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Navsource Online: Destroyer Escort Photo Archive

Ship's patches courtesy of Mike Smolinski

USS Vreeland (DE 1068)

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign:
N - M - A - P
Tactical Voice Radio Call: "Style Show", later changed to "Red Cross"

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row: Combat Action Ribbon
Second Row: Joint Meritorious Unit Award w/ oak leaf cluster - Navy Unit Commendation w/ 1 star - Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
Third Row: Navy Battle "E" Ribbon (3) - Navy Expeditionary Medal w/ 2 stars - National Defense Service Medal w/ 1 star
Fourth Row: Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal - Southwest Asia Service Medal w/ 2 stars - Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/ 5 stars
Fifth Row: CG Special Operations Service Ribbon - Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) - Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

Class: Knox
Type: SCB No. 199C / 1964
Number in Class: 46
Displacement: 3020 tons (std), 4065 tons (full)
Length: 415' (wl), 438' (oa)
Beam: 46' 9" (extreme)
Draft: 24' 9" (draft limit)
Propulsion: 2 Combustion Engineering 1200psi boilers; 1 Westinghouse geared turbine; 35,000 shp; 1 shaft
Speed: 27 kts
Range: 4,500 nm @ 20 knots
Complement: 16 / 211
Missiles: 1 8-tube Mk25 Sea Sparrow BPDMS in DE 1052-1069, 1071-1083, 1 8-tube Mk29 NATO Sea Sparrow IPDMS in DE 1070, Harpoon missiles from modified ASROC launcher
Guns: 1 x 5"/54 cal. DP Mk 42 (600 rds)
ASW Weapons: 1 Mk16 ASROC launcher (16 missiles), 4-12.75" (324mm) Mk 32 (4x1 fixed) tubes / Mk 46 torpedos (6)
Radars: AN/SPS-10 (surface), AN/SPS-40 (air), AN/SPS-58 threat warning in some ships
Sonars: AN/SQS-26CX, AN/SQS-35 IVDS in FF-1052, 1056, 1063-1071, 1073-1076, 1078-1097
Fire Control Systems: Mk68 Mod. 11/13/14 Gun FCS, Mk114 Mod 14/16 ASW FCS
Helicopter: 1 - SH-2 LAMPS Helicopter
Vreeland (DE 1068) Building and Operational Data:
  • 20 March 1968: Keel laid by the Avondale Shipyard at Westwego, La.
  • 16 June 1969: Launched and christened, sponsored by Mrs. Jamie L. Whitten, wife of the Congressman representing Mississippi's 2d Congressional District
  • 13 June 1970: Commissioned at Charleston, S.C., Cmdr. David R. Stefferud in command, assigned to Destroyer Squadron 4 at Charleston
  • September 1972: Homeport assignment changed to Athens, Greece
  • 30 June 1975: Reclassified Frigate (FF 1068)
  • July 1975: Homeport assignment changed back to Charleston, S.C.
  • January 1977: Homeport assignment changed to Mayport, Fla.
  • 30 June 1992: Decommissioned at Mayport, Fla. after 22 years of service
  • 25 July 1992: Leased to Greece, renamed HS Makedonia (F-458)
  • 11 January 1995: Struck from the NVR
  • 09 Feb 2001: Permanently transferred to Greece under Grant Aid
  • January 1999: Decommissioned from the Greek Navy, placed in reserve
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    Vreeland 86k Charles E. Vreeland was born on 10 March 1852 at Newark, N.J. He enlisted in the Navy as a naval apprentice early in 1866. After service in Sabine, he was appointed a midshipman at the Naval Academy on 27 July 1866. On 7 June 1870, he graduated as a passed midshipman and reported aboard the screw sloop California. He was detached from that ship and proceeded to serve in Severn, then Congress, cruising in the South Atlantic. He was later made a cruise to European waters in Brooklyn. In July 1873, he completed his post-sea duty examination in October and returned to sea in Powhattan, receiving his commission as an ensign. Successive tours in Alert, Ashuelot, and Ticonderoga followed; and he received promotions to master and then to lieutenant. In November 1881, he was posted to the Nautical Almanac Office. In March 1884, Lt. Vreeland began a three-year tour in Hartford, then to the Bureau of Navigation for a two-year assignment. Upon leaving that duty, he took torpedo instruction at Newport, R.I. Then, a brief assignment with the Office of Naval Intelligence preceded his reporting to the Coast Survey late in October. That lasted until orders sent him to Europe as naval attache, first at Rome, then at Vienna, and finally in Berlin.

    Lt. Vreeland returned home in 1896, and served in battleship Massachusettsuntil transferred to Helena at the end of June. He was ordered to Dolphin as executive officer in April 1898, but he did not actually assume those duties until 24 August, serving in Helena through most of the brief Spanish-American War on blockade duty off Cuba until July. After Dolphin, he was ordered to Concord. In March 1899, he became Lt. Comdr. Vreeland and, after completing assignments in Concord, Monterey, and Baltimore on the Asiatic station, he returned home in March 1900. In April, he joined the Board of Inspection and Survey and was promoted to full commander in August 1901. In August 1902, he took charge of fitting out of the "New Navy" monitor Arkansas (later to be renamed Ozark) at Newport News, Va. When she was placed in commission on 28 October, he assumed command. After two years, he left Arkansas, and served ashore, performing various special duties for the Navy Department. He was a member of the board studying proposed changes to the New York Navy Yard. He was next assigned special duty in the Office of the Ass't Secretary of the Navy. While assigned to the Navy Department in Washington, he was promoted to captain. On 18 April 1907 he placed Kansas(BB-21) in commission at Camden, N.J. and commanded her for the next two years during the cruise of the "Great White Fleet" around the world. Soon after the Fleet returned to Hampton Roads in February 1909, he commanded the Office of Naval Intelligence until 8 December 1909. Then promoted to rear admiral imminent, he broke his flag in Virginia (BB-13) as Commander, 4th Division, Atlantic Fleet. On 19 April 1911, he reported ashore for further duty in Washington as Aide for Inspections, he approached the pinnacle of naval command. He became one of the four principal advisors of the Secretary of the Navy, George von L. Meyer, under the newly devised aide system for managing the Navy. During his tenure in that office, Radm. Vreeland represented the Navy Department at the coronation of King George V of England and headed up the so-called "Vreeland Board" which reinvestigated the Maine disaster of 1898. The controversial report of that board, now considered erroneous, concluded that an external explosion sank the warship.

    On 12 December, Radm. Vreeland ended his tour of duty as Aide for Inspections and succeeded Radm Richard Wainwright as the Secretary's second Aide for Operations, the forerunner to today's office of Chief of Naval Operations. He struggled to improve the defenses in the Philippines, agitated for increased naval construction, particularly of battle cruisers, and supported the development of American naval aviation. During his tenure as Aide for Operations, naval aviation found a permanent home at Pensacola, Fla. On 11 February 1913, Rear Admiral Vreeland relinquished his duties as Aide for Operations to Radm. Bradley A. Fiske, the third and last man to hold the office under that title. He finished out his naval career as a member of both the General and Joint Boards. On 10 March 1914, he was transferred to the retired list. On 27 September 1916, after a retirement plagued by illness, Rear Admiral Vreeland died at Atlantic City, N.J.

    USS Vreeland (DE 1068) was the first ship to be named in his honor.      (Photo from Adjutant General's Office (Spanish-American War), State of New Jersey)
    Bill Gonyo
    Downey, Cal.
    Vreeland 378k 16 June 1969: Westwego, La. - Two views of Vreeland being side-launched at Avondale Shipyards. S. Dale Hargrave
    Newport News, Va.
    Vreeland 438k
    Vreeland 112k USS Vreeland (DE 1068) shown previous to 1980-81 overhaul at Bath Ironworks. Craig Vance
    Captain, USN
    Vreeland 125k June 1974: Kiel, Germany - Vreeland moored while on a port visit.
    (Taken by me)
    Gerhard L. Mueller-Debus
    Frankfurt a.M., Germany
    Vreeland 144k Vreeland shown after 1980-81 overhaul at Bath Ironworks. Hurricane bow, WLR-1 ESM, and blast shield for Tartar-in-the-Box have been installed. Craig Vance
    Captain, USN
    Vreeland 21k undated, but after 1980-81 overhaul Bill Gonyo
    Downey, Cal.
    Vreeland 224k 01 January 1987: location unknown - A view of the frigate USS Aylwin (FF 1081), the destroyer tender USS Shenandoah (AD 44) and the frigate USS Vreeland (FF 1068) at anchor. The Shenandoah is performing repairs on Aylwin and Vreeland.

    (U.S. Navy photo VIRIN #DN-SC-88-04641 by PH3 Don Koralewski from
    Vreeland 416k 19 November 1987: At sea - A port bow view of Vreeland underway.

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-88-01995 by PH2 Tracy Lee Didas from the Defense Visual Information Center)
    Vreeland 173k 19 November 1987: At sea - An elevated port bow view of Vreeland underway.

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-88-01994 by PH2 Tracy Lee Didas from the DVIC)
    Vreeland 234k circa 1987 - 1988: Marseilles, France - Vreeland moored at Marseilles outboard of USS Caloosahatchee (AO 98) and USS Yosemite (AD 19).

    (Photo by Philippe Gonzales)
    Philippe Gonzales
    Vreeland 104k 26 February 1988: At sea - Vreeland comes alongside the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69).

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-90-04328 by PH2 Tracy Lee Didas from the DVIC)
    Vreeland 171k 01 March 1988: at sea - A starboard beam view of the frigates USS Vreeland (FF 1068) and USS Paul (FF 1080) underway.

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-88-05374 by PH1 Bean from
    Vreeland 217k 01 July 1988: in the Mediterranean - A starboard beam view of Vreeland Med moored. The Vreeland is attached to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Battle Group, which is assigned to the Mediterranean on extended deployment.

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-89-00048 by PH2 Jones from the DVIC)
    Vreeland 71k 04 January 1992: Naval Station Mayport, Fla. - The guided missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55), left, and Vreeland lie tied up at the naval station.

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-92-04776 by OS2 John Bouvia from the DVIC)
    Vreeland 000k 04 January 1992: Naval Station Mayport, Fla. - The guided missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55), left, and Vreeland lie tied up at the naval station.

    (U.S. Navy photo DVID #DN-SC-92-04774 by OS2 John Bouvia from the DVIC)

    Vreeland Memorabilia
    Ship's Plaque

    Courtesy of
    Mike Smolinski
    Ship's Lighter,
    Silver (front)
    Courtesy of
    Mike Smolinski
    Ship's Lighter,
    Silver (back)
    Courtesy of
    Mike Smolinski
    Ship's Lighter,
    Courtesy of
    Mike Smolinski
    Desert Storm
    Trading Card
    Courtesy of
    Tommy Trampp

    Vreeland History
    View the USS Vreeland (DE 1068) DANFS history entry located on the Naval History and Heritage Command web site.

    Vreeland's Commanding Officers
    Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves
    Dates of Command Commanding Officers
    1.)  13 Jun. 1970 - 29 Nov. 1971Cmdr. David Roberts Stefferud
    2.)  29 Nov. 1971 - 28 Sep. 1972Cmdr. Cyrus Robert Christensen
    3.)  28 Sep. 1972 - 27 Sep. 1974Cmdr. Stephen Vanhekle Snyder (York, Pa.)
    4.)  27 Sep. 1974 - 08 Oct. 1976Cmdr. Michael Thomas Midas, Jr.
    5.)  08 Oct. 1976 - 17 Jan. 1979Cmdr. Thomas Edward Gill II
    6.)  17 Jan. 1979 - 24 Feb. 1981Cmdr. Paul Philip Aquilino
    7.)  24 Feb. 1981 - 17 Dec. 1982Cmdr. Ronald Joel Calhoun (USNA '63) (Murray, Ky.)
    8.)  17 Dec. 1982 - 28 Aug. 1984Cmdr. John Michael Miller (OCS '62) (Wadsworth, Oh.)
    9.)  28 Aug. 1984 - 04 Dec. 1986Cmdr. Thomas Joseph Barry
    10.) 04 Dec. 1986 - 23 Feb. 1989Cmdr. William D. Orr
    11.) 23 Feb. 1989 - 15 Feb. 1991Cmdr. Randall Ray Brown (Jamestown, N.Y.)
    12.) 15 Feb. 1991 - 30 Jun. 1992Cmdr. Jesse Johnston Kelso

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information

    18 - 21 September 2014 at San Diego, Cal.
    Contact Name: Mark Smith

    Address: 3617 Welwyn Way
    City/State: Bedford TX 76021
    Cell: 817-454-5051

    Note About Contacts

    Contact information is compiled from various sources over a period of time and may, or may not, be correct. Every effort has been
    made to list the newest contact. However, our entry is only as good as the latest information that's been sent to us. We list only
    a contact for the ship if one has been sent to us. We do NOT have crew lists or rosters available. Please see the Frequently Asked
    Questions section on Navsource's Main Page for that information.

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