In addition to net laying, Net Tenders, were kept busy maintaining nets. Net Tenders were organized on a routine maintenance schedule to make sure that every detail of the net installation would be examined frequently and thoroughly. Inspection involved some of the following functions:

1. Checking the position of mooring buoys to insure they have not been forced out of position by current or bad weather. Installing reinforcing moorings where necessary.

2. Replace any missing flotation buoys.

3. Clear and weld (if punctured) net buoys floating low in the water.

4. Re-secure buoys floating too high to the net line. A buoy floating too high is an indication that the buoy has broken loose from the net.

5. Examine all net fittings and replace worn shackles.

6. Clear upper level of net of seaweed and marine growth.

7. Replace badly worn net panels.

Figure 35

A Net Tender pulling up and hosing down net to remove seaweed and marine growth.
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