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Radio Call Sign: November - Hotel - November

Mississippi Class Battleship: Displacement 13,000 Tons, Dimensions, 382' 4" (oa) x 77' x 27' (Max). Armament 4 x 12"/45 8 x 8"/45, 8 x 7"/45 12 x 3"/50, 2 21" tt. Armor, 9" Belt, 12" Turrets, 3" Decks, 9" Conning Tower. Machinery, 10,000 HP; 2 vertical, triple expansion engines, 2 screws. Speed, 17 Knots, Crew 744.

Operational and Building Data: Laid down by Cramp, Shipbuilding, Philadelphia, PA., 12 May 1904. Launched 9 December 1905. Commissioned 1 April 1908. Decommissioned & Stricken 30 July 1914.
Fate: Sold to Greece, 30 July 1914 & renamed Lemmos. Sunk by German bombers while moored in Salamis near Athens on 10 April 1941.

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Keel Laying / Commissioning
1904 - 1908

BB-10 Maine
5.62k A modern battleship, with every part numbered and named, circa 1904.Photo from the Library of Congress. Reproduction Number LC-DIG-ppmsca-58681.
Photo courtesy of
BB-27 Michigan1.43kPlans for the Idaho (BB-24).National Archives Identifier: 78116592
Photo courtesy of
Idaho NR Uncle Sam's New Engines of War.
Battleships Idaho (BB-24) & Mississippi (BB-23) now building. Most formidable of their size in the world.
Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN.
Photo from The Saint Paul Globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1896-1905, 05, March 1905, Image 10, via
Notable Function at Cramp Shipyard Today.
Conspicuous Example of the Use of Electricity in Operating All Its Appliances.
Image and text provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Photo from Evening Star. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1854-1972, 09 December 1905, Image 10, via
Idaho NR The United States battleship Idaho (BB-24) was launched yesterday, 9 December 1905. Image provided by: University of Utah, Marriott Library.
Photo from The Salt Lake Herald. (Salt Lake City [Utah) 1870-1909, 10 December 1905, Last Edition, Section Two, Image 13 via
Tells of the Launching of the Gem of the Navy, the Big Battleship Idaho (BB-24) at Philadelphia, Chief Executive and Family Sat in George Washington Pew While Attending Divine Services in Old Christ Church
Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library.
Photo from Deseret Evening News. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, 30 December 1905, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 19, via
BB-24 Idaho 77k Idaho (BB-24) shown fitting out 6 months after launch, two years before commissioning. She has yet to receive her main battery and armor plate so the teak wood backing can be seen. Also, without the weight the underwater torpedo tube is visible. USN photo courtesy of D. N. Dunham.
BB-24 Idaho 59k Inboard profile of Idaho (BB-24). Photo and text courtesy of U.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman.
>BB-24 Idaho 114k Idaho (BB-24) fitting out at the Cramp shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1906. Photograph # 19-N-4-1-13, from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives.
BB 23 Mississippi & Idaho 82k Idaho (BB-24) and Mississippi (BB-23) fitting out at the Cramp shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa late 1907 or early 1908. Mississippi, commissioned in February 1908, is presumably the more complete ship, in the center of the photograph. USNHC # NH 86366, courtesy of Ted Stone, 1977.
BB-24 Idaho 337k Mississippi (BB-23) & Idaho (BB-24) at the Cramp shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 12 September 1908.Photo courtesy of Tommy Trampp.
BB-24 Idaho 102k Photographed on 14 September 1908, refitted with a "cage" mainmast but still wearing "white & buff" paint. USNHC # NH 60504.
Idaho NR New fighting mast soon to be tested. Image provided by: Washington State Library; Olympia, WA.
Photo from The Tacoma Times, 11 January 1909, Last Edition, Page 7, Image 8 via
BB-24 Idaho 1.17k Photo was taken in 1909, before the Idaho (BB-24) was refitted with a cage foremast. Note the stack bands -- At that time Mississippi (BB-23) had one fewer on her after stack.
In USN Flag practice, note that the ship has the National Ensign at the stern and the Jack at the bow, thus indicating that she is not underway, but is at anchor or moored (reinforced by the embarkation ladder rigged aft and the boat alongside amidships). If she had been underway, the National Ensign would have been flying from the mainmast, and the Jack would have been stowed away.
Text i.d. courtesy of Chuck Haberlein, (USNHC), James Kuhel R.N. & Chris Hoehn.
Photo by Enrique Muller, Jr.
National Archives Identifier: 45512719
Local Identifier: 165-WW-335A-13.
Photo courtesy of
Senator Heyburn Inaugurates Campaign for This Purpose—Thinks School Children Should Help.
Image and text provided by Idaho State Historical Society.
Photo from Montpelier Examiner. [volume] (Montpelier, Idaho) 1895-1937, 09 April 1909, Image 1, via
BB-24 Idaho 502k Photographed on 25 July 1909 as she appeared after the removal of her after bridge and installation of a cage mainmast. Her battery is unaltered, but the pair of 3-inch 50-caliber guns formerly mounted beneath the discarded bridge are now in the open, covered with canvas.National Archives Identifier: 45512503
Local Identifier: 165-WW-334A-018.
Photo courtesy of
BB-24 Idaho 1.02k Idaho (BB-24) in the Hudson River for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 25 September - 9 October 1909. Photo det 4a16077 courtesy of via Detroit Photographic Company.
Fulton Celebration 805k Panoramic view of battleships in the Hudson River for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 25 September - 9 October 1909. Photo det pan 6a16597 courtesy of via Detroit Photographic Company.
BB-24 Idaho 135k Captain James Meredith Helm was the commanding officer of the battleship Idaho (BB-24) from 01.11.1908 - 16.10.1909. Photo from the archives of the Naval Historical Foundation via Bill Gonyo.
Idaho NR Warships Held Ready to Capture Zelaya; His Agents in Washington.
Rush orders have been issued here for the powerful battleships Michigan (BB-27) and Idaho (BB-24), which are now at Philadelphia, to be prepared to sail at a moment's notice with full complements of men and extra stores.
Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside;
Photo from Los Angeles Herald. (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, 12 December 1909, Image 1, via
NR COMMANDER OF FORCES AGAINST NICARAGUA: MARINE OFFICER AND CRACK BLUEJACKETS FROM IDAHO (BB-24). Marine Major Smedley Butler appears here, with sailors from the battleship Idaho with either the Kearsarge (BB-5) or Kentucky (BB-6) in the background.
Butler was, at the time of his death (1940), the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. He is quoted as saying War is just a racket.
Image and text provided by University of Florida.
Photo from The Daytona Daily News.(Daytona, Fla.) 1903-1926, 17 December 1909, Image 1, via
Source: Digital ID: ggbain 09798 # 2163746136. LC-B2-2299-7, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, from the George Grantham Bain Collection, courtesy of Tom Kermen.
Photo procured by Buyenlarge/Getty Images courtesy of
Insert link courtesy of (Federation of American Scientists).
Guantanamo Bay 127k Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Second Regiment of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet at Deer Point Camp, Guantanamo Bay, 13 February 1910. These men are from the battleships Minnesota (BB-22), New Hampshire (BB-25), Mississippi (BB-23) and Idaho (BB-24). The latter's battalion is in the center of the photograph.
Ships in the harbor are mainly battleships, with some auxiliaries and cruisers also present. Newark (C-1), Station Ship at Guantanamo Bay, is in the center background, with a white hull.
USNHC # NH 105511. Donation of Truman C. Lane, 1990. Panoramic photograph by American Photo Company, Havana, Cuba.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba62kPanoramic image (made from two individual views), showing U.S. Atlantic Fleet battleships and auxiliaries in Guantanamo Bay, circa the early or middle 1910s.
Ships present include (in left half of image): four Virginia class (BB-13 / 17) battleships, one South Carolina class (BB-26 / 27) battleship, one Delaware class (BB-28 / 29) battleship, two unidentified auxiliaries and a collier; (in right half of image): all six Connecticut class (BB-18 / 22 & 25) battleships, both Mississippi class (BB-23 / 24) battleships, two unidentified auxiliaries, hospital ship Solace (AH-2) and a gunboat.
USNHC # NH 104537. Photo from the 1909-1924 album of Vice Admiral Olaf M. Hustvedt, USN (Retired). Courtesy of Rick Hauck, 2006.
BB-24 Idaho 598k Idaho (BB-24) in 1911.Photo by Enrique Muller, Jr.
National Archives Identifier: 45512717
Local Identifier: 165-WW-335A-12.
Photo courtesy of
Inset photo of Captain H. O. Dunn.
Image and text provided by State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Photo from Bismarck Daily Tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1881-1916, 09 March 1911, Image 3, via
Idaho 731k Idaho (BB-24), possibly lying in the Delaware River in Philadelphia.
She sailed from Philadelphia 4 May 1911 for a cruise up the Mississippi River to Louisiana ports.
Partial text from DANFS.
US National Archives photo # 80G-1035085 from NARA, College Park, Maryland, courtesy of Sean Hert.
Idaho NR First Battleship to Ascend Mississippi River Creates Sensation Along Banks
Vicksburg, Miss, 29 May: The battleship Idaho (BB-24), the first of her class ever to ascend the Mississippi river thus far, was the biggest sight at Vicksburg until Monday, May 22, when she went down the river to the gulf and into her own element again.
Captain H.O. Dunn commands the Idaho, and Captain Augustus Hiner, Jr., who is a third cousin to President Roosevelt is her pilot. Captain Hiner is a veteran river pilot. The Idaho created a distinct sensation as she puffed up the river. 'Natives along the banks in Louisiana and Mississippi who never had seen a battleship came for many miles to get a glimpse of the big sea fighter. Citizens in automobiles, carriages, buggies and farm wagons, men on bicycles and horses and mules, hundreds on foot, men, women and children came to the river banks on each side to see the big war vessel.
Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX.
Photo from El Paso Herald. (El Paso, Tex.) 1901-1931, 29 May 1911, Image 11, via
BB-24 Idaho 265k Idaho (BB-24) on 22 June 1911 with the Baton Rouge waterfront. Photo # 6a33044 by J. G. Ewing, courtesy of without the in-crease.
BB-24 Idaho 1.29k Idaho (BB-24) at anchor, Navy Yard, N.Y., 3 October 1911.Photo by Enrique Muller, Jr.
National Archives Identifier: 45512717
Local Identifier: 165-WW-335A-11.
Photo courtesy of
Idaho NR Battleship Idaho (BB-24) Presented With Silver Service Which Is Like North Dakota's (BB-22). Image and text provided by State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Photo from The Evening Times. [volume] (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1906-1914, 15 May 1912, Image 6, via
BB-24 Idaho 99k Idaho (BB-24) all dressed up with flags flying from her mainmast during Naval Review week in New York City, 4th October 1912. USN photo courtesy of D. N. Dunham.
BB-24 Idaho 70k Idaho (BB-24) underway, 1912. Photographed by O.W. Waterman, Hampton, Virginia. USNHC # NH 71046.
Washington, 5 June: It is likely that the battleship Idaho will carry off the trophy for gunnery in this year's competition between the sea fighters of the United States navy. She leads at present in a general average for all forms of practice. She is commanded by Captain William L. Howard and Lieutenant C. P. Huff, ordnance officer: United States navy ranks very high in gunnery. Indeed many of its gunners are considered the best in the world. In the long range day firing the cruiser Maryland (ACR-8) leads, with the Rhode Island (BB-17), Virginia (BB-13), New Hampshire (BB-25), and Michigan (BB-27) standing next in the order named.
Image and text provided by Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT. & Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Photo from The Bridgeport Evening Farmer. (Bridgeport, Conn.) 1866-1917, 25 June 1913, Image 18.
Insert PDF courtesy of Evening Star. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1854-1972, 23 October 1910, Image 53, via
NEW YORK, Oct. 16—Pen cannot describe and even photography is inadequate in depicting the splendor of the scene at night during the visit of the fleet to this city. Thousands and thousands of electric lights were hung along Riverside drive, which parallels the Hudson river for miles, and all of the vessels in the fleet were outlined by lines of gleaming lamps. In the accompanying picture the soldiers’ and sailors’ monument appears in the foreground with the curved line of Riverside drive at the left. Several battleships are shown in the river, with the lights on the New Jersey shore in the distance.
Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH.
Photo by The Democratic Banner.(Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, 18 October 1912, Image 1, courtesy of
Idaho NR Secretary of Navy Daniels Presents Prized Pennant to Battleship Idaho (BB-24) Image and text provided by University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI.
Photo from The Hawaiian Gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1865-1918, 19 August 1913, Image 3 via
Veracruz Incident
U.S. Atlantic Fleet battleships71k U.S. Atlantic Fleet battleships steaming toward Mexican waters in 1914. Photograph copyrighted in 1914 by E. Muller, Jr., and Pach.
The following battleships that were dispatched to Mexican waters included the:
Ohio (BB-12), Virginia (BB-13), Nebraska (BB-14), Georgia (BB-15), New Jersey (BB-16), Rhode Island (BB-17), Connecticut (BB-18), Louisiana (BB-19), Vermont (BB-20), Kansas (BB-21), Minnesota (BB-22), Mississippi (BB-23), Idaho (BB-24), New Hampshire (BB-25), South Carolina (BB-26), Michigan (BB-27), Delaware (BB-28), North Dakota (BB-29), Florida (BB-30), Utah (BB-31), Wyoming (BB-32), Arkansas (BB-33), New York (BB-34) & Texas (BB-35) .
In insets are (left to right):
Rear Admiral Henry T. Mayo,
Rear Admiral Frank F. Fletcher,
Rear Admiral Charles J. Badger.
USNHC # NH 60322.
BB-23 Mississippi 805k Navy yard at night, showing the Missouri (BB-11) and the Idaho (BB-24) at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of ebay.
Daniels Plans to Build New Dreadnought With the $12,000,000 They Will Bring.
Image and text provided by The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundation.
Photo from The Evening World. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, 28 May 1914, Image 2,via
Forward deck of Mississippi (BB-23).
Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library.
Photo from The Ogden Standard. (Ogden City, Utah) 1913-1920, 20 June 1914, 4 P.M. City Edition, Image 4, via
Image and text provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Photo from The Washington Times.(Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, 22 June 1914, HOME EDITION, Image 1, via
Mississippi NR IDAHO (BB-24) AND MISSISSIPPI (BB-23), BATTLESHIPS UNCLE SAM PROPOSES TO SELL TO GREECE Image and text provided by Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT.
Photo from The Bridgeport Evening Farmer. (Bridgeport, Conn.) 1866-1917, 25 June 1914, Image 15,via
Secretary Daniels Receiving $12,535,275 check for the Idaho (BB-24) and the Mississippi (BB-23).
Image and text provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Photo from New-York Tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, 10 July 1914, Image 4, via
Mississippi NR Ex-American warships may see action. Greece's "petticoat" soldiers called out.
Pictured below is the Kilkis, the ex-Mississippi (BB-23).
Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library.
Photo from The Logan Republican. (Logan, Utah) 1902-1924, 09 October 1915, Image 6,via
BB-24 Idaho NR Greek Warship, Former U. S. Battleship, Deserts Government
It is reported from Athens that the Greek battleship Kilkis, formerly the U. S. battleship Idaho (BB-24), which this country sold to Greece in 1914 has deserted to the revolutionists....
Image and text provided by Indiana State Library.
Photo from South Bend News-Times. (South Bend, Ind.) 1913-1938, 04 October 1916, EVENING EDITION, Image 5, via
The entente allies have taken over the Greek battleships Kilkis and Lemnos, which were formerly the United States battleships Idaho (BB-24) and Mississippi (BB-23), respectively, and also the battleship Averof, says another Reuters dispatch.
Image and text provided by Oklahoma Historical Society.
Photo from The Daily Ardmoreite.(Ardmore, Okla.) 1893-current, 17 October 1916, Image 1, via
BB-24 Idaho 54k Lemnos dressed with flags at Smyrna, Turkey, in 1919, possibly on 15 September. She is flying the Greek flag at the foremast peak and the Italian flag at the mainmast peak. Photographed by Wayne.USNHC # NH 46707.
BB-23 Mississippi 57k Greek battleship, either Kilkis or Lemnos. Photographed in a U.S. port. Kilkis was the former Mississippi (BB-23). Lemnos was originally Idaho (BB-24). USNHC # NH 77442.
BB-24 Idaho 54k At Constantinople, Turkey, probably in 1919. The Greek torpedo boat Dafni (completed 1913) is alongside. Lemnos, was the former Idaho (BB-24). USNHC # NH 46708.
BB-23 Mississippi 566k Lemnos in an unidentified Mediterranean port in May, 1919. Source: Imperial War Museum Ministry of Information First World War Official Collection by Brunell, W.J. (Lt), Photo No. © IWM(Q 14057) via Mike Green.
BB-23 Mississippi 527k Lemnos in an unidentified Mediterranean port in May, 1919. Source: Imperial War Museum Ministry of Information First World War Official Collection by Brunell, W.J. (Lt), Photo No. © IWM(Q 14056) via Mike Green.
Barges of people waiting arrival of King Constantine on battleship Lemnos in harbor of Smyrna.
The arrival of King Constantine of Greece in Smyrna to lead the Greek troops against the Turks was turned into a celebration by the people there. Barges loaded with Greeks, Armenians and Jews waited in the harbor for the king's arival on board the battleship Lemnos, which was the Idaho (BB-24). The barge in the foreground flies the Jewish banner.
Image and text provided by Indiana State Library.
Photo & text by The Lake County Times. [volume] (Hammond, Ind.) 1906-1933, 15 July 1921, Image 5, courtesy of  
BB-24 Idaho NRk GREEK BATTLESHIP LEMNOS, led revolutionary movement that ended in abdication of King Constantine. Image and text provided by Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT via The Bridgeport Times and Evening Farmer. (Bridgeport, Conn.) 1918-1924, 30 September 1922, Image 9, courtesy of
BB-24 Idaho 240k Lemnos with lots of flags flying from her mainmasts. Photo courtesy of
BB-24 Idaho 273k A seaplane makes its appearance over the Lemnos. Photo courtesy of
BB-24 Idaho 268k Surrounded by a mountainous anchorage, the Lemnos gets up steam and is shrouded in smoke at her lower levels. Photo courtesy of
All Greek 527k A very rare photo of all the 3 last Greek battleships together. Place and time unknown, probably between 1927 and 1931, the year that Kilkis pulled out of service. From left, battlecruiser Averof, in the middle probably Kilkis, at right probably Lemnos.
Averof is known as a Battleship in Greece, although she is only an armored cruiser, because of her excellent performance against real Turkish battleships, on Greek-Ottoman war of 1912-1913. She exists as a restored naval museum after surviving two World Wars and anchored on Palaio Faliro Naval museum, Athens, Greece.
Official Photo from Averof archive, courtesy of Andreou Manolis.
BB-23 Mississippi 74k Greek battleships Kilkis and Lemnos. Sunk in the basin of the Greek naval base at Salamis after they were hit by German air attacks on 23 April 1941. Seen from the harbor pier following the arrival of the German army. Kilkis, the former Mississippi (BB-23), is in the foreground. Lemnos, ex-Idaho (BB-24), is in the distance, with her guns removed. USNHC photo # NH 77470 / German Army.
(NISMF)376kA guest studies a painting depicting the history of battleships. The artwork was painted by George Skybeck and presented to the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association during their annual banquet at Honolulu, Hawaii, on 8 December 1991. USN photo # DN-SC-92-05391, by PHC Carolyn Harris, from the Department of Defense Still Media Collection, courtesy of

Commanding Officers
01CAPT. Diehl, Samuel Willauer Black, USN (USNA 1873)01.04.1908 - 01.11.1908
02CAPT. Helm, James Meredith, USN (USNA 1875) :RADM01.11.1908 - 16.10.1909
03CAPT. Dunn, Herbert Omar, USN (USNA 1877) :RADM16.10.1909 - 11.11.1911
04CAPT. Howard, William Lauriston11.11.1911 - 19.07.1913
05CAPT. Kline, George Washington, USN (USNA 1885) :RADM19.07.1913 - 22.10.1913
06CDR. Hasbrouck, Raymond DeLancey, USN (USNA 1892)22.10.1913 - 24.10.1913
07LCDR. Graham, John Sisson24.10.1913 - 20.03.1914
08LT. Wallace, Robert20.03.1914 - 08.05.1914
09CDR. Hines, John Fore, USN (USNA 1892)08.05.1914 - 30.07.1914
Courtesy Wolfgang Hechler

Additional Idaho Images
1 General View Of Idaho From The Library Of Congress Server.

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