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Image courtesy of Al Grazevich

From commissioning to 1967

Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign: November - Foxtrot - Bravo - Lima

From 1968 to decommissioning

Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign: November - Whiskey - Delta - Lima

Tactical Voice Radio Call: "DEFENDER"

Patch image contributed by Mike Smolinski
Displacement 7,400 Tons, Dimensions, 533' (oa) x 53' 6" x 25' 3" (Max)
Armament 2 Terrier 2x2, (80 Missiles) 4 x 3"/50, ASROC (8 Missiles) 6 x12.75" TT.
Machinery, 85,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 34 Knots, Crew 377.
Operational and Building Data
Keel laid on 3 DEC 1959 by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, ME
Launched 01 JUL 1961
Commissioned 04 AUG 1962
Decommissioned 18 FEB 1967
Commissioned 1969
Reclassified CG 16 1 JUL 1975
Decommissioned 01 OCT 1993
Stricken on 01 OCT 1993
Fate: Dismantling completed by International Shipbreaking Limited, Brownsville, TX 6 JUL 2005.

Patch image contributed by Mike Smolinski

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Joint Meritorious Unit Award - Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (5)- Navy Battle "E" Ribbon (3)
Second Row - Navy Expeditionary Medal - National Defense Service Medal (2) - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (3)
Third Row - Southwest Asia Service Medal (2) - Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (9) - Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

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Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, USN (1875-1959) --
7th Chief of Naval Operations, 2 January 1937 - 1 August 1939;
Senior Member of the World War II Joint Chiefs of Staff

William Daniel Leahy was born in Hampton, Iowa, on 6 May 1875. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1897 and was assigned to the battleship Oregon, serving in her through the Spanish-American War. In 1899, Ensign Leahy was sent to the Asiatic Station, where he participated in the suppression of the Philippine Insurrection and of the Boxer Rebellion in China. In the decade following his return to the United States in 1904, he served in the cruisers Boston and California, was an instructor at the Naval Academy and chief of staff to the commander of U.S. forces in Nicaragua.

In 1915-16, Leahy was Commanding Officer of the gunboat Dolphin in the Caribbean area. He was next the Executive Officer of battleship Nevada, and, during the First World War, commanded the transport Princess Matoika. During the first half of the 1920s, Captain Leahy commanded the cruiser Saint Louis and battleship New Mexico. Promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in 1927, he served as Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance, was Commander of the Scouting Force's destroyers and was Chief of the Bureau of Navigation. In 1935 he became Commander, Battleships, Battle Force, with the rank of Vice Admiral and then flew his four-star flag as Commander, Battle Force.

In January 1937, Admiral Leahy became Chief of Naval Operations, serving for more than two years during a period marked by increasing tensions in the Far East and Europe and by a gradual expansion of the Navy. During this time he frequently had additional duty as Acting Secretary of the Navy. Following retirement in August 1939, Leahy was appointed Governor of Puerto Rico. In late 1940, he became the United States Ambassador to France, serving in that very demanding position until April 1942.

Upon his return home, Admiral Leahy was recalled to Navy service as Aide to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and as Senior Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As such, he played a critical role in the strategy, diplomacy and execution of the Second World War. In recognition of these accomplishments, he received promotion to the rank of Fleet Admiral in December 1944. After Roosevelt's death in April 1945, Leahy continued in his posts, assisting President Harry S. Truman in bringing about final victory against Germany and Japan and then helping to guide the Nation in the early post-war years. Though he retired in 1949, Fleet Admiral Leahy technically remained on active duty until his death on 20 July 1959.

USS Leahy (DLG-16, later CG 16) was named in honor of Fleet Admiral Leahy.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photo #NH 49841

Bill Gonyo
130k Leahy on the shipway awaiting her launching Dale Hargrave
146k The christening of Leahy by Mrs. Mike Mansfield, wife of Senator from Montana and the Senate Majority Leader. Dale Hargrave
125k Leahy sliding down the ways on 1 July 1961. Dale Hargrave
Leahy 220k Bows on view, underway for sea trials - in the Kennebec River in 1961. Official © Bath Iron Works Image
Leahy 220k Stern view, underway for sea trials - in the Kennebec River in 1961. Official © Bath Iron Works Image
Leahy 26k Port view. (Small image) USN
Leahy 191k Detailed image of the forward missile launcher, The ASROC launcher can be seen at the bottom of the superstructure. USN
Leahy 155k Stern view, underway. USN
Leahy 220k

Excellent stern view. Note that the 3"/50's are still present.

USN Photo.

David Smith
Leahy 158k The Leahy at speed at sea,showing her clean futuristic lines. Terrier missiles are mounted fore and aft and her masts and stacks are combined into "macks". Robert Hurst
Leahy 210k Port bow overhead view. Wendell Royce McLaughlin Jr.

The Toro (SS 422) moored dockside at Pier 8, West of the Boston Naval Shipyard in 1963. The ship on the opposite side of Pier 8 is USS Leahy (DLG 16).

U.S. Navy photo # 14452-1

Stephen P. Carlson
177K Port bow view while Med-moored in Genoa, Italy on 04 August 1964. Carlo Martinelli
183K Starboard bow view while Med-moored in Genoa, Italy on 04 August 1964. Carlo Martinelli
214k Port bow view while Med-moored in Genoa, Italy on 04 August 1964. Carlo Martinelli
88k Starboard bow view while underway in 1966, location unknown. Robert Hurst
109k Leahy mooring at Pier 88 in New York City during a Midshipman's Cruise, 10 June 1966. Robert M. Cieri
Leahy 101k 1 June 1968 photo of the Leahy emerging from the Philadelphia Navy Yard after her AAW modernization. Major improvements included installation of NTDS (Naval Tactical Data System) housed in a new amidships deckhouse, communication antennas on her bow, foremast mounted SPS-48 radar, and missile fire control systems and guidance radars mounted fore and aft. USN
Leahy 66k Firing a missile off Newport, 29 June 1970. © Richard Leonhardt
66k Somewhere in the Caribbean, 1974. Jerry L. Gayre
493k Virginian-Pilot news article.  
50k At anchor off Portsmouth, England, 1975 Jerry L. Gayre
70k First day in Leningrad, Russia, May 1975. USS Tattnall (DDG 19) is outboard of Leahy. Jerry L. Gayre
84k Guests coming on board, Leningrad, Russia, May 1975. Jerry L. Gayre
51k Leahy and USS Luce (DLG 7) in Palma, Spain, 1975. Jerry L. Gayre
75k At anchor, Finale Ligure, Italy, 1975. Jerry L. Gayre
44k At anchor, Istanbul, Turkey, 1975. Jerry L. Gayre
59k At anchor in Monaco. Jerry L. Gayre
53k A nice day in the Caribbean, November 1975 Jerry L. Gayre

Missile shot off the aft launcher, December 1975.

Photo taken by GMM2 C. Ray.

Jerry L. Gayre
Leahy 183k

Underway in the Pacific Ocean, 21 January 1976.

Photographed by PH3 Aswegan. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval History and Heritage Command. Photo # NH 106504.

Robert Hurst
75k Starboard side view while underway, 21 January 1976. Robert M. Cieri
Leahy 96k Port bow view departing San Diego, May 1978. CAPT Dallas Bethea, USN (Ret.)

Oblique port bow view of (front to back) the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV 64), USS Niagara Falls (AFS 3) and the guided missile cruiser USS Leahy (CG 16) underway, December 1979.

US Navy photo (DVIC id: DNST8511030).

Defense Visual Information Center
106k The combat stores ship USS Niagara Falls (AFS 3), alongside the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV 64) and the guided missile cruiser USS Leahy (CG 16), underway in the South China Sea whilst part of Carrier Task Force 77.7. Defense Visual Information Center
Mispillion 1843k

USS Mispillion (AO 105) refueling USS Leahy (CG 16) and USS Sample (FF 1048), 1 December 1980. photo # VIRIN: DN-SC-84-02652. a US Navy photo now in the collections of Defense Imagery.

Robert Hurst

USS Leahy (CG 16) arriving in port during the Seattle Sea Fair 1982, Washington, on 6 October 1982. A tug boat sprays water into the air to welcome her. The Kingdome Stadium is visible in the background. 

Photographer's Mate 1st Class Harold J. Gerwien, U.S. Navy. This is image is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the National Archives Identifier (NAID) 6371846.

Robert Hurst
45k Welcome Aboard booklet, circa 1983. Robert M. Cieri
Leahy 220k

1 April 1983 - Pacific Ocean: A view of an RGM-84 surface-to-surface Harpoon missile, immediately after leaving a canister launcher aboard the cruiser USS Leahy (CG 16), near the Pacific Missile Test Center, Calif.

USN Photo.

Fred Weiss
Leahy 79k Starboard bow view, anchored in Singapore harbor about 1987. OS1 (SW) Goss, USN (Ret.)

USS Leahy (CG 16), underway off the coast of Southern California on 11 April 1989.

JO1 Herskovitz, U.S. Navy. This is image is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the National Archives Identifier (NAID) 6449886.

Robert Hurst
Leahy 96k Taken after her New Threat Upgrade (NTU). I guess the best way (most obvious way) to tell the difference between NTU and her "previous" days is the presence of the URN-25 TACAN on the forward mack. Photo 1990-91. Ozzie Monge
Leahy 79k Moored, starboard side to, Hong Kong harbor, August 1991. Outboard of USS Leahy is USS Rentz (FFG 46). Also visible are the Hong Kong fleet ships P239 Peacock and P240 Plover. William Chiu
45k Welcome Aboard booklet, circa 1993. Robert M. Cieri
84k Starboard side view while underway, 1993. Robert M. Cieri

Commanding Officers
Name/Rank Class Final Rank Dates
Baughan Jr., Robert Louis, CAPT   RADM 08/04/1962 - 07/08/1964
Anastasion, Steven Nicholas, CAPT 1943   07/08/1964 - 02/04/1967
Bauman Jr., Charles Joseph, CDR     02/04/1967 - 02/18/1967
Gooch Jr., Floyd Warne, CAPT     02/18/1967 - 05/04/1968
Murray Jr., William Booth, CAPT     05/04/1968 - 07/23/1969
Putman, Orlin Neil, CAPT     07/23/1969 - 02/20/1971
Hoffmann, Roy Francis, CAPT   RADM 02/20/1971 - 09/12/1972
Jordan Jr., Watt William, CAPT     09/12/1972 - 08/01/1974
Sinclair, Alexander Malcolm, CAPT   RADM 08/01/1974 - 10/23/1976
Pearlman, Samuel Saul, CAPT     10/23/1976 - 11/12/1978
Ulrich, Charles Henry, CAPT     11/12/1978 - 03/15/1981
Salmon Jr., Walter William., CAPT     03/15/1981 - 07/23/1983
Bailey, Fred Wilkin, CAPT     07/23/1983 - 07/25/1985
Anderson, Gerald Duane, CAPT     07/25/1985 - 07/18/1987
Stark, James Reynolds, CAPT 1965 RADM 07/18/1987 - 11/01/1989
West, Richard D., CAPT   RADM 11/01/1989 - 11/23/1991
Smith, William Harold, CAPT 1968   11/23/1991 - 06/19/1993
Jaszkowski, Mark Thomas, LCDR     06/19/1993 - 10/01/1993

(Courtesy of Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves - Photos courtesy of Bill Gonyo)

USS LEAHY (DLG/CG 16) History
View This Vessels DANFS History Entry on the U.S. Navy Historical Center website.

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Robert Jefferies

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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