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USS Slater (DE 766)

Flag Hoist / Radio Call Sign:
N - Z - Y - F
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row: American Campaign Medal
Second Row: Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - European-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal

Class: Cannon
Type: DET (diesel-electric tandem motor drive, long hull, 3" guns)
Displacement: 1240 tons (light), 1620 tons (full)
Length: 300' (wl), 306' (oa)
Beam: 36' 10" (extreme)
Draft: 10' 6" (draft limit)
Propulsion: 4 GM Mod. 16-278A diesel engines with electric drive, 6000 shp, 2 screws
Speed: 21 kts
Range: 10,800 nm @ 12 knots
Armament: 3 x 3"/50 Mk22 (1x3), 1 twin 40mm Mk1 AA, 8 x 20mm Mk 4 AA, 3 x 21" Mk15 TT (3x1), 1 Hedgehog Projector Mk10 (144 rounds), 8 Mk6 depth charge projectors, 2 Mk9 depth charge tracks
Complement: 15 / 201
Slater (DE 766) Building and Operational Data:
  • 09 March 1943: Keel laid at the Tampa Shipbuilding Co., Inc., Tampa, Fla.
  • 13 February 1944: Launched and christened, sponsored by Mrs. James L. Slater, mother of Seaman Slater
  • 01 May 1944: Commissioned, Lcdr. M. J. Blancq, in command
  • 24 June 1946: Decommissioned at Green Cove Springs, Fla. after 2 years and 1¾ months of service
  • .. November 1950: Towed to the Boston Naval Shipyard in preparation for foreign transfer
  • 01 March 1951: Transferred to Greece under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program, renamed HNS Aetos (D-01)
  • 07 March 1951: Struck from the NVR
  • 05 July 1991: Decommissioned at Souda Bay, Crete, struck from Greek service
  • 27 August 1993: Arrived at New York City, N.Y. after being towed from Greece, custody transferred to the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association
  • Presently preserved as a memorial at Albany, N.Y.
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    23k Frank Olga Slater was born to James Lafayette and Beulah Lenora "Nora" (Morgan) Slater in Kennamer's Cove, Ala. on 19 December 1920. The family later moved to Fyffe, Ala. where his father worked as a sharecropper to support the family of ten children. Frank was a straight "A" student in elementary school, but due to the depression he never had the opportunity to go to high school. When the war started this American patriot saw his duty and enlisted in the United States Naval Reserve on 10 February 1942.

    Upon completion of basic training, Seaman Second Class Slater was transferred to the Receiving Station at Pearl Harbor, where he was subsequently assigned to USS San Francisco (CA 38) on 12 April 1942. On 12 November 1942, during the Naval Battle off Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, Frank was killed when a Japanese torpedo bomber he had shot down crashed into his gun position aboard San Francisco. Instead of leaving his gun and trying to find somewhere safe, he remained at his position, firing until the plane crashed his gun mount. He was buried at sea. He is memorialized with a marker at Arlington National Cemetery. Seaman Slater was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for gallantry in action.

    USS Slater (DE 766) (1944-1947) was the first ship to be named in his honor.

    (Photo Courtesy of the USS Slater (DE 766) thanks to Tim Rizzuto, Executive Director)
    Bill Gonyo
    Downey, Cal.

    Assoc. Researcher
    72k 13 February 1944: Tampa Shipbuilding, Tampa, Fla. - From the Tampa Tribune newspaper, "When Mrs. James L. Slater, of Crossville, Ala., christens the USS Frank O. Slater this afternoon at the Tampa Shipbuilding company yard, the big destroyer escort will take with it the blessings of its sponsor, her husband and their six sons, three daughters, one son-in-law, two daughters-in-law and six grandchildren. Fourteen members of the family, plus three men - neighbors who drove them down in three different automobiles, will witness the launching of the ship, named after Mr. and Mrs. Slater's son, Seaman Frank O. Slater." Tim Rizzuto
    Ship's Superintendent
    DE Historical Museum
    USS Slater at Albany, N.Y.
    73k 13 February 1944: Tampa Shipbuilding, Tampa, Fla. - Mrs. James L. Slater christens the USS Slater.
    96k 13 February 1944: Tampa Shipbuilding, Tampa, Fla. - USS Slater slides into the water for the first time.
    72k 13 February 1944: Tampa Shipbuilding, Tampa, Fla. - The newly launched USS Slater.
    Slater  109k       Slater  227k       Slater  205k       Slater  236k       Slater  77k      

    May - June 1944: A five photo series of Slater in her "as built" configuration.

    0676622   -   0676623   -   0676624   -   0676625 -   0676626

    307k 03 January 1945: the Atlantic Ocean - USS Slater, photographed from a blimp of Airship Patrol Squadron 11 (ZP-11) at Casco Bay, Maine for routine refresher training. She had been undergoing routine repairs and overhaul at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York from 23 December 1944 to 01 January 1945, and was preparing for her next convoy assignment, Boston to Cardiff, Wales on 10 January.

    (U.S. Navy photo #80-G-301386 from the National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md.; courtesy of  Rick E. Davis)
    Rick E. Davis
    Springfield, Oh.
    Slater  340k       Slater  464k       Slater  234k       Slater  557k       Slater  206k       Slater  243k      

    April 1945: A six photo series of Slater in her "mid-war" rig. These photos were taken
     off the New York Navy Yard. In a couple of the photos you can see buildings in the mist.

    0676627   -   0676628   -   0676629   -   0676630   -   0676631   -   0676637

    Tim Rizzuto
    Ship's Superintendent
    DE Historical Museum
    USS Slater at Albany, N.Y.
    Slater  340k       Slater  464k       Slater  234k       Slater  557k       Slater  206k       Slater  243k      

    April 1945: A six photo series of Slater at war's end. She is in her final configuration with added anti-aircraft weapons.

    0676632   -   0676633   -   0676634   -   0676635   -   0676636   -   0676638

    368k undated wartime image: Slater crewmen enjoy "swim call" in the South Pacific. Note the sailor just beginning his dive off the starboard bridge wing.
    51k undated wartime image Bob Hurst
    Worksop, Nottinghamshire,
    England, United Kingdom
    44k circa 1952: HS Aetos
    64k circa 1959: Valletta, Malta - HNS Aetos underway in Valletta Harbour. (Photo A. & J. Pavia, Malta; From "Jane's Fighting Ships, 1959-60")
    107k HNS Aetos (D-1), mid 1960's Tony Vrailas
    42k circa 1968: HNS Aetos Bob Hurst
    Worksop, Nottinghamshire,
    England, United Kingdom
    76k 18 March 1995: New York City - USS Growler (SSG 577), USS Edson (DD 946), and Slater shot from the quay at the USS Intrepid Air-Sea-Space Center. Edson and Slater are no longer part of the exhibit. Larry Backus
    137k 18 March 1995: New York City - USS Growler (SSG 577), USS Edson (DD 946), and Slater shot from the river end of the pier at the USS Intrepid Air-Sea-Space Center.
    27k undated -
    54k March 2002: Approaching Snow Dock Tim Rizzuto
    Ship's Superintendent
    USS Slater
    100k March 2002: starboard side superstructure
    117k 03 March 2003: Albany, N.Y. - moored on the Hudson River Fred Weiss
    173k 06 April 2008: Slater moving from her Snow Dock at Rensselaer, N.Y. to her summer mooring in Albany. (Photo courtesy of Richard Andrian) Tim Rizzuto
    Ship's Superintendent
    DE Historical Museum
    USS Slater at Albany, N.Y.
    Slater  272k       Slater  274k       Slater  490k       Slater  196k      

    16 April 2014: Staten Island, N.Y. - Slater arrives at and is drydocked at Caddell Dry Dock and Repair in Staten Island. The ship is usually opened to the public in Albany near the beginning of April. This season, after several years of fundraising, the ship has been taken to drydock for repairs to her hull. Itís been over 20 years since the ship has been in drydock, so this project is due. Drydocking is being funded by private individuals and foundations as no government funding is being used for this project. During the drydock period, Slaterís hull will be cleaned and a reinforcing band of steel will be welded around the ship at the waterline. Then, the entire hull will be primed and painted. The budget for the project is $1.2 million. The Museum has raised just over $1 million specifically for drydocking so far.

    0676618   -   0676619   -   0676620   -   0676621

    Slater  535k       Slater  213k       Slater  190k       Slater  238k       Slater  279k      

    Summer 2014: Staten Island, N.Y. - Slater in the process of having her hull scraped, cleaned, primed, and repainted.
    1.) Slater in drydock with a coat of green primer.
    2.) Receiving her second coat of black primer.
    3.) Topcoat of pale gray being placed on Slater
    4.) Launch day, camouflage coat completed.
    5.) Stern view of Slater on launch day.

    0676640   -   0676641   -   0676642   -   0676643 -   0676644

    115k 01 July 2014: Albany, N.Y. - Slater returns to her berth in Albany following her yard period.
    (Photo by ussslater.dehm [real name unknown])
    Bob Hurst
    Worksop, Nottinghamshire,
    England, United Kingdom
    186k unknown date 2015: Albany, N.Y. - Slater at her berth and looking good! Tim Rizzuto
    Ship's Superintendent
    DE Historical Museum
    USS Slater at Albany, N.Y.
    234k early March 2017: Albany, N.Y. - Slater at her berth waiting for the ice to melt, time to prepare for the tour seasons.
    186k December 2017: Albany, N.Y. - A beautiful night shot of Slater at her berth awaiting Santa's arrival.
    (Photo by Kris Denkers Photography)

    Slater History
    View the USS Slater (DE 766) DANFS history entry located on the Naval History and Heritage Command web site.
    View the official War History of USS Slater as submitted by the ship at war's end.

    Slater's Commanding Officers
    Thanks to Tim Rizzuto, Superindent,
    USS Slater Memorial
    Dates of Command Commanding Officers
    1.) 01 May 1944 - 24 Nov. 1945Lcdr. Marcel Jacques Blanq, USNR (New Orleans, La.)
    2.) 24 Nov. 1945 - 24 Jun. 1946Lt. William James Martin, USNR (Bloomington, Ill.)

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information

    Contact Name: Tim Rizzuto, Ship's Superintendent
    Address: USS Slater, PO Box 1926, Albany NY 12201-1926
    Phone: (518) 431-1943 FAX (518) 432-1123

    Note About Contacts

    Contact information is compiled from various sources over a period of time and may, or may not, be correct. Every effort has been
    made to list the newest contact. However, our entry is only as good as the latest information that's been sent to us. We list only
    a contact for the ship if one has been sent to us. We do NOT have crew lists, rosters, or deck logs available. Please see the
    Frequently Asked Questions section on NavSource's Main Page for that information.

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