487 TP-242 [San Jose] 95' Purse Seiner
S-0486 TP-243 [Bennehaven] 71' Purse seiner
S-0508 TP-244 [Ardito] Purse seiner
S-0485 TP-245 [San Giovanni] 73' Purse seiner
S-0551 TP-246 [Sea Tern] Purse seiner
S-0993 TP-97 96' Wooden tug

Tropic Bird

S-0132 Tuhoe Aux. Schooner pic
S-0152 Tung Song Steamer
X-0309 Turk's Head Freighter
S-0020 Two Freddies Trawler
S-0177 Uki Steamer pic
S-0021 Ulladulla Trawler
S-0371 UST-189 47' Harbor Towboat
S-0372 UST-190 47' Harbor Towboat
S-0373 UST-193 47' Harbor Towboat
S-0374 UST-195 47' Harbor Towboat
S-0375 UST-197 47' Harbor Towboat
S-0073 Valiant Towboat
S-0133 Valkyrie Cabin cruiser
S-0094 Valola Cabin cruiser pic
X-0023 Van den Bosch Transport pic
X-0017 Van der Lijn Transport pic

Van Heemskerk Transport pic
X-0011 Van Heutsz Transport pic
X-0054 Van Outhoorn Transport pic
X-0029 Van Spilbergen Freighter pic
X-0050 Van Swoll Transport pic
S-0207 Vanquero Steamer
S-0081 Veebeebe Towboat


S-0048 Veiya Motorlaunch

Venture Trawler
S-0072 Vim Towboat
S-0385 Volador/TP-248 100' Schooner
S-0093 Volunteer Towboat pic
S-0967 W. J. Conners Repair vessel 381' steamer pic
S-0153 Wannon Steamer
S-0212 Warilda Cabin cruiser pic
S-0121 Warren Not acquired

Wee Rutter Aux. ketch
S-0195 Weeroona Steamer pic
S-0049 Wenonah Motorlaunch pic

West Texas Freighter pic

Will H. Point Freighter pic
S-0116 Will Watch Aux. Ketch pic
S-1013 William A. Pollard 365' Concrete steamer Believe should be Willard A. Pollard
S-0962 William F. Fitch Repair vessel 346' steamer pic

William Foster Cowham Concrete lighter
S-0022 Willyama Two Trawler
S-0037 Wingo Speedboat
S-0079 Wombat Motorship pic FF2
S-0167 Wongawill Trawler
S-0145 Wortanna Motorship pic
S-0387 WST-2 [Eucla] 80' Salvage Tug pic FF2
S-0291 WT-1 [Kupe] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0786 WT-10 [Kiwi] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0332 WT-100 [Koorpa] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0451 WT-101 [Kooruggan] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0452 WT-102 [Kootara] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0453 WT-103 [Kootingal] 45' Wooden towboat pic www,
S-0615 WT-104 [Koowong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0801 WT-105 [Koree] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0802 WT-106 [Korong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0454 WT-107 [Korowa] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0455 WT-108 [Kotara] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0456 WT-109 [Ku] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0787 WT-11 [Kea] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0803 WT-110 [Kua] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0804 WT-111 [Kubura] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0522 WT-112 [Kubya] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0523 WT-113 [Kulpira] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0524 WT-114 [Kunana] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0525 WT-115 [Kundabing] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0526 WT-116 [Kundi] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0527 WT-117 [Kundle] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0528 WT-118 [Kungala] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0805 WT-119 [Kunji] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0788 WT-12 [Kokako] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0457 WT-120 [Kunna] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0458 WT-121 [Kunnie] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0529 WT-122 [Kunopia] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0530 WT-123 [Kuppa] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0806 WT-124 [Kurango] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0807 WT-125 [Kuringai] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0333 WT-126 [Kuringbar] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0459 WT-127 [Kurleah] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0616 WT-128 [Kurloo] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0808 WT-129 [Kupnala] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0789 WT-13 [Koko] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0460 WT-130 [Kurnell] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0461 WT-131 [Kurra] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0617 WT-132 [Kurrajong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0809 WT-133 [Kurt] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0462 WT-134 [Kurtai] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0810 WT-135 [Kuruk] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0811 WT-136 [Kutti] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0463 WT-137 [Kyabran] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0464 WT-138 [Kyrarran] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0465 WT-139 [Kyilla] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0611 WT-14 [Korimako] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0466 WT-140 [Kylie] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0531 WT-141 [Kyogle] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0812 WT-142 [Kyoong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0813 WT-143 [Kyunoo] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0814 WT-144 [Kywong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0781 WT-145 [Wywuda] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0612 WT-15 [Kotuku] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0790 WT-16 [Kotare] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0791 WT-17 [Kakapo] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0792 WT-18 [Karamu] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0733 WT-19 [Kahka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0292 WT-2 [Koroki] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0793 WT-20 [Karaka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0794 WT-21 [Kauri] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0734 WT-22 [Koromiko] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0516 WT-23 [Kanuka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0613 WT-24 [Kohe] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0614 WT-25 [Kaiwaka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0284 WT-26 [Karagata] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0283 WT-27 [Karakara] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0227 WT-28 [Karalta] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0228 WT-29 [Karambi] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0293 WT-3 [Kawa] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0324 WT-30 [Karangi] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0286 WT-31 [Kargatta] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0325 WT-32 [Karina] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0287 WT-33 [Karka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0296 WT-34 [Karloo] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0299 WT-35 [Karita] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0326 WT-36 [Karnang] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0327 WT-37 [Karobaran] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0328 WT-38 [Karoo] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0297 WT-39 [Karook] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0294 WT-4 [Kahu] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0415 WT-40 [Karoolup] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0416 WT-41 [Karoon] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0417 WT-42 [Karrala] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0440 WT-43 [Karrin] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0441 WT-44 [Karrong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0517 WT-45 [Karthi] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0289 WT-46 {Katak] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0301 WT-47 [Katta] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0300 WT-48 [Kawana] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0442 WT-49 [Keera] 45' Wooden towboat Check photos as there are 2.
S-0334 WT-4C [Wahatta] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0295 WT-5 [Kainau] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0302 WT-50 [Kembla] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0303 WT-51 [Kemona] 45' Wooden towboat pic
S-0304 WT-52 [Kerabin] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0418 WT-53 [Kergunyah] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0518 WT-54 [Kerrabee] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0519 WT-55 [Keurong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0305 WT-56 [Kiagra] 45' Wooden towboat pic
S-0329 WT-57 [Kiamah] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0330 WT-58 [Kiana] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0285 WT-59 [Kiandool] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0335 WT-5B [Wahgunyah] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0298 WT-6 [Korokai] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0288 wt-60 [Kaira] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0219 WT-61 [Kibba] 45' Wooden towboat pic
S-0221 WT-62 [Kilkie] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0229 WT-63 [Killara] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0306 WT-64 [Kimbar] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0282 WT-65 [Kimbarrap] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0331 WT-66 [Kimbla] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0223 WT-67 [Kimbriki] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0307 WT-68 [Kinalung] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0443 WT-69 [Kincumber] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0336 WT-6B [Walcha] 62' Fast Supply Boat
S-0310 WT-7 [Kiwa] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0444 WT-70 [Kindilan] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0445 WT-71 [Kineyah] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0230 WT-72 [Kinka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0231 WT-73 [Kiparra] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0232 WT-74 [Kittahn] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0233 WT-75 [Kobada] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0234 WT-76 [Kogarah] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0235 WT-77 [Kolodong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0419 WT-78 [Koloona] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0446 WT-79 [Konda] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0311 WT-8 [Kanapu] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0447 WT-80 [Kondil] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0420 WT-81 [Kongorong] 45' Wooden towboat pic
S-0290 WT-82 [Koolbung] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0308 WT-83 [Koolbury] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0309 WT-84 [Koolewong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0448 WT-85 [Koolya] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0449 WT-86 [Koomiri] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0450 WT-87 [Koonadan] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0795 WT-88 [Koonaka] 45' wooden towboat
S-0796 WT-89 [Koonal] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0785 WT-9 [Kaka] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0520 WT-90 [Koonda] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0521 WT-91 [Koonega] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0797 WT-92 [Koongun] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0798 WT-93 [Koonuk] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0421 WT-94 [Koonyang] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0799 WT-95 [Koonala] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0422 WT-96 [Koori] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0423 WT-97 [Koorine] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0424 WT-98 [Koorong] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0800 WT-99 [Kooroora] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0780 WT-A [Kyza] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0782 WT-B [Kyzena] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0783 WT-C [Kyzora] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0784 WT-D [Kyzuli] 45' Wooden towboat
S-0552 Y-10 180' Steel Tanker
S-1035 Y-108 180' Steel Tanker
S-1101 Y-109 180' Steel Tanker
S-0491 Y-11 162' steel Tanker
S-0243 Y-13 162' Steel Tanker
S-0244 Y-14 162' Steel Tanker
S-0245 Y-15 162' Steel Tanker
S-0369 Y-18 162' Steel Tanker pic x2
S-0370 Y-19 162' Steel Tanker

Y-1M Tanker
S-0383 Y-20 162' Steel Tanker
S-0427 Y-21 162' Steel Tanker
S-0363 Y-3 180' Steel Tanker
S-0972 Y-35 162' Tanker
S-0364 Y-4 180' Steel Tanker
S-0973 Y-44 162' Tanker
S-1034 Y-45 162' Tanker
S-1100 Y-46 162' Tanker
S-0365 Y-5 180' Steel Tanker
S-0366 Y-6 180' Steel Tanker
S-0367 Y-7 180' Steel Tanker
S-0368 Y-8 180' Steel Tanker
S-0489 Y-9 180' Steel Tanker
X-0007 Yochow Freighter pic
S-0189 Z-17 Towboat
S-0654 Zephyr 2600-ton Tanker
S-0099 Zoie Trawler
149' steel steam tug