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Right Ship's patch courtesy of Bob Costanzo,
Remainder of Courtesy of Mike Smolinski

USS Roy O. Hale (DE 336)

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign:
N - H - E - G
Tactical Voice Radio Call: "Pocatello"

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row: Navy Expeditionary Medal - American Campaign Medal - European-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal
Second Row: WWII Victory Medal - National Defense Service Medal - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Class: Edsall
Type: FMR (geared diesel, Fairbanks-Morse reverse gear drive, 3" guns)
Displacement: 1200 tons (light), 1590 tons (full)
Length: 300' (wl), 306' (oa)
Beam: 36' 10" (extreme)
Draft: 20' 6" (draft limit)
Propulsion: 4 Fairbanks-Morse Mod. 38d81/8 geared diesel engines, 4 diesel-generators, 6000 shp, 2 screws
Speed: 21 kts
Range: 9,100 nm @ 12 knots
Armament: 3 x 3"/50 Mk22 (1x3), 1 twin 40mm Mk1 AA, 8 x 20mm Mk 4 AA, 3 x 21" Mk15 TT (3x1), 1 Hedgehog Projector Mk10 (144 rounds), 8 Mk6 depth charge projectors, 2 Mk9 depth charge tracks
Complement: 8 / 201
Roy O. Hale (DE 336) Building and Operational Data:
  • 13 September 1943: Keel laid at the Consolidated Steel Corp., Orange, Tex.
  • 20 November 1943: Launched and christened, sponsored by Mrs. Roy O. Hale, mother of Lieutenant (junior grade) Hale
  • 03 February 1944: Commissioned, Lcdr. William W. Bowie, USNR, in command
  • 11 July 1946: Decommissioned at Green Cove Springs, Fla. after 2 years and 5¼ months of service
  • 21 October 1955: Reclassified and converted to DER 336 at the Boston Naval Shipyard
  • 29 January 1957: Recommissioned, assigned to Atlantic Barrier Patrol duty based at Newport, R.I.
  • 15 July 1963: Decommissioned after 6 years and 5½ months of service
  • 01 August 1974: Stricken from the NVR with a total of 8 years and 10¾ months of service
  • 01 April 1975: Sold for scrapping to the Union Metals and Alloys Corp., Baltimore, Md
    (U.S. Navy National Archives photo #80-G-241613 from the Naval History and Heritage Command)
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    Roy O. Hale

    Roy O. Hale

    Roy O. Hale

    52k Roy Orestus Hale, Jr. was born on 10 May 1916 in Monroe, La. He graduated from the Naval Academy and was commissioned ensign on 02 June 1938. After a year at sea, Hale underwent aviation training at Pensacola, Miami, and San Diego and on 21 June 1941, joined Scouting Squadron 2 on board Lexington (CV 2). Promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) in October, he remained on board that carrier after the United States entered World War II. He participated in the Pacific raids of February and March 1942 and flew his scout plane in the Battle of the Coral Sea, 7-8 May. Failing to return from that mission, Hale was presumed killed in action and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement in aerial combat and his " ... courageous determination and aggressiveness ... attacking enemy aircraft in spite of fierce fighter opposition."

    USS Roy O. Hale (DE 336) (1944-1963) was the first ship to be named in his honor.

    (Photo from the U.S. Naval Academy Yearbook; The Lucky Bag, Class of 1938.)
    Bill Gonyo
    Downey, Cal.

    Assoc. Researcher
    Roy O. Hale 356k Hampton Roads, Va. - USS Roy O. Hale (DE 336) photographed from USS Ticonderoga (CV 14) on Sunday, 04 June 1944. Roy O. Hale had just departed the Norfolk Naval Operating Base in company with Card (CVE 11), Dale W. Peterson (DE 337) and Broome (DD 210) heading for Newport. R.I. Mike Smolinski
    Clifton, N.J.

    Archive Manager
    DE / FF / LCS Archive
    Roy O. Hale 87k As DER 336, undated Robert G. Lacey
    former RM3
    Roy O. Hale 139k 1958: Savannah, Ga. - taken while on a port visit Lon Finnerty
    Roy O. Hale 197k 26 February 1959: at sea - photo caption... WAP-022608-2 2/26/59 Washington: File photo of the U.S.S. Roy Hale, a radar picket vessel equipped with the last anti-submarine and electronics equipment, which has been sent to the North Atlantic "to investigate the interruption of transatlantic cable service." 2/26 The Navy, which had issued the report, had no comment on a radio broadcast saying it was investigating the possibility of recently laid cables having been cut by Russian fishing boats, UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL TELEPHOTO FROM DEFENSE DEPT, rtf. Tommy Trampp
    Benton City, Wash.
    Roy O. Hale 133k 27 February 1959: New York Mirror news clipping - Although primarily employed in the early warning program, Hale was called on to invoke an 1884 treaty for the protection of international submarine cables in February 1959. On the 26th, she sent a party aboard the Russian trawler Novorossisk to investigate reports from the American Telephone & Telegraph and Western Union companies that breaks had occurred in five transatlantic cables along the track of the trawler. There were no indications of intentions "other than fishing." Lon Finnerty
    Roy O. Hale 153k early 1960's: Newport, R.I. - Roy O. Hale lies tied up in her homeport between USS Rhodes (DER 384) and USS Hissem (DER 400).
    Roy O. Hale 150k 1962: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - on a port visit

    Roy O. Hale Memorabilia
    Ship's Lighter
    Roy O. Hale
    Courtesy of
    Mike Smolinski
    Ship's Plaque
    Roy O. Hale
    Courtesy of
    Lon Finnerty

    Roy O. Hale History
    View the USS Roy O. Hale (DE 336) DANFS history entry located on the Naval History and Heritage Command web site.

    Roy O. Hale's Commanding Officers
    Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler
    Dates of Command Commanding Officers
    1.) 03 Feb. 1944 - 22 Aug. 1944Lcdr. William Wurts Bowie, USNR (Comm. CO) (New Orleans, La.)
    2.) 22 Aug. 1944 - Nov. 1945 Lcdr. Homer Coleman Pogue, USNR (Kansas City, Mo.)
    3.) Nov. 1945 - Mar. 1946Lt. Edmund Roman Mietus, USNR (Milwaukee, Wis.)
    4.) Mar. 1946 - 11 Jul. 1946Lt.(jg) Hyman Verbofsky, USNR (Decomm. CO)
    5.) 29 Jan. 1957 - 15 May 1958Lcdr. Charles Neal (Recomm. CO)
    6.) 16 May 1958 - 10 Oct. 1959Lcdr. Ernest Joseph Korte (Freeport, Minn.)
    7.) 10 Oct. 1959 - 07 Sep. 1961Lcdr. Nicholas Peter Chokas (USNA '46) (Lowell, Mass.)
    6.) 07 Sep. 1961 - 10 Jul. 1963Lcdr. James Wilton Hayes(Decomm. CO) (Milton, Mass.)

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information

    Last Known Reunion
    23 September 2013 at Charleston, S.C.
    Reunion Contact
    Contact Name: Simona Robinson
    Address: 24 Collins Brook Road
    City/State: Meridith NH 03252
    Phone: (603) 867-2023
    USS Roy O. Hale Association
    Contact Name: Ervin Stahl (Newsletter Editor)
    Address: 1130 Haslett Road
    City/State: Haslett MI 48840-9778
    E-mail: E. Stahl
    Note About Contacts

    Contact information is compiled from various sources over a period of time and may, or may not, be correct. Every effort has
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