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The Ship's of Pearl Harbor
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Mr. Jon Burdett has been collecting "Postal Covers" for a very long time, The pride of his extensive collection is his Ships of Pearl Harbor collection. Like all collectables this feature will be of special interest to those of you who collect these items. For the rest of us this feature gives us a look at another interesting part of Naval History. Like every city and town in the US, each US Naval Ship and Naval Station has it's own post office. Letters sent from each "Post Office" are "Canceled", This is a mark showing where each and every letter is mailed from and the date it was processed.

Nearly every vessel is included in this feature as are most of the Commands, Airfields, Army Barracks as well as a few special covers.

I want to thank Jon for sharing his collection with us and I hope you find this feature as interesting as I did.

The Ship's of Pearl Harbor Postal Covers Special Feature
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