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Submarine Cavalla
(SS-244) (SSK-244) (AGSS-244)
Special Feature

Visited, August 17 2002

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General Overview
USS Cavalla SS-244 is located at Seawolf Park, Pelican Island, Galveston Texas, Preserved as a memorial since January 21, 1971.
Park Admission
Parking $5.00
Memorial $5.00* (Children $2.00*)
(*Also includes admission to the Stewart DE-238)

General Visit Notes
This was my 1st visit to the Cavalla in many years, on the surface she looks much like I remember her. (A tribute to those who have spent the last 4 years working hard to save her) After arriving in Galveston and spending about 2 hours talking to the volunteers who are working on restoration and upkeep, I am surprised she is even still with us at all. Instead of relating the story here, you can read about on Cavalla's Website. We came very close to losing an American naval historical treasure. Not only is Cavalla one of the last of her kind, she also holds an important place in WWII history. On her 1st war patrol in 1944, she sank the Japanese Aircraft Carrier, Shokaku on June 19, 1944 and exacted revenge for Pearl Harbor. ( Shokaku was one of the six Japanese carriers whose planes attacked Pearl Harbor, and the 5th to be sunk during the war.)

Your Help Is Needed. Please see the Cavalla Donation information page
Donations to help the preservation effort can be sent to the following.
Cavalla Preservation Pledge
Send your pledge to: Cavalla Historical Foundation 2504 Church St. Galveston, TX 77550
Volunteer to Help The Restoration Effort
If you are interested in lending a hand in the restoration effort, There is a "Work Weekend" every month. (Usually the 2nd weekend of each month) If you wish to volunteer contact John McMichael, macm@airmail.net

Condition Notes
Overall Cavalla is in good shape, several major restoration projects have been completed over the last 3-4 years. These projects included removal of the concrete decking and replacement with a wood deck. Overhaul of the sail and removal of rusted metal, Cleaning and painting both inside and out. They have also labeled nearly every thing inside Cavalla, even if you have no knowledge of submarines you can walk Cavalla's length and know what nearly every piece of equipment is. I strongly suggest you visit during one of the "Work weekends" the volunteers are as friendly as can be and willingly answer questions explain the workings of the submarine and will personally take you on a tour. They make everyone feel welcome and are knowledgeable, being nearly all veterans of the Cavalla herself or veterans of other submarines.

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