In Nov. 1945 USS ELDER AN-20 sailed to Corregidor for a unique assignment. Until May 1945 she conducted diving operations in Caballo Bay to recover thousands of Philippine Govt. silver pesos, previously stored in treasury vaults. The silver pesos had been dumped in the bay to prevent capture by the Japanese.

While at Pearl Harbor in June 1942, USS CINCHONA AN-12 salvaged YP-108 off Lanai.

In May 1943, while at Noumea, USS EBONY AN-15 salvaged USS Shaw DD--373

On 20 June 1944 USS MIMOSA AN-26 arrived in the Marianas in the midst of the Battle for Saipan. First removing the Japanese defensive nets and wrecked ships, Mimosa then helped to install a new net system.

Most Net Tenders at various times were assigned to lay other various types of moorings and buoys, other then those involved in Net Installations.

Five Net Tenders were converted to Auxiliary Tugs (ATA's) They were:
USS Palo Blanco AN-64
USS Palo Verde  AN-65
USS Allthorn       AN-70
USS Tesota         AN-71
USS Yaupon        AN-72

In February 1944 USS ELDER AN-20 departed from the Gilbert Islands with LCT-247 in tow for Kwjalain.

In May 1945 this same ship departed Manus for Luzon searching for and finally towing the disabled Merchant Tanker SS McKitterick Hills. She delivered the Tanker to Mangarin Bay, Mindano, then continued to Subic Bay for voyage repairs.

From 16 October 1944 until 5 February 1945 USS CANOTIA AN-47 provided target service for ships training at Pearl Harbor.

On 23 February 1945 during the Iwo Jima invasion, USS LANCEWOOD AN-48 began pulling damaged Landing Craft off the beaches to facilitate unloading operations.

In March 1945 USS ANAQUA AN-40 left San Francisco. Between San Francisco and Pearl Harbor she received a radio message to look for a bridge pontoon that had fallen off an LST. She located the pontoon and towed it to Pearl Harbor.

Sailing from Seattle 27 August 1944 with YTL-422 in tow USS CORKWOOD AN-44 arrived at Pearl Harbor 6 September 1944.

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