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(later AKV-10)

Displacement 11,3730 Tons, Dimensions, 557' 7" (oa) x 75' x 30' 8" (Max)
Armament 2 x 5"/38AA 36 x 40mm, 20 x 20mm, 33 Aircraft.
Machinery, 16,000 SHP; Allis-Chambers, Geared Turbines, 2 screw
Speed, 19 Knots, Crew 1066.

Operational and Building Data

Originally named Winjah Bay.

Stricken, 1 June 1961. Sold, 30 Oct. 1961, to Jacques Pierot & Sons, NYC, for scrapping by Revalorización de Materiales, S.A., Bilbao, Spain. Removed from naval custody, 14 Dec. 1961. Last ship at NISMF South Boston, MA. (Thanks to Ron Reeves for this information.)

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CVE-110 Salerno Bay

USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110) underway, 29 May 1946, location unknown (USN photo).

Robert Hurst
CVE-110 Salerno Bay
130k [I] served on USS Salerno Bay from 19 Dec. 1946 to 21 March 1947. USMC, aircraft mechanic qualification. Checked out F4U-4's, walked chocks, pushed aircraft, washed aircraft, etc. My only trip was from Norfolk to the Virgin Islands. [These are] some of the pics taken while on board. Vincent Carroll, USMC, Feb. 1946 to June 1947
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

US Navy photo of USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110), location and date unknown.

David Buell
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

A TBM Avenger piloted by First Lieutenant Girard Blais, USMCR, attached to VMTB-144 based aboard USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110) comes home to make what is believed to be the last carrier landing during the occupation of the Japanese Empire. This was off Formosa when planes from Salerno Bay furnished air support for Chinese troops occupying the island. Photograph received 4 December 1945. U.S. Navy photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives (NARA) (# 80-G-354601).

CVE-110 Salerno Bay

USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110) off New York City, 29 May 1946.

Courtesy of the Mariners Museum, Newport News, Virginia. Ted Stone Collection.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command photograph (# NH 66790).

Robert Hurst
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

Undated (probably 1940s) photo of USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110) underway with F4U Corsairs on deck. Location unknown.

David A.
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

A veteran of Asiatic-Pacific warfare, USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110) was recommissioned in Boston, June 20, 1951. The crew and guests stand at attention while her flags are hoisted.

(From "All Hands" magazine, August 1951.) (Digitally enhanced by Tom Kermen.)

Stanley Svec
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

US Navy photo of USS Salerno Bay (CVE-110) in the 1950s, location unknown.

David Buell
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

With an unidentified destroyer alongside, TBM-3S/3W Avengers, with Anti-submarine Squadron 32 (VS-32), are spotted on the flight deck of USS Salerno Bay (CVE‑110), sometime in 1951–54 (1952?).

US Navy and Marine Corps Museum/Naval Aviation Museum, Photo No.1996.253.1398. Robert L. Lawson Photograph Collection.

Mike Green
Ex-USS Salerno Bay
CVE-110 Salerno Bay
50k In Reserve, South Boston Naval Annex. May 1958. ©Richard Leonhardt
CVE-110 Salerno Bay
139k In Reserve, South Boston Naval Annex. May 1958. ©Richard Leonhardt
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

South Boston Naval Annex, circa 30 May 1958. Easily identifiable are Salerno Bay (CVE-110), Gilbert Islands (CVE-107), Marcus Island (CVHE-77), Manila Bay (CVU-61), Kasaan Bay (CVHE-69), and Sargent Bay (CVU-83); also in this line were Shipley Bay (CVHE-85), Natoma Bay (CVU-62), and Savo Island (CVHE-78), and maybe a tenth, unidentified former "bird farm."

The skyline is the Customs House Tower, which these days you can't find from the clutter of the new high rises.

©Richard Leonhardt
CVE-110 Salerno Bay
89k In Reserve, South Boston Naval Annex. August 1960. ©Richard Leonhardt
CVE-110 Salerno Bay

"Salerno Bay's Last Voyage"

"The aircraft carrier Salerno Bay is the last ship of the moth-ball fleet to leave Boston bound for scrapping in Spain."

The Christian Science Monitor, 14 December 1961.

Ron Reeves

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