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  Auxiliary and Service Force Ships

US Navy Replenishment at Sea Film

Tenders and Repair Ships (AD-AR-AS)
AD Destroyer Tender
AR Repair Ship
ARb Base Repair Ship
ARB Battle Damage Repair Ship
ARC Cable Repairing or Laying Ship
ARG Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
ARH Heavy-hull Repair Ship
ARL Landing Craft Repair Ship
ARSD Salvage Lifting Vessel
ARST Salvage Craft Tender
ARV Aircraft Repair Ship
ARVH Aircraft Repair Ship, Helicopter
AS Submarine Tender
Cargo Ships (ACS-AK)
ACS Crane Ship
AK Cargo Ship
AKD Cargo Ship Dock
AKL Light Cargo Ship
AKN Net Cargo Ship
AKR Vehicle Cargo Ship
(Large, Medium Speed, Roll-on/Roll-off Ship)
AKS General Stores Issue Ship
AKV Aircraft Transport
Miscellaneous (AG)
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGB Icebreaker
AGDS Deep Submergence Support Ship
AGEH Hydrofoil Research Ship
AGER Environmental Research Ship
AGF Command Ship
AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMR Major Communications Relay Ship
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship
AGOS Ocean Surveillance Ship
AGP Motor Torpedo Boat Tender
AGR (YAGR) Radar Picket Ship
AGS Survey Ship
AGSC Coastal Surveying Ship
AGTR Technical Research Ship
Fleet Replenishment Ships (AE-AF-AKE-AO)
AE Ammunition Ship
AF Stores Ship
AFS Combat Stores Ship
T-AKE Dry Cargo/Ammunition Ship
AO Fleet Oiler / Underway Replenishment Oiler
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship
AOG Gasoline Tanker
AOR Replenishment Fleet Tanker
Transports and Barracks Ships (AP)
AP Transport
APB Self-propelled Barracks Ship
APc Coastal Transport
APH Evacuation Transport
APM Mechanized Artillery Transport
APV Transport and Aircraft Ferry
Tugs, Rescue and Salvage Ships (ARS-ASR-AT)
ARS Rescue and Salvage Ship
ASR Submarine Rescue Vessel
AT Fleet Tug
ATA Auxiliary Fleet Tug
ATF Fleet Ocean Tug
ATO Fleet Tug (Old)
ATR Rescue Ocean Tug
ATS Salvage and Rescue Ship
Aviation Support Ships (AV-AZ)
AV Seaplane Tender
AVB Advance Aviation Base Ship
AVD Seaplane Tender, Destroyer
AVM Guided Missile Ship
AVP Small Seaplane Tender
AVS Aviation Stores Issue Ship
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AZ Lighter-than-Air Aircraft Tender
Expeditionary Support Vessels (EPF-ESB-ESD)
EPF Expeditionary Fast Transport
ESB Expeditionary Sea Base
ESD Expeditionary Transfer Dock
Service Force Type Index (Misc.)
AB Crane Ship
AC Collier
ADG Degaussing Ship
AFSB Afloat Forward Staging Base
AH Hospital Ship
AN Net Laying Ship
AOT Oil Transporter
AW Distilling Ship
HSV High Speed Vessel (HSV) (HST)
IX Miscellaneous Unclassified
SBX Sea based X-band Radar Platform
AGSE Submarine and Special Warfare Support Vessels
"Old Navy" Steam and Sail

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