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Aircraft Transport (AKV)

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AKV-1 Kitty Hawk ex APV-1
AKV-2 Hammondsport ex APV-2
T-AKV-3 LT. James E. Robinson Reclassified T-AG-170
T-AKV-4 Pvt Joseph F. Merrell Reclassified T-AK-275
T-AKV-5 Sgt Jack J. Pendleton Reclassified T-AK-276
T-AKV-6 Albert M Boe
T-AKV-7 Cardinal O'Connell
AKV-8 Kula Gulf ex CVE-108
AKV-9 Cape Gloucester ex CVE-109
AKV-10 Salerno Bay ex CVE-110
AKV-11 Vela Gulf ex CVE-111
AKV-12 Siboney ex CVE-112
AKV-13 Puget Sound ex CVE-113
AKV-14 Rendova ex CVE-114
AKV-15 Bairoko ex CVE-115
AKV-16 Badoeng Strait ex CVE-116
AKV-17 Saidor ex CVE-117
AKV-18 Sicily ex CVE-118
AKV-19 Point Cruz ex CVE-119
AKV-20 Mindoro ex CVE-120
AKV-21 Rabaul ex CVE-121
AKV-22 Palau ex CVE-122
AKV-23 Tinian ex CVE-123
AKV-24 Nehenta Bay ex CVE-74
AKV-25 Hoggatt Bay ex CVE-75
AKV-26 Kadashan Bay ex CVE-76
AKV-27 Marcus Island ex CVE-77
AKV-28 Savo Island ex CVE-78
AKV-29 Rudyerd Bay ex CVE-81
AKV-30 Sitkoh Bay ex CVE-86
AKV-31 Takanis Bay ex CVE-89
AKV-32 Lunga Point ex CVE-94
AKV-33 Hollandia ex CVE-97
AKV-34 Kwajalein ex CVE-98
AKV-35 Bougainville ex CVE-100
AKV-36 Matanikau ex CVE-101
AKV-37 Commencement Bay ex CVE-105
AKV-38 Block Island ex CVE-106
AKV-39 Gilbert Islands ex CVE-107
Renamed/Reclassified Annapolis (AGMR-1)
AKV-40 Card ex CVE-11
AKV-41 Coreex CVE-13
AKV-42 Breton ex CVE-42
AKV-43 Croatan ex CVE-25

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