Air Raid Pearl Harbor This Is No Drill !!!

Sunday December 7 1941

A Photographic History

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Images Of Pearl Harbor Prior To The Attack
Pearl Harbor
October 13 1941. Aerial view looking over the submarine base in the direction of Ford Island. (North End)
NA 80-G-411193
Pearl Harbor
Aerial view looking back over the submarine base.
Pearl Harbor
October 10 1941. Aerial view looking north over Ford Island, the Battleships are for the most part at sea.
Carrier Enterprise is moored at the berth that California occupied on December 7th.
NA 80-G-279375
Pearl Harbor
October 1941, Aerial view of the entire harbor (this is a very large image)
Pearl Harbor
November 10 1941. Aerial view directly over Ford Island, 5 battleships are in port as well as the
carrier Lexington moored opposite of "Battleship Row"
NA 80-G379385

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