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Locations Of Warships Of The United States Navy December 7 1941

Last Revised 10/2003

Notes about this list

Many years ago while reading "At Dawn We Slept" by Dr. Gordon W. Prange (One of the better references for those with an interest in the Attack on Pearl Harbor) several questions came to my mind that were not addressed in his book or any other I had read. This list is a result of one of those questions I asked myself "Where were the vessels of the United States Navy Located Worldwide on December 7 1941 ?" . I then began the long search through all the sources at my disposal to try to find the answer. I did not think the research would be easy but it turned into a Major Nightmare and has taken over 8 years and many thousands of hours of research to produce thus far.

For those ships in port the port is listed and for those at sea the general area is listed and for several it`s just plain old best guess based on circumstantial evidence.

If you have information for a ships location other than where I have placed them, then please E-Mail me with location and include a source and I will update the ships entry. (I appreciate sources as I am trying to make this list as accurate as possible, I will include personal observations for those who submit a location based on actually serving aboard one of these vessels on December 7 1941)

The exact location for most of the Pacific and Asiatic fleets was rather easy to obtain as most were riding at anchor.
r> Almost all of the Atlantic Fleet ships were at sea, (While not declared, The Atlantic Fleet was already at war and for the most part underway) most vessels were involved in convoy duties or Neutrality patrol.

Note The List Is Not To Infer Locations At The Exact Moment Of The Japanese Attack - 0755 12/07/41
Rather The Ships Were At Listed Location At Some Point During Sunday December 7 1941
That is the best I can do here.

The United States Navy on December 7 1941, Consisted of 902 Commissioned Vessels of the following types

Principal Combat Vessels, 345
Aircraft Carriers 7 + 1 Escort Carrier
Battleships 17
Heavy Cruisers 18
Light Cruisers 19
Destroyers 171
Submarines 112

Minor Combat Vessels (Patrol Craft and the Mine Force) 153
Patrol Craft and Gunboats 87 Work In Progress, Partial Information Available
Minecraft all Types 66 Complete

Fleet Train, 184 Complete
Tenders, 63
Submarine Tenders 14
Seaplane Tenders 32
Surface Vessel Tenders 17

Supply Ships, 68 Mostly Complete
Oilers 29
Munition Ships 4
Transport Aircraft Ferry 1
Cargo Ships 22
General Stores Ships 3
Provision Store Ships 9

Transports, 39 Complete
Transports 31
High Speed Transports 6
Hospital Ships 2

Special Duty, 14
Miscellaneous Auxiliaries 14 Work In Progress, No Information Available

Base and District Craft, 220
There is little documention relating to these types, I am undecided as to try to complete these vessels.

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US Asiatic Fleet Locations Complete

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