The 3 main areas of the Wooden Net Tender were:
    1. Below Deck
    2. Deckhouse
    3. Upper deck

Below Deck:
Starting at the bow and working aft to the stern. The small paint locker was located in the peak of the bow. Next were the Forward & Lower Cargo Holds, which were quite large. The Lower Hold was one deck below the Forward Hold. Also located in the Forward Hold were the Carpenter Shop and small Laundry. When not in use it also served as the ships theater and for whatever other purpose deemed necessary.

Behind the next bulkhead were the crews quarters. Here about 50 men lived in a sardine like existence in bunks three high. A small locker for each man rounded out the accommodations. The tiny Yeomen's office and Food Cooler were also located in this area.

Continuing aft beyond the next bulkhead was the Engine Room.

Sick Bay was located aft of the Engine room, under the after (rear) deck. This area was called the after compartment. The Manual Steering room was located beyond Sick Bay in stern end of ship.

Deck House:
This was the superstructure area sitting on the main deck. The forward area contained Officers Quarters. The aft (rear) area contained the crews Messroom and Galley. Along the port side from the Messroom were the Chief's Head (restroom) and Crews Head. Crews Head had 1 shower, 2 toilets, 1 urinal and 2 sinks to accomodate about 50 men.

Upper Deck:
Bridge and Boat deck were above Deck House. Radio room was on the same level as boat deck. Bridge was forward of the radio shack and above the Officers Quarters. It was 3 feet higher then the boat deck and radio room. Motor launch and life rafts were located on the boat deck.

Above this area was the flag deck. In addition to the flags there was the powerful 36 inch signal lamp with its blue-white carbon arc, and heavy shutters. It was used for long distance signal work. Some Net Tenders may also have had a 20 millemeter gun at this location.

NOTE: The above ship layout is for USS Anaqua AN-40. Other wooden Net Tenders may have had different space layouts, especially in the lower after compartment and in the location of Sick Bay, Yeoman's office and Chief quarters.

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