History of H.M.S. Speaker

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History of H.M.S. Speaker

One of the most interesting parts of this project is that every once and a while, some special images or, as in this case, a special book, is shared with us.

This little book narrates the story of one of those "baby flattops" who rarely made the headlines but who played a vital role in the team effort that ultimately won World War 2. As far as we know, it was written and privately published in Australia by one of the ship's officers, and was never sold commercially. The book makes for pleasant and informative reading.

The particular copy we have used to prepare this Special Feature belonged to Colin McAuliffe, E.A.4 aboard Speaker, and is now owned by his son, Kevin. We want to thank him for his efforts to preserve this piece of Naval History, and for the honor of allowing us to display it here.

History of H.M.S. Speaker

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Please remember every old shoe box stored in the attic could hold a potential treasure chest of history. Once thrown away these snap shots of history are lost forever.

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