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On a personal note, the wars in Lebabon and the antifada colored my spectrum on a personal scale as I have lived in Israel since 1981. While this archive is dedicated to the memory of the USN and those who served in it, I also want to honor the memory of Uriah Bar-Shalom, K.I.A. at the age of 20 during the battle of Ein Zachlata. He died on the 18th of Sivan, or 9 June 1982. Although we never met, I have always been moved by the words of mourning his company commander and a close friend said of him while speaking to his family at the end of the traditional 30 day mourning period.

The time has passed since Uriah fell in battle during Operation Peace For Galilee and the period that has expired has not changed my thoughts of your son in my position as his former battalion commander.
Uriah, humble and modest, companion & friend to all around him.
He would always look in my eyes like a scholar who would never relax on his guard; he would never let a day pass without taking into account lessons learned from the days events; he looked to make the most out of every possible situation and master it to the best of his ability.
He was beloved by his soldiers and they valued his intelligence & professionalism. He treated them like he treated himself, built them like he built himself, knowing the basics with no sense of false bravado.
He fell in the line of duty while fighting Syrian armor at close range, leading his comrades at the head of the armored column.
With his tank in the lead, he showed no fear while being filled with a sense of purpose, and found his death while standing in the turret of his tank, trying to extradite his comrades from a trap that neither he or any of his commanders had ever had to face.
He succeeded in halting the column behind him and radioed a warning to his commanders, thereby saving the lives of many of his comrades in the following battle.
Uriah is gone, you have lost a dear son, and we have lost a loyal friend and outstanding commander.
May his memory be for a blessing.

Not far from Ein Zachlata where you fell, I came across a beautiful grove of cedar trees. Maybe these trees sprouted from the trees that Hiram, King of Tyre supplied to King Solomon to build the First Temple. (Kings 1, 5-16/32.) You will be counted among those cedars that were taken from us, straight, young, and complete for the building of the Third Temple.

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