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General Stores Issue Ship (AKS)

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AKS-1 Castor
AKS-2 Pollux
AKS-3 Antares ex AG-10
AKS-4 Pollux
AKS-5 Acubens
AKS-6 Kochab
AKS-7 Luna
AKS-8 Talita
AKS-9 Volans
AKS-10 Cybele
AKS-11 Gratia
AKS-12 Hecuba
AKS-13 Hesperia
AKS-14 Iolanda
AKS-15 Liguria
AKS-16 Blackford ex LST-1111 Reclassified APB-45
AKS-17 Dorchester ex LST-1112 Reclassified APB-46
AKS-18 Kingman ex LST-1113 Reclassified APB-47
AKS-19 Presque Isle ex LST-1114 Renamed/Reclassified Vanderburgh (APB-48)
AKS-20 Mercury ex AK-42
AKS-21 Belle Isle ex AG-73
AKS-22 Coasters Harbor ex AG-74
AKS-23 Cuttyhunk Island ex AG-75
AKS-24 Avery Island ex AG-76
AKS-25 Indian Island ex AG-77
AKS-26 Kent Island ex AG-78
AKS-27 Electron ex AG-146
AKS-28 Proton ex AG-147
AKS-29 Colington ex AG-148
AKS-30 League Island ex AG-149
AKS-31 Chimon ex AG-150
AKS-32 Altair ex AK-257
AKS-33 Antares ex AK-258

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